Tuesday 24 February 2009

A Prediction for Britain.

As is my nature I want to send you a provocative prediction for a nation that was once was proudly called Great Britain.
It is now named after a TV comedy series - Little Britain.

My prediction is that the UKIP will receive a huge rise in support in future General Elections.

They will do so as the only political voice that will speak up for the disenfranchised rank and file Brits who are gravely concerned about the unrivalled and violent rise of the Islamic voice in Britain.

I further predict that many Jews will vote on behalf of this party.

People associate UKIP with the BNP, once known as the National Front. British Nazi Oswald Mosley, was pounced on when marching to make a political address in Belle Vue, Manchester, in 1933. A prelude for the anti-fascist riots of Cable Street, London, in 1936.
This was a time when British Jewry said enough to free speech when Anti-Semitic remarks and actions were being expressed in official form against the Jews of Britain.

This notion is incorrect. UKIP attempts to be a mainstream party representing the basic patriotism of the indigenous population. One of their platforms is to represent an authentic British voice in challenging the muzzling of British objections to the Islamic influence that is growing throughout Britain.

They now recognise that both Jews and Christians in Britain face a common enemy and that the political establishment has allowed this enemy to take root in their country and to spread their message. They object that anyone, including political figures from Europe such as Gert Wilders, are prevented from expressing a note of concern while chants of 'Death to Jews' is allowed on the streets of London as free speech..

No one spoke up, or attempted to stifle anti-Semitic remarks such as this, or 'Gas the Jews' ,or 'Oxford University will be a Jew-free zone in five years'.

It seems that threatening Jews in Britain is considered free speech while attempting to highlight to true agenda of radical Islam is to be prevented.

Some will say that UKIP adopting this issue cynical but UKIP is adopting the Arabic political philosophy that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

You may find my comments controversial, but they are based in fact. None of the leading political parties in Britain are prepared to get their fingers burnt by raising an issue that is festering below the surface in many communities in Britain. Only UKIP is ready to speak out, and the outcome remains to be seen.

Watch this space..

Barry Shaw
The View from Here

Saturday 21 February 2009

The two-faced rich bitches.

Yesterday I wrote about the anti-Semitic tennis tournament in Dubai that has banned Israeli Shahar Peer from their event.

I wrote about the hypocricy of the world's leading female tennis stars who cluck sympathetically at Shahar but still head for the Arab state in search of fame and fortune.

I asked the question what if the ban had been against black athletes such as the Williams sisters?

Would the world have gotten away with a sympathic nod to the two black sports women and allowed the show to go on had tournament organisers of a heavily sponsored sports meeting declared that they wanted an all-white event?

I doubt it.

Had this sort of thing happened at the Dubai tennis event there would have been an enormous international outcry about the racial discrimination of the UAE and an instant boycott of their sporting calendar?

This would be right and proper. Why is this not happening now with Shahar Peer?

Now come the news that Venus Williams is showing more sympathy for the sponsors of the Arab tennis match than one of her fellow players.

In a bout of confused thinking she said, "There are so many other people involved. Sponsors are important to us. We wouldn't be here without sponsors. We can't let sponsors down.
Whatever we do, we need to do as a team - players, sponsors, tour and whoever - and not all break off in one direction. We are team players."

I'm still trying to get my head around that statement. Let me get this right, Venus. If the organisers of a major event with huge sponsorship decide to ban you then it's OK for the other players to say sorry but we're going. After all, can't let the sponsors down.."

She went on, "I have to look at the bigger picture. The big picture is that Shahar Peer didn't get a chance to play, but making an immediate decision we also have to look at sponsors, fans and everyone who has invested a lot in the tournament. I think there are rules and protocols as to how you can proceed."

By the way, Venus Williams sits on the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Players' Council. As such she represents and makes decisions for women tennis players.

She could have led a boycott of the Islamic and Anti-Semitic tournament and set an example to the world of sport.

Instead of using her role that all players stand united she chose to say, SHOW ME THE MONEY!"

Dubai epitomises a world where Jews are getting kicked in the balls (in Dubai, it's tennis balls) by Muslims whose racist actions are being appeased and, thereby, supported, by non-Muslims.

I would have once called them Christians but they seem to have abandoned their religion as well as their principles.

In other words, Venus Williams and the other tennis stars support, by their participation, a JUDENREIN tennis event to protect their sponsors.

If I may use the expression of calling a spade a spade without being accused of racism, the words and deeds of Venus Williams and all the other tennis players supports Anti-Semitism.

Thursday 19 February 2009

Racism in sport

It has become a prominent and just theme in many sports that racism has no place on the sports field.
Action is taken against racist chants at football games. The Olympic ethic that salutes performance and excellence is one that should permeate all aspects of sport.

It is disturbing, therefore, when racism rears its ugly head in a high profile sport - and is allowed to win.

I refer to the decision of the Dubai WTA tennis tournament to ban Shahar Peer. Peer is ranked among the world's leading women players. She is finding new form after a good display in the Pataya tournament in Thailand.
She was expected to go to Dubai and continue her rise up the rankings. The ban will affect not only her earnings but, more importantly, her world rankings, a vital element in a professional player's career.

The organisers made the lame excuse that they prevented the Israeli from participating for her own security.
It is clear that the ban of Peer was a political move, and not one of security fears.

