Thursday 27 September 2007

The Lies of Ahmadinajad (Part 2)

Ahamdinajad lies about women in Iran.

"The rights of all human beings should be respected!"

"Freedom in Iran is genuine freedom!"

"Women are respected in Iran!"

These are just three of the statements made by the Iranian President as he stood before the students of Columbia University.

They were not received by the laughter and jeers that met his remarks about Iran being a 'gay-free' country.
They were, however, equally untrue, and equally dangerous remarks.

Ahmadinajad criticised those who "violate individual freedoms in their own people."
Yet, very few tyrants violate individual freedoms in their country as much as Ahmadinajad and his religious cohorts in Iran.

Only women who have escaped the tyranical regime in Tehran can freely disclose the oppression suffered by women in this Islamic republic.
Family honor killings are justified according to Islamic Sharia law. But regional and state legislated public executions are also permitted against women.

In Iran, a man's indiscretions may go unpunished. But a woman's indicretions carry the risk of family killings or even state-ordered executions, including public stoning to death.

The attached picture depicts an Iranian woman being buried alive prior to being stoned to death as a standard Islamic religious practice in Iran.

The aim of Columbia University of inviting Ahmadinajad was nothing more than one-upmanship on other campuses. They claim it was done in the name of free speech. However, this exercise in academic ego will have dangerous repercusions inside Iran and in the region.

Giving him the stage, and a worldwide audience, has been a dangerous disservice to those who oppose this perverted petty dictator.
Allowing him the freedom of speech has played into the hands of state-run Iranian TV who can now edit his speech and falsely project this oppressive tyrant as a world statesman to his own people.

Columbia University has set back the internal revolt against this man's tyranny for many more years to come.

The Lies of Ahmadinajad (Part 1)

The Lies of Ahmadinajad (Part 1)

President of Iran, liar, murderer of Iranian women and boys, arch-terrorist, Ahmadinajad declared publicly, in his
disgraceful Columbia University address, that there are no homosexuals in Iran.

You know why ?

Because he hangs them all !

This picture shows two Iranian boys, aged 18 and 16, just prior to their execution.
Their only crime ? Being homosexual.
This execution took place in the Iranian city of Maashad.

Ahmadinajad is not only a gay-basher. He is a gay-murderer.

Expose Ahmadinajad for the lying, deceitful, murderer that he is…..

There is more to follow on the record of Ahmadinajad. His lies at Columbia, and at the United Nstions, will be exposed, piece by piece, in all their gruesome detail in The View from Here.

Barry Shaw
The View from Here

Wednesday 26 September 2007

Ahmadinajad adored..

Did you hear it at Columbia University during the UN "Invite a dictator" week?
No. Not the speech by President Ahmadinajad of Iran, the honored guest of this
revered hall of learning.

I mean the cheering that greeted his remarks. The applause in response to his pearls
of wisdom. The thrill when he invited Columbia students to come to Iran and visit his universities.

Yes. There was a moment of light humor when he denied that there were no homosexuals in Iran. The impressionisable students in the hall thought this was funny. An attempt at humor by this little runt.
He didn't tell them that gays are hanged in Iran. That wouldn't have gone down so well with the kids looking for another hot hero.

They seemed to take in the message that Iran was a progressive country which rewarded women with advancement.
Perhaps somebody needs to tell them that women are subject to honor killings, and have been known to be stoned to death for indiscretions.

True. Some students did not really believe him when he said that the Holocaust did not take place. But they are willing to buy his line that more research is needed into the subject. After all, what is higher education if not to advance the learning process? And, hey, maybe we'll discover that the Holocaust wasn't as bad after all.

The theory given by this little narrow-eyed dictator that Israel, together with America, is the root of all evil and must be eliminated was not greeted by boos, but by silence.

That's because it echoes the line being put by the liberal left in America, as they try to appease all the Muslims of the world that they feel have been offended by Bush.

So, hey, maybe this guy is right. Maybe we and Israel have gotten up the nose of all the peoples of the world, and we need to correct our wrongs - even if that means sacrificing Israel.
So let's hear it again for the little guy from Tehran!

