Wednesday 28 July 2010


Britain's Prime Minister, David Cameron, made an incredibly stupid speech in Turkey that displayed his ignorance of international affairs.

Calling Gaza a 'prison camp' his comments pointed to Israel as being totally responsible for the restraints and conditions there.

Hamas and other Islamic terror groups that prosper and operate in the Gaza Strip were airbrushed out of his speech. For Cameron, they do not exist. They are, for him, no part of the problem.

Cameron knows that the current accepted legal method of moving goods into Gaza in via the Israeli land route. This is accepted by all rational countries to protect Israel's security after decades of Hamas terror against Israeli civilians.
Cameron knows that hundreds of tons of aid flow into Gaza on a daily basis.
Yet none of this was mentioned in his speech.

Cameron failed to address the obsessive hatred of Israel that is rampant in the Middle East and has spread, via a biased propaganda campaign, to public opinion that is rooted in his own country of Britain.

Cameron stated that Turkey is a friend of Israel. Not any more it isn't. Israel trusted Turkey. Israel developed an intimate relationship with that country. It conducted close military exercises with Turkey. Israel supplied Turkey with a lot of advanced military equipment and intelligence information. Then Turkey turned around and bit Israel.

It is no secret in Israel that our military finds itself compromised militarily for being so forthcoming with Turkey during the good old days and now finding itself facing a potential enemy it supplied with excellent military equipment and strategic knowledge.

More recently Turkey has joined the 'kick Israel' mob with the IHH terror group on board the Mavi Marmara flotilla ship, and Prime Minister Erdogan's provocative anti-Israel insults.
Turkey has shown it's true extremist Islamic face in recent months. It has hardened its line on Cypriot occupied land. It has refused to accept its responsibility for the murder of one million Armenians. It is currently occupying Kurdish territory and killing Kurds.

Yet Cameron promised to speed up Turkey's admission into the EU.  Is this what Europe really wants? Not according to the views of countries like France, Germany, and Italy who reject Turkey's entry into Europe under suspicion of the true nature of that country. They are right to be concerned.
Turkey promised Europe that it would maintain a secular government. It lied. As mentioned earlier, Turkey promised Israel close and constant friendship. It lied.

Turkey defied world consensus against Iran by cozying up to Tehran. Erdogan eembarrassed the United States and those nations trying to build sanctions against Iran's nuclear ambition by forging a nonsensical, non-applicable, agreement between Iran, Turkey, and Brazil.

Under the shadow of Turkey's growing Islamisation, it's newly developed friendships with Iran, Syria, Hamas, and even Hizbollah in Lebanon, it's hateful actions and statements against Israel, and it's violent history in the region, how could Cameron possibly claim that 'Turkey can become a great European power'?
What sort of power does Cameron want Turkey to play in Europe? Isn't Europe Islamic enough already? Does Cameron really want an Islamic Turkey, partnered with Iran, and other Islamic terror regimes, entrenched in the heart of Europe?

Is that the sort of Europe that Cameron visualises as he blames Israel for all the ills of the region centered on Gaza?

David Cameron needs to go back to first grade in international affairs, but not at the British Foreign Office which is brimming with anti-Semitic Arabists, and get himself an education.

Then, maybe, he will be able to give a fair and balanced speech that puts things in proportion, that speaks up for an ally in the region, if Israel is still considered an ally by Britain. The jury is still out of that question..
It would also enable him to criticise his Turkish host, in diplomatic language of course, for the dangerous foreign policies, based on his extremist religious belief,  that is preventing his country from being accepted as a European nation.

Britain's Prime Minister showed his lack of knowledge, lack of diplomacy. Whoever wrote his speech should be sacked, but Cameron himself could have, should have,regulated his words in a sensitive region where important leaders words resonate.

His speech has isolated Israel even further. His speech has encouraged the dangerous players in the region to dig in their heels. They interpret his words as encouraging them in their anti-Israel agenda. Turkey can continue its provocative and violent foreign policy as it has a champion of Britain's Prime Minister. Hamas can continue its suppression of Gaza. It already receives huge amount of funding from Britain. Now Britain's prime Minister gave Hamas a free pass, and kicked out at Israel.

