Wednesday 30 June 2010


This week Hamas thugs destroyed a childrens summer camp set up by the UN in the Gaza Strip.

This is the second time that Hamas has destroyed a childrens facility donated by the international community in Gaza as it does not comply to their radical Islamic principles.

Hamas summer camps teach Palestinian children hate education, incitement, hate education, military-type training which includes weapons training.

This is yet another example of the abusive use of funds that flow without responsbility on the Palestinians side.
Funds flowing into Gaza without condition is giving Hamas the luxury of destroying facilities that do not meet their strict Islamic criteria.

The case is made to allow even more aid and money into Gaza. This will strengthn Hamas even further.

Remember, the people of Gaza elected Hamas knowing that their agenda is the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.

Pumping more money into Gaza unconditionally is insane and immoral when there are a multitude of causes in Africa and Asia that are ignored.

Please join our Facebooks cause PALESTINIAN FUNDING - OBSCENE, INSANE, IMMORAL. You will be duty bound the spread the message that funds must be diverted from the Palestinians to more worthy cases until such time as the Palestinians are forced to agree to a peace deal with Israel.

Monday 28 June 2010


Seven Israeli Arabs affiliated with al-Qaida and Global Jihad have been arrested for allegedly murdering a taxi driver last year, and carrying out a series of terrorist attacks, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) revealed on Monday.

In a joint police-Shin Bet operation, Ahmed Ahmed, 21, Jalib Janam, 26, Wassim Allam, 23, Khidar Ziddana, 22, Ahbed Abu-Salim, 19, Adi Azzam, 23, and Oman Kakhibi, 22, all Nazareth residents, were arrested between May 11 and June 21. All seven were indicted Monday at the Haifa District Court.

Dep.-Cmdr. Avi Elgrisi, Head of Amakim Police's Central Unit told The Jerusalem Post that "this is one of the most dangerous cells we have uncovered." The investigation was initially focused on two suspects, before being widened to include a total of seven suspects, he said, adding that police are expected to make more arrests in connection with the investigation.

The seven said that they founded a group called Aljahabiyya and claim to follow Salafism, an extremist Sunni Islamic movement. Aljahabiyya was formed two years ago, and inspired by and affiliated with al-Qaida and Global Jihad. The group underwent a process of radicalization, using material found on the Internet, including pictures of weaponry and instructions to prepare explosives and perpetrate terrorist attacks. The seven downloaded al-Qaida propaganda movies and speeches by Osama Bin Laden.

'Suspects accessed jihadi ideology and indoctrination'

"They accessed the Internet for jihadi ideology and indoctrination, and used it as an information source to listen to extremist clerics," Elgrisi said.

The group allegedly carried out attacks to avenge the murder of Arabs by Jews in Israel, and confessed to plotting to kidnap IDF soldiers and take their weapons.

Ahmed, Janam and Zidanna were involved involved in the murder of taxi driver Yafim Weinstein, who was killed on November 30, 2009, as well as other attacks. In their interrogation, the three confessed to ordering Weinstein to a kibbutz near Nazareth, where one shot the taxi driver, and others assisted in destroying evidence. They reenacted the murder and led investigators to the place they hid the murder weapon used to kill Weinstein.

Weinstein, 54, a Nazareth Illit resident, was found murdered in his cab outside Kfar Hahoresh in November, leaving behind a wife, children and a grandchild. Details of the investigation were under a gag order until Monday morning.

The Shin Bet also found that after the murder, Ahmed and Janam attempted to travel to an al-Qaida training camp in Somalia to join the fighting against the Christian "heretics" as well as against the US, but were barred from entering Somalia at the Kenyan border.

Three others planned to kidnap a Nazareth resident and behead him on video, but did not do so. Elgrisi said that they had even dug a grave for the Christian man who "insulted the prophet Muhammad."

The men also threw stun grenades and Molotov cocktails at Jewish- and Christian-owned businesses and homes in the town. They burnt Christian tour buses, and dealt in arms.

They also stabbed a pizza delivery man in Nazareth Illit, stealing his scooter and NIS 100.

"On the criminal front, we are searching for criminals who sold weapons to the suspects," Elgrisi said. "Security suspects will also be arrested."

In April 2009, Elgrisi led an investigation into a terror cell made up of six Israeli Arabs and a Beduin from the North who had reached an advanced stage in their plot to carry out an attack on Israelis.

The cell had prepared several explosive devices and simulated the kidnapping of soldiers while engaging in Internet communications with a terror operative based in Gaza, known as "Abu Kassam."

The cell filmed their preparations, Elgrisi said last year, adding that in one exercise, a cell member pretended to be an IDF soldier while the remainder of the group practiced abducting him.

