Monday 27 April 2009

Pirates foiled by Israeli security guards.

Pirates have become the latest scourge of shipping routes off the coast of Africa.

Recently an American cargo ship captain became a hero when captured by pirates and later rescued by US Navy Seals.

Insurance restrictions have prevented most ships from carrying armed personnel. Insurance companies, it seems, prefer to pay out millions in ransom to criminal gangs who terrorise the worlds shipping routes.

Over the weekend it was briefly reported that a cruise ship had repelled a pirate attack.

When reported that the pirates had been driven away by members of the ships crew opening fire on them many in Israel asked the question, "Could it be?"

The answer was, "Yes, it could!"
The MSC Melody, with 1500 people on board, was attacked north of the Seychelles by six men in a speed boat. The pirates opened heavy fire on the luxury cruise ship in an attempt to capture it.

The captain, Commander Ciro Pinto, said that "it felt like we were in a war."

The pirates, and the passengers, were surprised by the rapid and decisive response by the security team on the Italian cruise ship. The expert security personnel responded with fire on the small speed boat causing them to call off their attack and retreat.
The ships security squad were Israelis hired by MSC Cruises because Israelis are the best trained security agents.
Cruise line security is a popular job for young Israelis who have been discharged from army service.

It gives them a wonderful opportunity of earning good money and seeing the world.

They also take their jobs extremely seriously.
El Al has the leading reputation in airline security, and Ben Gurion Airport is the most efficiently secured airport in the world.

Now the cruise lines with well trained Israeli security experts onboard have the safest cruise ships in the world.
Just ask the passengers on MSC Melody last weekend. Just ask the surprised pirates who thought they had hit a soft target.