Thursday 19 March 2015

Why Herzog lost.

One of the reasons that the Zionist Union of Herzog/Livni dropped from a lead of 4 points to lose the election was because they ran a campaign of "We or them" without explaining to the Israeli public who "We" were.

They failed to bring in candidates representing the "We" of Israeli society. No kippa-wearing people. No Russian or prominent Anglo or French immigrants. No people from the periphery of Israeli society.

The "We" became alien, unrepresentative of the majority of the Israeli voting public.

The Herzog/Livni camp ran a campaign of fear of Bibi, while Bibi ran a campaign of fear of a nuclear Iran. The voters bought Bibi's message, not Herzog's.  Zionist Union campaign manager, Reuven Adler, who inherited this fear slogan, admitted after the defeat that he disliked this strategy from the beginning.

The ugly Israeli media won the election for Bibi.
For a month, the Israeli media, with outside help, mounted an ugly campaign against Benjamin Netanyahu. Everything was permissible in this effort to bring him down. Defending Israel in Congress was considered a sin. Speaking up against the Iranian nuclear deal was considered ‘fear-mongering.’

The left-wing media went after Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, accusing them both of living an extravagant life style. Everything was fair game. This despite the fact that former Labour Prime Minister, Shimon Peres, was shown to have maintained the presidential residence at a considerably greater cost to the tax payer than the prime minister’s household.

The personal attacks were headed by Noni Moses, the owner of the Yediot Achronot newspaper and online social media, but other media outlets joined in the hunt against Bibi, his wife and household.

One highlight of the hate campaign was their success in staging a primetime televised press conference with a worker at the Bibi household with two lawyers throwing who threw petty accusations against Bibi's wife during the height of the election campaigning.

The Herzog/Livni message regarding a peace process with the Palestinians was confusing. While Herzog stated that Israel’s security border would be the Jordan River the Israeli public was sufficiently savvy to realize that no current Palestinian leader would accept Israeli security presence on their territory post Palestinian state agreement. Livni spoke about east Jerusalem as being part of Israel’s eastern border, but few Israelis accept an eastern border being in the streets and alleyways of the nation’s capital.

Amos Yadlin, touted to be the Zionist Union candidate for Defense Minister, spoke of a three-tier proposal for peace. This relied on initial direct negotiations with the Palestinians before reaching out to the regional Sunni Arab states when these talks collapse, or run into difficulties. Then, with the failure, appeal to the international community that Israel would not be to blame for yet another breakdown in negotiations with a rejectionist Palestinian leadership.

Clearly the Israeli public found the Zionist Union unconvincing on security. Neither did the ZU convince voters they would handle the economy any better than Bibi.
Herzog recruited Professor Trachtenberg into his ranks with the promise that he would be his Finance Minister. Herzog, however, expressed his readiness to give this post to Moshe Kachlon, who headed the Kulanu party, as part of his potential coalition. Knowing that Bibi would also give this ministry to Kachlon, the voters felt they had a better world with Bibi stronger on security as Prime Minister partnered with Kachlon, who had a convincing record of economic reforms in the past Knesset.

The intervention of an army of Obama presidential campaigners, hiding behind the State Department sponsored One Voice NGO, landing into Tel Aviv annoyed the Israeli voter and rebounded against Herzog as the country renounced the foreign interference into the election process under the V15 banner of ‘Anyone but Bibi.’

The Israeli public was so offended by the negative campaigning that they swung behind a leader they saw as being victimized for being strong for Israel.

They were so affected by the ugly media that they overturned a 4 seat deficit to a 6 point victory. The intense negativity rebounded against a left-wing media and the Herzog party. 

The media will find it hard, if not impossible, to recover from the damage and loss of trust by a public upon which they depend for their living.

Meanwhile, Herzog and Livni are confined to the Knesset opposition benches, and Netanyahu will be in power long after Obama vacates the White House.