Tuesday 8 June 2010

Human rights activists = collaborators in genocide.

The recent, and future, 'human rights' flotillas to Gaza are a cloak for the Islamic pursuit of the genocide of the Jews.

Hamas and Fatah both hold to the elimination of the Jewish State of Israel in their respective Charters. Islamists, both Palestinian and worldwide, call for the murder of Jews as a holy endeavour.
Just look at the vicious beheading movie of Daniel Pearl.

Be sure of one thing. The 'Freedom Flotilla' was yet another act in the campaign to murder Jews.

We heard cries of "Massacre!" , "Genocide", when  violent extremists died as a result of their lynch mob tactics.

We heard other cries from the Marmara.  We heard "Remember Khaibar, Khaibar, Oh Jews! The Army of Mhammed will Return!" 
They were invoking the ugly Muslim history that does back to Mohammed who ethnically killed Jews in the Arabian Peninsular.

We heard, "Shut up! Go back to Auschwitz!" and "Remember 9/11, guys!"

It is abour genocide. They want to murder Jews.
We heard this quote from the Koran and the Hamas Charter  from the Marmara.
"The Day of Judgment will not come until Muslims kill the Jews, when the Jew will hid behind stones and trees, the stones and trees will say 'Oh Muslim, Oh Abdullah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!'"

It is about genocide. The genocide of the Jews.
It is about occupation. They want to occupy our land.
It is about freedom. They want to take away our freedom and our lives.

The cries we heard were from people who have committed genocide, who are occupying other peoples lands, and who deny human rights and freedom in their own countries.

Those non-Muslims on board this, and future, ships were collaborators in the latest phase in the desired genocide of the Jews, starting in Israel.

Monday 7 June 2010

Israel uncovers new terror links.

The arrest and interrogation of Mavi Mamara passengers has uncovered a goldmine of intelligence for Israel and the West.
Many of the activists on board this ship had ties to the Turkish extreme organisation IHH and were involved in terror related activities. 

Israel has uncovered new terror links that may originate in Turkey but has spread internationally with operatives in America and Britain.

The Israeli security and intelligence community are connecting the dots and much more knowledge and information will be forthcoming in the future. 
Most of this information will not be released to the public but a glimpse of the information given below shows the tip of a newly uncovered terror iceberg.

A few of the terrorist operatives on board:

According to the IDF, the following passengers on board the Mavi Marmara are known to be involved in terrorist activity.

Fatimah Mahmadi (born 1979), is a United States resident of Iranian origin, and an active member of the organization "Viva Palestine", she attempted to smuggle forbidden electronic components into the Gaza Strip.

Ken O'Keefe (Born 1969), an American and British citizen, is a radical anti-Israel activist and operative of the Hamas terror organization. He attempted to enter the Gaza Strip in order to form and train a commando unit for the Palestinian terror organization.

Hassan Iynasi (born 1982), a Turkish citizen and activist in a Turkish charity organization, is known to provide financial support to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror organization.

Hussein Urosh, a Turkish citizen and activist in the IHH organization, was on his way to the Gaza Strip in order to assist in smuggling Al-Qaeda operatives via Turkey into the Strip.

Ahmad Umimon (born 1959), is a French citizen of Moroccan origin, and an operative of the Hamas terrorist organization.

Forget Corrie. Research the other Rachels.

Forget abour Corrie and research the other Rachels that were brutally murdered by the people that Corrie came to support.

Rachel Thaler.

Rachel Levi.

Rachel Levy.

Rachel Charhi.

Rachel Kol.

Rachel Ben Abu.

Rachel Gavish.

Rachel Shabo.

All these Rachels cut down by Palestinian terrorists because they occupied Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Netanya, Petach Tikva, Haifa, and Ashkelon.

None of these Rachels had a cantata composed in their memory. No one wrote or produced a West End play in their name. No boat was launched in any of their names.

They lived, and died, in the hope of peace and reconciliation.

Unlike Corrie, whose full name I cannot bring myself to utter.

Friday 4 June 2010

When will CNN be fair and balanced? Answer - never!

See Ben Wedeman do his perpetual Palestinian spin this week on CNN?

During his report on the poverty in Gaza, a discerning viewer could glimpse the new apartment blocks and the cars on the streets. Add to this the Olympic-sized swimming pool, the cuisine dining at Roots and Greens, the new streets and squares named after Palestinian terrorists and suicide bombers, the 200,000 laptops delivered to kids in Gaza, windsuring on the Mediterranean, and life isn't really that bad in Gaza after all.

But Wedeman searches for hard luck stories. We have them in every city, Ben. Get real.