Yes, Cameron made an incredibly stupid and dangerous speech in Turkey.

Tuesday 27 July 2010


Britain was one of the first countries to throw the book at Israel post Goldstone report.

Despite the flimsy hearsay evidence from dubious witnesses, given under the threatening gaze of Hamas minders, the Goldstone findings were adopted as gospel truth.
The results has been a complete wall-to-wall condemnation of Israel that reflects on any action that Israel takes to safeguard the country from terror attacks.

According to the interpretations given to the Goldstone report Israel, or any nation acting to protect its citizens, is not allowed to harm innocent civilians. Of course, the jury is still out on what constitutes an innocent civilian. Some would suggest that a terrorist who has fired Kassam rockets and is on his way home becomes an innocent civilian.

With the disclosure of 91,000 pages of secret US military secrets on the WikiLeak website, British and US officials are scrambling for crisis control. In other words, they are panicking.
Now they face exposure for targeted killings, the type of weapons used, and the number of civilians killed in the fighting in Afghanistan.  All identical factors that got Israel pilloried by Goldstone.

Whichever way the British army likes to squirm, Goldstone is coming to haunt them.

When Palestinian civilians were killed in the Gaza Strip they were put down as being 'deliberately targeted' by Israel as a sort of 'collective punishment'.
When Afghan civilians are killed it is put down as regretful but 'they were in the wrong place at the wrong time'.
Sorry, this won't wash.

The leaked official documents clearly show that British and coalition forces have been involved in exactly the same kind of operations against terrorists in confined civilian areas as were the IDF. Furthermore, they employed the same type of tactics, used the same type of weapons, achieved the same results as did the Israeli soldiers in Gaza.

Israel has suffered diplomatic and media verbal assaults. Can we expect the same against British officers and politicians?

Israel is being threatened by international tribunals and trials. Can we expect to see British soldiers and politicians being threatened with arrest for war crimes, or brought to justice in the International Criminal Court?

Will there be a United Nations Commission, headed by Goldstone, to investigate war crimes perpetrated by British and US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Allowing a rabid anti-Israel hate campaign to spread without restraint may overtake British national interests. It may be too late the put the genie back on the bottle. The same 'human rights activists', lawyers, NGOs keen to take on the cause of the little man will, for sure, pursue the war crimes committed in Afghanistan. They will hold up the Goldstone report as if it were the Holy Bible, or Koran.

Only one British officer, Colonel Richard Kemp who had served both in Iraq and Afghanistan with the British forces, had the courage to tell a world in denial that 'Israels IDF did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare'.
This glowing praise was dismissed or ignored as it did not meet the anti-Israel agenda. A high moral tone was being adopted that denigrated Israel and denied all evidence to the contrary.

Now questions are being asked. Fingers are being pointed. The ghost of Goldstone is in the air. The questions, the finger pointing, the spirit of Goldstone is hovering over Whitehall and Westminster.

There is little pleasure in this turn of events except for the slim hope that parallels will be drawn between British and coalition actions in Afghani war zones and the IDF in Gaza.

What is good for Goldstone in Gaza will be good for Goldstone in Kabul.

Three British Heroes.

Congratulations and thanks must go to three British heroes who have exhibited a rugged determination to take on the system in pursuit of justice and fairness to Israel.

The 3 London Jons deserve our admiration. More later. Here is the background.

In the case of Judge George Bathurst-Norman, who was wheeled out of retirement, to judge the case of seven vandals who caused almost two hundred thousand pounds worth of damage to the property of the EDO company in Hove on the south coast of England.
EDO supplies military spare parts and Israel is one of their customers.
This was sufficient for the activists to illegally break into the factory and create havoc. They admitted their guilt in court in a criminal case brought by the Crown-Prosecutor.
The defendants admitted their guilt based on a defense that they did so 'to prevent Israeli war crimes in Gaza'.

In his summing up to the jury Bathurst-Norman, born in Mandated Palestine, exposed his political bias by acting as if he was an additional defense attorney.

In his summation he compared Israeli action in Gaza to the Nazi regime in World War Two. He used expressions such as war crimes, colonization, ethnic cleansing to describe Israel.
He even suggested that the group leader deserved to be awarded the George Medal for bravery.