The Tennis Channel rightly decided not to televise the tournament. Disturbing, however, is the reaction of the governing body of tennis.
When the women's tour ended last year in Doha, Larry Scott, the WTA CEO, stated,"We see women's professional tennis as a catalyst in producing social change."
Where is the change? And where is Larry Scott today in defence of one of his leading players?
Well he did say that he was 'deeply disappointed' with the Peer ban. Is that it, Larry? Is that the best you can do?

More significant has been the reaction of other players.

"It's not acceptable," said Amelie Mauresmo.
Ana Ivanovic felt bad for Shahar Peer.
"All the players support Shahar. The players have to be unified", said Venus Williams.

All empty words. All these fine players said to Shahar Peer, "Hard luck, Shahar. We're with you. See you after Dubai!"

That is not right. That is not true sport. That is not players unity.

What if the ban had been against Venus Williams because she is black? The world would have been in uproar.

I can't imagine that the other players would have said, "Bad luck, Venus. We are all with you but, hey, the money's good. We'll give you a hug after Dubai.."

If professional players despise racial prifling in sport they should have stood united and volutarily banned racism in sport and agreed not to attend Dubai unless the Israeli player was reinstated.

That would have resounded around the world.

Instead Israeli sportsmen and women see a reflection of the Munich Olympics.
After the massacre of the Israeli Olympians the other sports people murmured a prayer and the Games continued.

Again, in Dubai, in world tennis, racism matters - unless it's directed against Israeli or Jewish athletes.

Sunday 15 February 2009

America is out of control.

The View from Here.

Watch out world! America is out of control.

Poor Obama's honeymoon period is well and truly over. True, most Americans haven't woken up to the cold dawn of a dour future. They still think the music of the Inaugural Ball is still playing. After all, their new Government is doling out piles of cash. That can't be bad, can it? Well, yes it can.

Why am I upset? Because the US Congress have proven to me that they are totally insane.
They have approved what they call a Stimulus Package of eight hundred Billion dollars within twenty four hours. Great, right? Wonderful, right? NO. IT'S NOT.

The way they did it was incredibly stupid and shocking.

This bill is the biggest financial bill in world history.
The bill was contained in one thousand one hundred pages (That's 1100 pages!) and the Congressmen were forced to pass this bill within an emergency twenty four hours.
This means that it is impossible for any lawmaker to even read this bill in the required time. It is impossible to read or understand the implications of the bill within the alloted time. Yet the US leadership insisted that the bill must go through in record time. Why? Why weren't they allowed time to seriously consider and debate this huge financial hand out? Why? You won't believe why this was rammed through Congress....

The reason given was that Nancy Pelosi had to leave for an eight day trip to Europe to meet the Pope.

Don't laugh (or cry). That is the truth.

This bill was too important to wait until Pelosi returns from Europe. And Pelosi's meeting with the Pope was too important to be delayed. So the bill had to be forced through NOW. Forget about reading the details, or the fine print.

Don't ask where the money is coming from. Just pass the bill.
They hope that the Chinese will cough up the money in the form of a loan. But one of China's leading financial experts said he thought that American was mad for what they are doing.
Maybe Obama can suck up to the Arabs. They will provide the money if America agrees to butter up to the Muslim world.

$800,000,000,000 slipped through Congress with no reasoned debate on the consequences in a record 24 hours.

And the world will suffer from the result of throwing a vast amount of unaccountable money into a black hole.

America is out of control, will be deeper in debt and, someday, someone will have to pay the bill.

Barry Shaw
The View from Here

Tuesday 10 February 2009

The Insidiousness of Appeasement.

There have been rampant and violent Muslim protests against Israel's recent action against the Hamas Islamic terror regime in Gaza.
It is clear that the Islamic voice has become bolder and brasher throughout Europe and also in the States.

Worryingly, a lot of the vocal and physical abuse was not aimed at Israel but against Jews everywhere.
Jews have been beaten. Jewish children suffered physical and verbal attacks. Signs stating "Hitler was right!" were displayed. Cries of "Gas the Jews!" were not challenged by the police, even when this racial incitement was heard in front of the White House.

The anti-Israel rallies were allowed to continue despite obvious evidence of racial incitement. Even when police were attacked, as in London, only a rare number of violent protesters were arrested.

Free speech is permitted if you abuse Israel and Jews but not, it seems, if you express a counter argument, or wish to stand up for your rights.

Reports are continuing of pro-Israel speakers being disallowed to give the Israeli position at many universities as provosts either refuse to allow experts from airing facts, or capitulate to the treat of violence should such speakers be allowed a platform.

Appeasement goes too far when people displaying the Israeli flag can be accused of subversive activities, as was the case in Germany.

Apparently, the appearance of an Israeli flag can enrage the Islamic mob to the extent that German authorities look on this as being an incitement to violence.

They do not see the removal of the Israeli flag from an apartment window as a significant appeasement to the Muslim rally.

The removal of the Israeli flag signified to the mob the desired removal of the Jewish state - and they succeeded in employing the German police to carry out their demand.

Such is the submissive 'dhimmi' attitude that is prevalent in Europe, and is reaching the shores of America.

It is not healthy. It is not fair. It is not honest. But it is the way of the future for a long continent, and maybe a lost world.

Now see the attached report:

Barry Shaw
The View from Here