Tuesday 23 August 2011

Where were the Jews?

My attention was directed to a newspaper article that announced a large demonstration outside the Israeli Embassy in London the day after a number of Israelis were killed and many more injured by the combined venom of Palestinian terror and rocket attacks against southern Israel.

I expected to read that Britain's Zionist and Jewish organisations had rallied British Jewry to stand in support and solidarity with a Jewish state under siege. But no!

The picture was of Palestinian flags and placards being held by anti-Israel protesters. I assume that some of these activists were Jewish. Israelis were dying and these people had the pro-activism to condemn Israel. 
Certainly, there were no Israeli flags to be seen in the picture. I searched the internet expecting to see that there had been a turn out in support of Israel. Maybe, they were there but the press had, as usual, overlooked them? But no. Apparently the heads of the Jewish and Zionist bodies in Britain were below the barricades, or sleeping on the job!

As an Israeli, and one active in hasbara for Israel, I demand to know why the voice of British Jewry was not shouting out loud and clear as we were being attacked? If they weren't outside the Israeli Embassy, why weren't they outside the Palestinian diplomatic mission in London protesting Palestinian terror tactics against my country? Or don't they care enough to get up and become pro-active?

If I were a Jew in Britain, and cared for Israel, I would demand to know what these so-called pro-Israel professionals are doing? certainly, they are not hyper-active when it comes to moments of crisis for the Jewish state.

If these people can't do what they are paid to do, let them move over and allow other, fresher, and more dynamic people take over. 

As you can tell, I am one angry Israeli who is disgusted with the country of my origin - and glad to be out of there.