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Lessons from the Israeli national elections.

Israel went to bed understanding that their elections had produced a dead-heat between the two major parties, but woke up in the morning to the surprising news that the official polling numbers showed a resounding victory for the Likud party and a personal triumph and vindication for the tough security stance of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Clearly the professional pollsters got it badly wrong. For them, it’s back to the drawing board.

The elections were also a slap in the face of President Obama’s history of insulting Israel’s Prime Minister and for his campaign team’s interference in Israel’s domestic election process.

It was a total rejection of Jewish American and British left-wing progressive sedition into the political process here in Israel. The anti-Bibi campaign had been funded by wealthy Jewish millionaires as well as the State Department. Recently, influential elements in Britain have been working to undermine the reputation and needs of the Jewish state.

In these elections the people of Israel have spoken out boldly against JStreet in America and Yachad in Britain.

These elections were a clear referendum of the views of the Israeli public to the Obama and EU push for an Iranian nuclear deal and also a rejection of the creation of a threatening Palestinian state at this time.

It was a wake-up call to both Obama and the European nations to take a long hard look at the Palestinian leadership and understand why Israelis cannot accept the notion of surrendering territory to the present Fatah and Hamas terrorist leadership who together constitute a dangerous Jew-hating regime.

As the premise of my new book ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism’ points out, it is insufficient for European politicians to say they will fight anti-Semitism in their own countries while encouraging its development among the Palestinians and in the broader Muslim world.

It was a also warning to the Obama Administration to heed Netanyahu’s words to Congress and to step back from the brink of granting a dangerous Iran access to any enriched uranium as Tehran develops their long-range missile capability.

And to the BDS Movement, the campus agitators, and the other anti-Israel boycott supporters, I remind them that the Arab party came third in the Israeli national elections. Not only that, but the chairman presiding over the Israeli election process. Justice Salim Joubran, is an Israeli Arab.
How’s that for an apartheid state?

So, just as a Netanyahu-led government must reform Israel’s domestic economy, so must the White House and the European Union reform their views on Iran and the dysfunctional Palestinian leadership if they truly wish for a better world.

Barry Shaw is the author of 'Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism.'

Monday 16 March 2015

The Five Stones of Truth by Barry Shaw.

1 Samuel 17:40 "Then he took his staff in his hand, chose five smooth stones from the stream, put them in the pouch of his shepherd’s bag and, with his sling in his hand, approached the Philistine."

Two armies faced each other more than two millennium ago. The Israelites were retreating from the advancing Philistines. The two armies took their last stand on opposing hilltops in readiness for the final decisive battle. The odds favored the Philistines. Dividing them was the Valley of Elah in Judea. Today, some call it part of the West Bank. This is important because, in this tale, you will hear the echoes of history resound in today’s world.

Conditions favored the Philistines. The Israelites were led by a weak king. Strategically, the tailwind seemed to be with the Philistines who taunted the retreating Jewish people who were fearful and unwilling to head into another losing battle that they knew was facing them. Their land, their kingdom, was in jeopardy of being lost forever.

Each day the Philistines sent their most potent weapon down into the valley to insult and challenge the legitimacy of the Israelites. A giant named Goliath was their representative, their perceived strength. Nobody on the Israelite side was prepared to face the challenge until a boy stepped forward. David, a young shepherd boy from Bethlehem, had walked the fifteen miles to join the Jewish army facing the advancing Philistine enemy. He saw that nobody was willing to take up the challenge of defying them, so he walked down into the valley armed with nothing more than a slingshot.

The enemy burst out laughing when they saw this single figure of a lad step forward to take on their impressive figurehead. The boy waded into a nearby stream and took out five smooth stones. He armed his slingshot, whirled it round his head, and hurled the first stone at the enemy’s hero. It struck the middle of the giant’s forehead. Goliath fell to the ground, dead.

