Friday, 9 January 2009

Two National Agendas

The View from Here

Subject: Two National Agendas.

Those wanting to explain the current conflict between Israel and Hamas can best make the parallel between two national agendas.

Israel is desperate to reach a concrete peace agreement with Palestinians who are split between a weak Fatah and a strong, radical, Hamas.

Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, has an agenda for the destruction of the Jewish state in the name of Islam.

Where were the pro-Palestinian protesters, angry at the destruction of the Hamas infrastructure in Gaza, when Israeli civilians were targeted and rocketed by thousands of Hamas missiles and mortars over the last eight years?

Why is it that, suddenly, they are so vociferous? It is because they support the Hamas Islamic agenda, and angry to see their shared dream being destroyed.

I suggest you use these arguments when approaching your local and national media about their reporting of the conflict.

Barry Shaw
The View from Here

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