In directing the jury the judge made a serious error by discussing an event that took place some time after the criminal event being decided in his court. He made reference to the flotilla to Gaza. This had no relevance to the case in hand.

He even mentioned Goldstone in an obliquely anti-Semitic manner. He said "The UN Human Rights Commission was headed by an eminent international jurist Justice Goldstone who is himself Jewish. Because his report was not to the liking of Israel, he was condemned by Israel as being anti-Semitic."
Richard Goldstone's religion is totally irrelevant to the case under review, except to be used as a spurious point to be made by someone with bias to Israel, and maybe the Jews. It needs to be said that the Israeli Government never called the author of the UN report anti-Semitic or referred to him as a Jew.
The judge's remarks had the effect of demonising the Israeli Government for calling a Jew an anti-Semite, something that it did not do.

Judge George Bathurst-Norman crossed all the red lines in one section of his instruction to the jury. Let me print verbatim what he said:

Now you may be wondering what on earth has the actions of the Israeli air force to do with this country (Britain). The short answer is that if the Israeli air force was committing crimes in the way that the agreed evidence outlines in the unlawful killing of Palestinians in Gaza and in the unlawful causing of damage to property in Gaza, then under the War Crimes Act and other legislation any member of the Israeli air force who set foot in this country and who acted in that way would be liable to arrest and prosecution, as is anyone within this country who knowingly helps the Israeli air force to commit war crimes.

I ask you to review that last paragraph and seek out one little word  -  'if'.

The overall impression that the judge deposited with his jury was 'unlawful killing of Palestinians', 'unlawful
damage to Gaza property', committing 'war crimes', and being 'liable to arrest and prosecution'.

Of course, neither the Israeli Air Force nor the IDF have been found guilty of any war crimes in Gaza. The judge neatly covered his bias by slipping in that little word, 'if', while burying it with the harsher expressions in order to plant his message into the minds of the jury.

The agreed evidence he referred to was legally wrong as the Crown Prosecution in this case never agreed that the Israeli air force committed crimes, therefore such evidence was not agreed in his court. This was blatantly misleading.

In a later section he repeats his statement that Israel was guilty of war crimes:
The evidence shows that those war crimes are committed against the civilian population of Gaza and against the property of its residents including the United Nations by the Israeli forces.

This handy piece of demonisation was given despite the fact that there is no evidence that Israel committed any war crimes in Gaza against the civilian population. Nor did the judge instruct his jury that Israel had paid compensation to the UN for damage caused inadvertently during the conflict.

Throughout his summing up the judge did not mention Hamas crimes once. Neither did he record the years of incessant rocket attacks on Israeli civilians from Gaza.

There are pages of nauseatingly faulty and emotive testimony that Judge George Bathurst-Norman directed to his jury. Perhaps the most sickly and insidious was this statement:
Now you have to look at the evidence coldly and dispassionately. It may be as you went through what I can only describe as horrific scenes, scenes of devastation to civilian population, scenes which one would rather have hoped to have disappeared 'with the Nazi regimes of the last war' you may have felt anger and have been absolutely appalled by them, but you must put that emotion aside.

Here you have a British judge whose duty is to direct the jury to bring in a verdict based on the evidence placed before them, who instead instructs them to 'put emotion aside' before whipping up the emotions of his jury with images of a Nazi regime committing horrific scenes of devastation.

There is more, much more, guilt to be found in the performance of Judge George Bathurst-Norman. It is to be hoped that the Attorney-General will clarify the verdict in this case.

Many people have contributed to bringing this miscarriage of justice to the attention of both the British Minister of Justice and the Attorney-General, and it is comforting to see that traditional British justice will shine through sometime in the near future.

There is, however, another success story that people keen to see Israel receive fairness and justice should take to heart.

The hornets nest was stirred up by several activists, including yours truly.  Bringing it to fruition would not have been possible without the resolve and courage of local activists who not only gave of their time and reputations, but also put their hands in their pockets to file the documents and papers that set things in motion.

Our applause and appreciation must go to the Three London Jons.
Without the determined actions of Jonathan Hoffman, Jon Benjamin, and Jonathan Turner, the British wheels of justice would not have turned.