The Philistines were stunned into silence and shock. The Jewish army, amazed at the simple act of initiative from this young courageous boy, advanced confidently on the enemy and routed them from the battlefield. They saw that the perceived invincibility of the Philistines was built on nothing more than a clumsy giant without substance.

The story has great relevance today. The powerful narrative of today’s Philistines, the Palestinians, is built without substance. It can be brought down with a handful of smooth stones - the stones of truth, legitimacy, courage, heritage, and values. All it takes is one person with conviction and the knowledge to courageously go out armed with the weapons of the five stones and face the fraudulent giant, knowing that he represents nothing but lies and deception.

Learn the factual legitimacy of Israel. Research the events of San Remo and the League of Nations Resolution of 1922. Read what actually happened to the United Nations Resolution 181 that failed to make it into the statute books, to realize that the Palestinian narrative has no basis in fact or law.

The five stones must be held firmly in the hands of Israel, as firmly as they were held in the hands of David so many years ago.

With these simple weapons, the five stones of rights, justice, truth, facts and history, it is possible for Israel to gain the high moral ground and leave the enemy in disarray.

Barry Shaw is the author of ‘Israel Reclaiming the Narrative.’
His new book ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism’ has just been released.

Thursday 12 March 2015

Whose getting the better deal - Iran or the world?

Whose getting the better deal out of the nuclear deal - Iran, or the world?
Here are the facts;
Iran gets:
• $3 billion cash
• $9.6 billion gold
• $5+ billion in petrochemicals
• $1.3 billion in automobiles
• Enriched uranium for one bomb
• 3,000 new centrifuges
• 1 plutonium reactor
The world gets:
• Zero centrifuges dismantled
• Zero ounces of uranium shipped out
• Zero facilities closed
• No delay on plutonium reactor
• No stop in missile testing
• No stop in terrorism
• No stop in human rights abuses

We are the suckers, out-negotiated by the Persian champions of bazaar trading.

Google Fact-checking claims on the nuclear deal with Iran verified by Jacques Krige Project Management cc, South Africa.

Monday 9 March 2015

The Idiot President.

I’m going to tell you the truth, and the thing about the truth is that it sticks in your head forever.

This is it – the American President is an idiot. In fact, he’s a dangerous idiot.

Now I’ll tell you why;

When it comes to fighting the spreading cancer of radical Islamic terror that is choking the whole of the Middle East and much of Africa the American President has said he sees himself as a big town mayor fighting local crime. That’s idiotic!

He sees ISIS, Al-Qaida, Boko Haram and other groups as rival gangs as in West Side Story, not butchering terrorists as in East Side Nightmare. The idiot!

A year ago, the American President called the Islamic State army, that now controls vast swathes of Iraq, Syria, Libya and Nigeria, a junior varsity team. Some JV team! Some idiot!

When Jews were targeted for death in a kosher deli he said they were folks randomly shot. The idiot!

When twenty one Coptic Christians were beheaded on a Libyan beach for no other reasons except they were Christian, and he called them ‘citizens,’ he’s an idiot.

When he reports the beheading of an American journalist, and then heads of to play golf, he’s an idiot.

The world sees Iran as a messianic regime sponsoring regional and global terror attacks and feverishly trying to get their hands on a nuclear weapon as part of their apocalyptic dream, yet the American President is ready to cut them some slack and make them a central strategic player in the region. The idiot!

The American President sends his Secretary of State around the Arab countries to explain to them what’s in the nuclear agreement with Iran, but he won’t send him to Israel, the number one target for an Iranian nuclear attack. That’s infinitely worse than being an idiot!

The US-led coalition will not partner with Assad in the fight against ISIS because Assad kills his own people. But the American President will partner with Iran to hit ISIS, even as Iran kills its own people. Go figure!

Now, having read this, I’m sure I’m going to hear that the President is a genius and I’m the idiot. OK, so if I’m the idiot, at least I’m not a dangerous idiot. But if he’s a genius, he’s a dangerous genius. Either way, you lose.

