Wednesday, 30 June 2010


This week Hamas thugs destroyed a childrens summer camp set up by the UN in the Gaza Strip.

This is the second time that Hamas has destroyed a childrens facility donated by the international community in Gaza as it does not comply to their radical Islamic principles.

Hamas summer camps teach Palestinian children hate education, incitement, hate education, military-type training which includes weapons training.

This is yet another example of the abusive use of funds that flow without responsbility on the Palestinians side.
Funds flowing into Gaza without condition is giving Hamas the luxury of destroying facilities that do not meet their strict Islamic criteria.

The case is made to allow even more aid and money into Gaza. This will strengthn Hamas even further.

Remember, the people of Gaza elected Hamas knowing that their agenda is the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.

Pumping more money into Gaza unconditionally is insane and immoral when there are a multitude of causes in Africa and Asia that are ignored.

Please join our Facebooks cause PALESTINIAN FUNDING - OBSCENE, INSANE, IMMORAL. You will be duty bound the spread the message that funds must be diverted from the Palestinians to more worthy cases until such time as the Palestinians are forced to agree to a peace deal with Israel.

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