They are an inspiration to others. It is not enough to complain about injustices. Action must be taken. They are by our enemies and the above heroes are also involved in forcing changes to the British universal jurisdiction laws that currently allow Israel's radical activists to have Israeli visiting England to be arrested on trumped up charges of war crimes with the simple signature of a local magistrate.
The previous Labour Government did nothing to change this iniquity. Now, under David Cameron's new team, there is light at the end of this tunnel.

The message of this article is that you, the individual, can effect changes. You can, you must, stand up for justice and for Israel. Do not wait for others. You must take the lead.
Follow the shining example of the Three London Jons.
Hoffman, Benjamin, Turner.
They are our British heroes..

Thursday 22 July 2010


The Arab members of the Israeli Knesset have been invited to visit Britain's Parliament and meet with the lawmakers of Westminster.

One would assume that this would be an official diplomatic visit and meeting of Parliamentarians with the Israeli delegation representing a strong minority of the countries citizens. Perfectly normal and acceptable protocol, even if the visitors will spend a great deal of their official meetings decrying the racist and anti-democratic nature of the Jewish state.

While it is acceptable that elected politicians should champion the cause of their constituents there is a deep undercurrent of dubious loyalty to the state by many of the Arab members who sit in Israel's Parliament.

Many have met with leaders of regimes considered as Israel's enemies. Others have made inflammatory speeches condemning the Jewish state and identifying with Palestinian cause. One in particular, Haneen Zuabi, participated in the recent provocative anti-Israel flotilla. All identify themselves as Palestinians first and Israelis as an afterthought to protect their diplomatic immunity.

Their visit to Britain's Parliament on 28th July 2010 gives British MPs, who are strong on true democracy and loyalty to the state, a golden opportunity to expose the duplicity of those who insert themselves inside the democratic process with the intention to destroy the state from within.

They can uncover the real political intent of these parliamentarians with the following series of questions:

Fact:  Those born after 1948 were born in the State of Israel. Therefore, Israeli should be the answer.

The answer will undoubtedly be that they are there to represent the Israeli Arabs - but they are ISRAELI Arabs, not Palestinian.

The answer of most will be to continue to sit in Israel's Knesset.

Ii is certain from the passionate identification of Arab Knesset members with the Palestinian cause that this is their over riding political agenda, and attending to the needs of their constituents is a tool that keeps them entrenched in the Knesset as part of Israel's democratic system.

The answers to the earlier questions should begin to give British parliamentarians an indication of the dubious loyalties of the Arabs who sit in the Knesset.
The answer to the third question should start alarm bells ringing in a Parliament that holds firm to the principle of absolute and unflinching loyalty to the state by elected politicians.

There is nothing wrong in an Israeli Arab, loyal to the State of Israel, having sympathy and support for the Palestinian cause, as long as the Palestinian cause is not the destruction of Israel. 
It is to be admired that Knesset members are active in advancing the condition of their constituents.
This is no different to Jewish MPs in Britain's Parliament supporting Israel in its struggle against terrorism and in its search for peace, yet representing the interests of their electorate to the best of their ability.

Sensitivity, however, demands that any Parliament be aware of seditious elected ofiicials who are hacking away at the columns of democracy from within with the ultimate goal of bringing about the eleimination of the state and replacing it with a regime with which they openly identify.

It cannot be, for example, that a member, sitting in Westminster, has a prior loyalty to an entity or regime that calls for the elimination of Britain, or desires replacing the existing status quo with a regime with whom they openly espouse.
This would be considered at minimum disloyal, and possibly treasonous.

Britain is in no danger of being crushed or overthrown by another state or entity. Israel's existential threat is real. It cannot be that the state will be usurped by subversion from within.

Understanding the underlying internal dangers to the democratic State of Israel should lead all caring British citizens to demand that their elected Parliamentarians appreciate the risk that Israel faces as part of being the only true democracy in the Middle East.

Britain's MPs should ask their invited guests from Israel the pertinent questions I outlined in this article.
It is equally important that British MPs receive unequivocal answers.

The anticipated answers should give serious food for thought about the abuse of Parliamentary privilege in a democracy when the insurgents are there to undermine the foundations of the state itself.

Tuesday 20 July 2010

A crack in the wall of Palestinian lies about Gaza.