Billions of dollars, Euros, Sterling, as well as hundreds of tons of aid are being pumped into Gaza - and Wedeman still calls it a humanitarian crisis.

When can we expect to see some professional investigative reporting from him about the high living in Gaza, as well as the parallel brutal Islamic Hamas thuggery that is called governance?

I promise that Ben Wedeman would not risk doing some honest reporting from there. I recall his remarks when British reporter Alan Johnson was kidnapping in 2004. Wedeman said it gave him the chills.
Wedeman does feel those chills now that GILAD SHALIT has endured 4 years of solitary confinement in a Gazan dungeon. Neither has he pursued this story. No investigative reporting about Gilad Shalit for CNN's Gaza-based Wedeman.
Clearly the chills have persuaded him that it is not a human interest story out of Gaza that will play well - for him and his career.
CNN was the subject of a concerted campaign to have them thrown out of Israel following an outcry in 2002. Ruth Peled and her 14 month old grand-daughter, Sinai Keinan, were blown up at a Petach Tikva ice cream parlor by a Palestinian suicide bomber. 
CNN came to interview Chen Keinan who had just lost a baby daughter and a mother to Paslestinian slaughter. They also interviewed the mother of the suicide bomber.
That night, they decided to air the interview with the terrorist's mother.
The CNN switchboard was jammed, as was that of the Israeli Government by thousands of protesters demanding the exit of CNN from Israel.
More recently CNN, in their usual knee-jerk jump to judgment against Israel claimed that Israel had killed peace activists aboard an aids ship.  Investigative reporting would have shown them that these 'peaceniks' were all members of the extreme Islamic terror sponsoring IHH, based in Turkey. 
Ben Wedeman has enjoyed a happy career being a Palestinan spokesman. It keep him safe from the fear of chills.

Wednesday 2 June 2010

Hamas refuse humanitarian aid from the Free Gaza flotilla.

Following the forced arrival of the Hamas-support ships from Turkey to the Israeli port of Ashdod, dock workers toiled through the night to offload, check, and transfer the tones of medical aid and equipment to waiting trucks.
In less than twenty four hours the trucks carrying the aid arrived at the official crossing into Gaza at Kerem Shalom.
After the cargo was delivered to the Gaza Strip, Hamas has been putting difficulties and obstacles into receiving this aid.
The Gaza Coordination and Liason Office of the IDF has been in contact with bodies from the international community to ensure that the equipment enters the Gaza Strip but Hamas is prevaricating over the delivery.

Colonel Moshe Levy, head of COGAT, said that "there was no need for this cargo. The same goods have been sent into Gaza over the past year on a regular basis. This proves that the entire sail was propagandist and provocative and had nothing to do with aid".

Meanwhile, a source told me that the dockside information extracted from the ships passengers, especially from the Marmara,  is proving to be a goldmine of intelligence linking Islamic organisations, personnel, and money trails, with so-called peace and human rights activists.

The Marmara Incident - The Verdict.

The ongoing implications of the Marmara incident refuse to lie down. The political storm is still raging. There is passion and rage on the streets, in the campus, and within the diplomatic community.

The organisers and financers of the flotilla hit on a win-win plan. Whatever the outcome they would be perceived as the winners. If they had succeeded in breaking the maritime siege on Gaza they would have won. If they were unable to do so, yet be seen as violently protesting the siege, they would be seen as brave peace campaigners opposed by the mighty Israel.
The best possible scenarios for Israel, that of taking control of the ships in a peaceful and ordely manner and bringing them into Ashdod, could be conisdered a draw. The protesters would have made a point, as would Israel. Game over - until the next convoy.

One thing was for sure. This was not a humanitarian mission. The main targets for the planners was to get to Gaza and embrace Hamas and, at the same time, embarrass Israel. The last thing on their minds were the people of Gaza.  The aid cargo was a blanket to cover a nefarious political and propaganda plot.

It was right for Israel to repeatedly warn the ships to change course. It was right to offer them harbour in Ashdod. It was right of  Israel to guarantee that all humanitarian aid would be transfered to the authorised crossing point into Gaza, under the watchful eye of the passengers. It was right, and within all recognised international laws, to take control of the ships once the warning were ignored.