The peanut brained students of Columbia and their envious brothers and sisters of Yale, Harvard, and all the other faculties of political correctness are feeling good today.
They have allowed someone from another world to come to their country and publicly shown why and how America is wrong.

I heard one girl student explain to a TV reporter that the only thing that she didn't agree with was his comments about the Holocaust. That's all. She did not question anything else that he had said. Or not said.

So three cheers for Ahmadinajad and Columbia for allowing free speech its day! They really showed the world that they are up for a reasoned dialogue with people who uphold a different world vision.

Didn't anyone tell these stupid students, headed by their idiotic, publicity or fund seeking leaders, as they applauded this dangerous petty dictator - soon to be with a nuclear missile - that this wasn't a dialogue.
It was a monologue - and there were many in the audience, and around the world, who watched his speech and bought into the line that Ahmadinajad was selling..

It wasn't the speech that upset me. It was the applause.

Friday 21 September 2007

A Hostile Entity.

So now Israel is getting it in the neck for declaring the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip a hostile entity.
Israel is being aggressive and provocative, they say. It's a declaration of war, said Hamas.
Well let me throw some light in the darkness of this particular tunnel. No. Not the tunnels that Hamas have been digging to smuggle weapons, explosives, and terrorists from Egypt into their territory. I mean the darkness of the tunnel of ignorance that makes intelligent people blind.

Let's go back a bit in time. Israel withdrew it's forces from the Gaza Strip. They not only withdrew their forces. They also physically removed tens of thousands of civilians who had made the desert bloom, had brought employment to Israelis and to Palestinians, had developed beautiful villages and townships, and handed over to the Palestinians a profitable infrastructure for them to begin to develop their future state.

Israel separated from the Gaza Strip. The Gaza Strip is NOT occupied territory.

What did the Palestinian population do with this gift? They destroyed it.
They brought in tractors and bulldozers and leveled the agricultural facilities left for them to grow their vegetables. They converted schools into terrorist training camps. They burned down and destroyed the synagogues.
They dig tunnels to import money, weapons, explosives, and to smuggle Palestinians for terrorist training in Iran. They have launched terrorist raids. including suicide attacks into Israel. They have kidnapped Gilad Shalit who is still being held hostage in Gaza.

Worse still, they used the fields to fire rockets into Israel. Thousands of Kassam rockets have been fired into Israel. Over seven hundred have been launched this year alone. Fifteen Israelis have been killed as a result of this rain of rockets.

Despite this relentless and obsessive violence against Israel, these Palestinians who elected a terrorist organisation to lead them, insist that Israel continue to provide them with electricity, water, medical attention, and to allow them freedom of passage to visit their family in Israel.

Where in the world, when in history, did an enemy launch a war against another nation yet insist that the victim give them power supplies, feed them, and answer all their medical and humanitarian needs?

This, to me, is like an abusive and violent husband who constantly beats his wife. The wife applies and receives a divorce. Yet the violent husband continues to abuse his ex-wife.
Or, as someone put it to me more crudely, it's like someone comes and craps on your doorstep and then knocks on your door and demands that you give him toilet paper.
There are people in this world that would insist that we not only give him toilet paper, but that we also give him a cup of coffee and, if we don't, we will be committing a crime against humanity.

Enough of this bullshit.
Since we withdrew from Gaza the Palestinians have pursued us with increasing violence.
They try to blow up the power station, yet insist that we continue to provide them with the electricity supply they are trying to destroy.
They try to kill us, yet insist that we give their ill or wounded proper medical attention.
They close the Erez crossing, yet insist we continue to supply foodstuffs and other goods.
They wanted an end to the occupation. They got it. They wanted us to go back to 1967. In the Gaza Strip they got it. Yet they continue their hate and violence against us instead of developing as a peaceful neighbour.

In Gaza there is not only a border with the Zionist enemy. There is also a border with their Arab neighbour - Egypt. Egypt, and all the other Arab countries, protest how much they support the aspirations of the poor Palestinians.
Fine! Let them. Let the Palestinians approach all these rich Arab countries for help and support
if their condition is so bad.