We are having an effect. A crack has appeared in the stonewall of Palestinian lies. Our evidence is starting to get through. The photos, videos, statistics are beginning to be seen by those who have been in a state of denial.

Slowly, the actual living conditions in Gaza is being seen by a wider public. They are hearing about the new Gaza Shopping Mall (we have the actual promotion material), the fine dining at Roots Club and Greens, they can see the luxurious mansions and new apartment blocks, fully stocked stores, swimming in the Olympic pool, horse riding at the Gaza academy, and much much more.

The lies that Gaza is hell is being exposed. We need you to help us tear down this wall of lies and deceit.

The lies, paid for with your tax dollars, is keeping the Islamic terror regime of Hamas in power.

It was given without any pre-condition on Hamas to join the peace process. On the contrary, a stronger Hamas still calls for the elimination of Israel - paid for by you.

Your money is helping them gain influence in the rest of the Palestinian territories.

If you care for peace, if you care for those in genuine distress, learn the facts, spread the message, and demand that your tax money is diverted to those in desperate need.




If anyone is dreaming that the influence of Hamas, the Islamic terror regime that controls Gaza, can be reduced by flooding the Palestinian people with aid and money, think again.

Recently, much evidence has been circulating on the social network outlets including Facebook and YouTube that clearly show a middle class lifestyle enjoyed by mnay in the Gaza Strip.
This includes superb dining facilities, including the Roots Club and Greens, riding academies, luxurious mansions, Olympic-sized swimming pools, water parks, and even the opening of a new Shopping Mall in Gaza City.

The Palestinians, including those in the Gaza Strip, benefit from the free flow of aid that crosses into the Strip via Israel. Massive amounts of funding is channelled into the Palestinian financial system. The Palestinians receive record amounts of money, while genuine humanitarian cases suffer from neglect.

One would think that this level of prosperity would weaken the grip of Hamas. After all, this is what most diplomats tell you. Isn't it true that they constantly say that advancing the living conditions of the Palestinians would isolate the extremists? 
The facts prove a completely different picture.

A recent poll (12 July 2010) conducted by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (PCPO) uncovered startling results.

The West Bank is currently perceived as developing strongly under the 'pragmatic' leadership of Mahmoud Abbas and Salam Fayyad. Most politicians and leading journalists declare that the Fayyad plan of Palestinian development is showing new hope to the Palestinian people.
They are as wrong in this assessment as they have been in every other prognosis on the results of record amounts of international aid to the Palestinians.

The PCPO survey found that support for Hamas had grown in the West Bank by a huge 18.7% since a previous poll taken in April 2010.
This despite the progress made in the West Bank and the close cooperation between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.

We need to remind ourselves of the deep feelings and affiliations of the Palestinians when assessing the likely outcome of promoting their development.

The last Parliamentary elections held by the Palestinians was on 25th January, 2006. With the deep divide between the Fattah and Hamas factions it is not likely we will see democratic Palestinians elections for the foreseeable future.

In the 2006 elections the common perception was that Hamas usurped power in the Gaza Strip with a brutal and murderous coup.  This is true, but the fact remains that Hamas won the Palestinian elections.

According to the electroral list Hamas took 44.45% of the vote and Fattah lagged behind with 41.43%.
Hamas party candidates received 41.73% of the vote to Fattah's 36.9%.  The seating divide in the Palestinian Parliament left Hamas with 74 seats and the ruling Fattah with only 45 seats.
It needs to be stressed that this covers all of the designated Palestinian territory, West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

It is clear, with the publication of the recent PCPO poll, that, with all the international involvement and all the
media praise for the Palestinian Authority, the people remain solidly behind Hamas.

Any further rise in the next PCPO survey would reconfirm the majority support for Hamas on the West Bank.

This is bad news for the world. It is disasterous news for Israel.

The raw facts show that the huge amounts of funding and aid from the international community and rights organisations, as well as worldwide political and public support for the Palestinian people, has only strengthened, not weakened, the Islamic regime of Hamas.

Those who would say that Israel has to make immediate gestures to the Palestinians for the cause of peace must be reminded that all their aid, funding, political support, has had no effect in having Hamas drop the destruction of Israel from their Charter. Neither has it made them more pragmatic by one iota. 
Their aid and support, given without precondition,  has encouraged Hamas to stiffen the Islamization of the Gaza Strip.