Five of the smaller ships were taken over by the Israeli navy with little or no resistence. It was only on the Mavi Marmaris, containing most of the extremists including members of the notorious Turkish-based IHH, that violence erupted.
It was here that Israeli soldiers found themselves being beaten unconscious and thrown overboard, by a frenzied lynch mob.
One of the soldiers, interviewed from his hospital bed, blamed the rioters for the subsequent loss of life.
I do not blame the soliders for the violence or the deaths. They did not initiate the violence. The deaths were caused when the soldiers were forced to fight for their lives. Had they not done so several would have been killed by the mob for sure.
I do blame their officers who sent them on this mission badly equipped. Where was the tear gas? Where were the stun grenades? Where were the tazers?
I know the officers said they did not expect that peace activists to behave like a murderous lynching gang, but that only increases their impotence. They should have been ready for all eventualities. It would have been delightful had the soldiers been greeted with roses and a glass of champagne, but what did the commanding officers expect knowing that the Marmara contained members of an extreme Islamic organisation and suspect terrorists?
Amd so it turned out. Wrong equipment = diplomatic disaster.
Heads should roll  for putting our soldiers at risk unnecessarily and for the failure of not recognising the potential outcome.

Furthermore, the graphic film of descending soliders being dragged and beaten mercilessly by the mob was not released to the public for at least nine hours after the incident. This was an unforgiveable mistake by whoever gave the order to hold the video. Valuable time was lost during which Israel lost the information field to the extremists.
Opinion today of the incident would have been perceived as radically different if the first images would have been Israeli soldiers being clubbed and hurled overboard.
True, it would have portrayed israel as being vulnerable, but it would have gained sympathy for what we were doing, and the way we were going about it.
It would also have put the incident in its true sequence. Five ships had been taken over peacefully. The same intention was expected from the Marmara. An attempt was clearly seen to murder the soldiers who had no other option but to fight for their lives. The deaths of the protesters are regretable but patently they, themselves, were to blame for the violent provocation.
Instead, the breaking news was of a rising number of deaths coming to us out of a fog of disinformation.
For those trying to make the case for Israel, inded for the reporters wanting to get a handle on what was happening against a deadline, the holding back of valuable evidentiary proof of what actually transpired was an information and diplomatic disaster for Israel. Heads should roll for this incredible incompetence.

Israel is on the back foot when it could easily have been on the diplomatic attack.
It is too early to gauge but the biggest loser could well be the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians.
The whole aim of the troublesome convoy was to publicly express solidarity with Hamas-led Gaza. Win or lose, Hamas has gained and been strengthened from the incident, and Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, has been weakened.
It was no accident that the organisers and the Turkish Government were trying to create a naval link between Turkey and Hamas-controlled Gaza.  The connection was not through the authortised Palestinian authority in Ramallah, but directly to the Islamic Hamas regime in Gaza. Turkey and Hamas have a shared agenda.
The damage to the Abbas regime has repercussions that will badly damage future progress in the peace process.
Prime Minister Netanyahu had to cancel and important meeting with President Obama over the incident. The peace process was the foremost issue for discussion. That has now been set back.
The last thing that Mahmoud Abbas needs right now is for the world attention and sympathy to be highlighted on Gaza and Hamas.  He has discovered that his serious political rival is in cahoots not only with Iran but now with Turkey. He is viewed as the 'moderate' Palestinian voice, but he is losing ground fast to the radical Islamic extremists in Palestinian society.  Hardly a chemistry on which a solid peace agreement can be reached with Israel.

Turkey was the heart and soul of this operation. The Turkish Prime Minister, who has moved his country into the radical Islamic circle of nations, has beren the spiritual and political leader of the action. It is clear that most, if not all, of those who died were Turks. It will become apparent that they belonged to the radical Islamist group IHH, which is based in Turkey.
Rather than tone down the rhetoric, Erdogan has raised the heat with his emotive language and threats of future escalations against Israel.

The Marmara incident may be coming to a close, but the issue is not going to lose momentum.
Another ship, the provocatively named "Rachel Corrie", is sailing towards Gaza. How will Israel deal with this ship?
The Turkish Prime Minister is ready to inflame the region even further in support of Hamas. He is threatening to add his warships to the fleet.

Today, the Israeli Cabinet must grapple with this realistic future nightmare scenario. 
Aid ships may possibly be escorted by Turkish, or even Iranian, warships to Gaza. What can Israel do if faced with that situation? What are the options facing Israel in such an event?
Attack the warships, thereby sparkling a war with Turkey, or Iran?
Do nothing for fear of starting a war and, thereby, give this and other 'aid' convoys free access to Hamas with weapons and terrorists?
Appeal to NATO to impose a stand-off with the Turks, or Iran? Hardly.
Ask President Obama to threaten or face-off against the Turks, or Iran? Not likely.
Impose the United Nations Security Council to instruct Turkey, or Iran, to turn back? Forget it!

The answer is that the international diplomatic community will be as impotent as they have been over imposed Iranian sanctions. This leaves Israel once again alone to make the awful decisions and take the consequences, which will always be universal condemnation.