If it is possible for Egypt to allow thousands of tons of explosives, weapons, manpower, and money to pass from Egypt to the Gaza Strip through the border crossing and through the tunnels, it should be possible for Egypt to supply them with electricity and with water, and allow the poor Palestinians into Egypt to receive medical attention.

As long as whoever is in charge of the Palestinian population declares that they want to dstroy the Zionist enemy, as long as Palestinians vote for these terrorists who wish to kill Israelis and destroy my country, they will be perceived as a hostile entity.

Makes sense to me.

Thursday 20 September 2007

Something more serious than life and death..

Usually this blog will deal with matters of survival and life and death.
Occasionally, we will deal with matters more serious than that. Football, for instance.
That's soccer to all our American readers.

If there is one thing that will distract Israelis from the vital daily dose of danger and
gorgeous Israeli girls (the latest image remake for our Ministry of Tourism), it's football.

One wife berated her husband who was glued to his TV screen during the recent Israel-England game.
"Sometimes I think you love the Israeli football team more than you love me!"
Without looking up from the screen he retorted, "I love the England team more than I love you!"

Israelis do have a passion for football, and they idolise the English Premier league.
Israeli players, such as Yosi Benayoun and Tal Ben Haim, and young Ben Saar, have found success in England, playing for teams such as Liverpool, Bolton, and Chelsea.
Recently, Avram Grant, the ex-Israeli national team manager, was invited to join Chelsea as Director of Football by the owner, Roman Abramovitch, much to the distaste of manager, Jose Mourinho.

Now, following poor results from Chelsea, the charismatic Mourinho has left this leading football club under a cloud, and Israeli manager, Avram Grant, has been given the chance to prove himself big time.

Yom Kippur is a time of contemplation and 'heshbon nefesh', soul searching.
Avram Grant will be using this weekend to take stock of his new opportunity. He faces a daunting task and will need to pray real hard.

Grant will hardly have time to break his fast before planning the Chelsea line-up for their vital Sunday game against the mighty Manchester United at the famous Old Trafford stadium.

For Grant this may feel like a second circumcision. Facing an upbeat and rampant United with a depleted Chelsea squad, despondent about their failing early season results will be as painful, for Grant, as a 'brit mila'.

Grant may be Abramovich's favoured man for the job but Abramovich wants results and, if Grant cannot deliver, he will quickly follow Mourinho out of the door at Chelsea.

Thursday 13 September 2007

The View from Here

Subject: Syria's nuclear target.

Immediately after Israel's 6th September aerial intrusion into Syria it was clear that a sensitive target had been attacked.

What was strange was the news blackout. Both from the Israeli and the Syrian side.

Syria has been expressing it's anger and has threatened to bring Israel to the Security Council of the U.N. But, to do so, Syria will be required to submit details and evidence of their charges against Israel – and that they do not want to do. Why? What are they hiding?

Israel is keeping tight-lipped about what happened in early September. Clearly their aerial attack, possibly backed with elite ground troops, went after a specific target that the Israeli military deemed to be hot. It was a target that the Syrians do not like admitting that they possess.

It is likely that the target was a secret nuclear facility in the northern part of Syria. Although information has not been forthcoming, and Israel has not admitted any action, Syria and Iran received a clear message from this Israeli attack.

Facts relating to the reasons for the Coalition war against Sadaam Hussein's regime have also been in short supply.

Claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction have been refuted and leading politicians have been denounced for using this as the reason to launch the assault against the Iraqi regime.

However, it is known in Israeli intelligence circles that most of Sadaam's chemical and biological stockpiles found its way into Syria. Over the years, Israel has been keeping an eye on the import of nuclear materials and equipment supplied to Syria by the North Koreans.

Evidence is shrouded in secrecy. However, something major prompted Israel to act last week. The result has been that the top Israeli echelon have been smiling this week, while the Syrians have been hopping mad.

Barry Shaw
The View from Here