In light of these harsh facts Israel would be advised not to make any further one-sided gestures to the Palestinians. To do so would severely jeopardise Israel's security when faced the a potential Hamas take-over of the West Bank.
An Israeli nightmare of having Hamas influence on the streets of Jerusalem and a one minute rocket ride from Ben Gurion Airport is frightening, and potentially realistic.

Wednesday 14 July 2010



Learn the truth about the middle class condition in Gaza funded by your tax dollars. Heard that Gaza is 'a hell on earth'? That people are starving?

That's what they want you to believe. It's a lie!


Your tax dollars are paying for a lie, a fraud!

Get others to join our facebook cause, see the pictorial and video proof of the high life of Gaza, and start spreading the truth.

No conditions have been put on Hamas to reach a peace with Israel.

Gazans get richer. Hamas gets tougher. And still record amounts of funds continue to be pumped into Gaza.

The massive funding to Gaza must be diverted to genuine humanitarian tragedies.

Send me a message and I will gladly send you the evidence of actual living conditions in Gaza.


Wednesday 7 July 2010


Do you remember the outrage in Britain over the case of the alleged forged British passports used in the assassination of a Hamas terrorist in Dubai?

It made headline news for days in all the major broadsheets. It was headline news on Britain's main TV channels.  The British Foreign Office made a big stink about it and expelled an diplomat from the Israeli Embassy. The Israeli ambassador was called for a dressing down at the Foreign Office. British-Israeli relationships hit a low point.

Now the FBI has admitted that some of the Russians caught spying in America entered the States on forged British passports!

Where is the outrage from Whitehall?  Where are the screaming headline in the leading British papers? Why hasn't the BBC and Sky news channel gone crazy with this disclosure?

Instead - total silence!!!

Why? Why the dressing down if the alleged perpetrator is Israel, and a cover up if the criminals are the Russian Government?
Why the double standards?

David Milliband may no longer be the Foreign Minister in Britain, but surely William Hague must follow his predecessor ? 
After all,  his leader, David Cameron, then head of the Conservative opposition, demanded that the Government disclose what it knew about the falsified documents.
Surely he must observe the same standards today, even if they are applied against the Russians?

Milliband cried out against the 'intolerable misuse of British passports' calling it 'an outrage!'.
Surely the same epithet applies when used by Russian spies?
A senior Foreign Office staffer claimed that Israel had acted 'against British interests'. What was Russia doing?

With all the attention that was drawn against alleged Israeli involvement, including the public punishment of a diplomatic eviction from Britain, it is staggering that the identical crime, carried out by the Russians, does not register a jot of newsprint, or a mention on prime time TV.

What conclusions can be drawn from this?  Only one.  There is a standard of culpability for Israel - and a different expectation for the rest of the world.

Even the crime of forging British passports can be overlooked.
If perpetrated by Russians, the British Government turn their gaze away. No need to call in the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) as they did with Israel.
If perpetrated by Israel, throw the book at them.

So it has been over every issue from Israel's security to fighting terrorism to human rights.

Britain, it seems, wishes to lead the world in double standards.

Monday 5 July 2010


Monday, 5th July 2010.

A busy day for the Shalit family. 15,000 people marched with them on a hot day through the streets of Tel Aviv to a rally in Rabin Square.
Noam Shalit, Gilad's father, declared that the situation of kidnapped Gilad Shalit is the only humanitarian problem in Gaza.

The demonstrators moved to the Tel Aviv penthouse home of Defense Minister, Ehud Barak.

The Shalit's then travelled south to the Gaza border.  Here, they visited the location near Kerem Shalom where their son was overpowered and ragged across the border into Gaza by Hamas terrorists four years ago.
Kerem Shalom is the Israeli crossing point where hundreds of trucks bearing aid flow into Gaza every week.
It was this part of the border that Gilad Shalit was protecting when he was attacked and kidnapped by Hamas in 2006.

After visiting the border a special concert, emotionally entitled "A Cry to the World!", took place at Eshkol Park. The concert was conducted by Zubin Mehta and popular Israeli singer, Shlomo Artzi, was the highlight singer.

The agonising dilemma of Gilad Shalit was eloquently emphasised by Stewart Weiss of Raanana whose son, Ari, was killed in a battle with Hamas terrorists in 2002.
In an article headlined 'Why I'm not marching' Weiss wrote "If we march at all, we should be marching to the Gaza border to demand its complete closure until our boy is freed. We should march en-masse to the offices of the European Union to demand that it stop fueling terrorism by paying hundreds of millions of euros to the intransigent Palestinians. We should march to the Red Cross to demand that they stop providing services to the Arab world until pressure is put on Hamas to allow visitation by independent organisations.
Let us be perfectly clear.  Hamas has absolutely no humanitarian interest is seeing its prisoners freed. It would just as soon let them rot until their deaths in Israeli prisons. It often proclaims that this would be a good thing as it would ensure their saintly rewards as martyrs to Allah.
No. Hamas has one objective only. That is to bring Israel to its knees and cause its complete collapse.

Each day, in my morning prayers, I ask God to protect our soldiers and free Gilad Shalit. As the bereaved father of a brave IDF sergeant how could I not? I consider every Israeli soldier as a holy messenger of the Almighty and a hero of the nation, prized above all others. While I desperately want Gilad to come home it cannot be at any price. It cannot be at the cost of endangering our entire nation.
That, tragically, would be a march to madness.

This emotional rawness exposes the painful anguish of the Israeli public and its leadership as the GILAD SHALIT FREEDOM MARCH wends its way to the office of Israel's Prime Minister in Jerusalem.

Sunday 4 July 2010


British justice was once the shining symbol of democracy and the justice system. Not any more.
Today, thanks to Justice George Bathurst-Norman, British justice is linked to one judge's political bias.

In other words, British justice is blind to truth, blind to the facts and evidence, and it's scales tilt in favour of criminals and vandals who act according to a retired judge's political preferences.

A nod is as good as a wink in the court of Bathurst-Norman.

Breaking the law, it seems, is permitted in Britain if the purpose is to cause damage to, or to slander, the State of Israel.

Seven activists who admitted causing one hundred and eighty pounds worth of damage to company property walked free.
They had been accused of deliberately damaging the property of EDO MBM, a company that manufactures and exports military equipment from Britain.
Their defence was that they wanted to slow down and impede the delivery of spare parts to Israel because of its policy in Gaza.
The Hove Crown Court in Brighton heard video-taped statements prior to the incident in which the perpetrators admitted that they intended to cause as much damage as they could. They also saw evidence of the damage. Yet Justice Bathurst-Norman found them not guilty.

In his summation Judge Bathurst-Norman said, "you may well think that hell on earth would be an understatement of what the Gazans suffered".
This was the direction that the judge gave to the jury. Irrespective of the true situation in Gaza, this judge directed his jury according to his own political whim, which mirrored that of the activists and anarchists standing in the dock in his courtroom.

This judge effectively directed a jury based on his own political bias with the result that the accused were all acquitted of their crimes.

This judge, who was born in the Arab town of Jaffa in Tel Aviv, had been dragged out of retirement to hear this case.  That, in itself, is strange.

In a previous case he given a man a three years jail  sentence for lopping off the head of a statue of Margaret Thatcher. This was a statue, please note, not Thatcher herself, or an expensive work of art.
Yet, damage assessed at almost two hundred thousands pounds Sterling deserved, according to his honour, complete freedom.

Sentencing by Bathurst-Norman has, traditionally, contained a sinister bias. In 2001, he gave Abu Bakr Siddiqui a twelve month suspended sentence for smuggling materials and technology out of Britain to be used for nuclear weapons in Iran and North Korea. A police search of his British home found that millions of dollars of equipment had been smuggled out of British to notorious Pakistani scientist A.Q.Khan. Usually this charge carries a prolonged prison sentence.

For Judge George Bathurst-Norman you can walk free if you commit a crime on behalf of Iran and North Korea, or if you commit a crime against Israel.

Whichever way you look at it, British justice is now, clearly, politically biased.

Thursday 1 July 2010


As the parents of captured Israeli, Gilad Shalit, continue their march from their home in Moshav Hila in northern Israel to the office of Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in Jerusalem a growing conflict of interest is gathering pace.

After more than four years in ineffective diplomacy to secure the release of Gilad they are demanding that the Israeli Government surrender to Hamas demands on a prisoner exchange in order to save their son.
They have repeatedly said that they expect the Government to take whatever steps are necessary to get the Israeli soldier released before it is too late. They quote the tragic fate of air force officer Ron Arad who was captured in Lebanon and was never seen again.

Thousands of Israelis have joined Gilad's parents in their long march on behalf of their missing son and Hamas has been quick to see the public pressure in Israel. They have hardened their demands and even threatened to increase the number of prisoners they insist must be released from Israeli jails.

Today, Prime Minister Netanyahu made a statement of sympathy for the fate of Gilad Shalit and understanding for the anquish of his family. He said that Israel is prepared to pay a very heavy price for the release of Gilad Shalit but added, not at any price.

In principle Israel is ready to release one thousand terrorists in return for Shalit. The stumblimg block is Israel's refusal to release Palestinian terorrists guilty of mass murder, such as the perpetrator of the Passover Massacre at Netanya's Park Hotel. 

Netanyhu reminded Israel that, following the last prisoner exchange when 400 Palestinians were released in 2004, it resulted in the murder of 27 Israelis when some of the released terrorists continued their murderous terror campaign against Israelis.

It is clear that Hamas's behaviour has been 'unacceptable and inhuman' as described by US Middle East envoy, George Mitchell.
Little has been done by international diplomats, the Red Cross, human rights organisations, on behalf of Gilad Shalit. Hamas in Gaza has not been put under duress to have Shalit released, or to allow him a visit by the Red Cross or any humanitarian body. Gilad Shalit has suffered solitary confinement since his capture in 2006.
Instead, the international community insists that more aid and more money should flow into Gaza to improve the living conditions of a population that voted the Islamic terror regime of Hamas into power.
Some in Israel view this as a fatal error of judgment that simply rewards terror and those that support it. It will strengthen, not weaken, the radical rule of Hamas as can be seen daily to those who care to see.

The internal debate within Israel over the price to be paid for Gilad Shalit's release is a terrible dilemma for any democracy, let alone for a country that has been fighting Palestinian and Islamic terror for decades. It is an issue that is tearing Israeli society apart, and Hamas is watching with glee.

The pressure will increase as the growing number of marchers approach Jerusalem. The target of the march should have been Gaza where Gilad Shalit remains captive and alone.

Summertime and the living is easy!

"Summertime and the living is easy".

That's what it seems like in balmy Israel compared with the economic battering experienced in Britain and America.

Correct fiscal policy has meant that Israel is one of the few countries that has avoided the financial downturn that has plagued more 'advanced' economies.

As an added bonus, Israel is now considered a developed economy. We have joined the league of top nations. Israel was officially admitted into the OECD this week.

Despite all the external pressures and boycott threats that would have other countries reeling, Israel leads the world in R&D and hi-tech that powers communications, medical research, agriculture, security systems, etc.

In the coming years you will more more about Israeli involvement in the electric car industry. It has been Israeli brain power that has contributed so much to the under-developed and the developed world. Now, Israel has discovered vast reserves of natural gas that will not only make our country independent but will enrich the nation through a new export resource.

We have long said that Israel is the place for all Jews to invest. This applies in the real estate field. None of our clients who bought property in Israel has lost money. Many have been delightfully surprised by the rapid increase in property values. Despite a recent softening in property prices this trend will continue. Insufficient land is available in Central Israel for residential development. This can only lead to an increase in property values in the areas popular with our overseas clients. These include Netanya, Raanana, Herzlia Pituach, and Tel Aviv.

Although we offered exceptional investment opportunities in land development in areas close to the sea in Netanya very few people took advantage of this offer. Those that did will see tremendous profits in a very short time frame.

We invite you to seriously consider taking some of your money out of a sick home economy and invest it in sunny Israel where the future is bright.

Whether you are buying for vacation, residential, or investment use, we can help you to obtain up to 60% financing from Israeli banks.

So, if you will be in Israel this year, contact us and allow us to show you around some of our prime properties both in new projects and quality resales.

Looking forward to meeting you.

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