Come to think of it, we all lose.

Barry Shaw is the author of the new book ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism.’

Thursday 5 March 2015

Who needs Israel? Let’s be honest, the world does.

 “I see the world gradually being turned into a wilderness. I hear the approaching thunder, which will destroy us too.
I can feel the sufferings of millions and yet, if i look up into the heavens, I think that this cruelty too will end, and that peace and tranquility will return again.”

Anne Frank wrote those words, a young Jewish girl killed by a radical ideology linked to Jew-hatred.

Sadly there are too many Anne Franks in the world today, being killed by radical ideologies liked to Jew-hatred.

We in Israel, the Jews of Europe, and Christians in Muslim lands live, and die, in a dangerous and uncertain world, and none of us are getting the help or support we need from the secular democracies.

I truly believe that Anne Frank speaks for us as we approach dramatic and historic crossroads in world events.

Today, our prime minister pleads with an appeasing world to stop giving in to a nuclear Iran, and he’s insulted for it.

Today, the world fails to adequately challenge the emergence of a rampant Islamic radicalism bent on a global caliphate. In fact, the world closes down speech on this burning issue.

Today, the world is ready to force on Israel an ill-defined Palestine that doesn’t recognize our right to exist as the Jewish State.

We see the world being turned into a wilderness.  We hear the approaching thunder which will destroy us if we do not act.

Our enemies have said, as did the enemy of Anne Frank, that they intend to destroy us – Iran, Islamic State, the Palestinians.

We live in a part of the world surrounding by countries whose norms disgust us. We see a cruel inhumanity with all three – Iran, Islamic State, the Palestinians.

Sadly, we see the darkness of evil made darker by a gutless global leadership.

As Jews, we feel the suffering of millions, and we look to the world’s leadership and find them weak, fearful, appeasing.

Israel must stand strong and shine the bright light of courage to lighten a once enlightened world against the forces of evil that will surely eradicate us if left unchallenged and unchecked.
The world is increasingly being led by a new breed of limp secular progressives, fresh out of their campus dorms, with strange ideas of ‘let’s all just get along and do nothing.’

They are deniers of evil. They are the apologists and appeasers who are mocked and scorned by those who want to destroy us and our way of life.

They are scared of using the right words. They are too frightened to take direct action against a terror that dare not speak its name.

By their loss of words, and by their lack of action, they aid the enemy by diluting the reality of who they are, ignoring what they stand for, what they are doing, and why they are doing it.  

So let’s have the courage, and the honesty, to call it for what it is.

There are religious genocides today against Jews and against Christians by Muslim ideologists in a battle of domination within Islam.

Israel is in the eye of the storm, and Israel is the fulcrum of the enlightened world in this apocalypse.
But the enlightened world is blind to the tragedies being played out in front of our eyes.
The enlightened world is deaf to the cries of those being raped, tortured and slaughtered.
And the enlightened world is dumb, unable to call out and stop this global blood-letting.

Why is it that a public demonstration against liberal democratic Israel can draw thousands - but there has not been one public demonstration against radical Islam’s slaughter of Yazidis, Kurds, Christians, women and children. Not one!

Why am I, an Israel Jew, seemingly the only one to shout out to an enlightened world to demand that they act affirmatively to stop this evil and to stand on the right side of justice?

The world is sick.   Intolerance and rejection of liberal democratic Judeo-Christian values, the one thing that keeps us sane, are on the rampage across the Middle East and Africa whether by Al-Qaida, Islamic State, Hezbollah, Hamas, Boko Haram, and the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority.

And yet, the world picks on Israel. It’s madness!

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men not to recognize evil.

We saw that with Chamberlain and Hitler. We see it with Obama and Iran, and with Obama and Islamic State. We see it with the Europeans and the rejectionist, anti-Semitic Palestinians, and we see it with an impotent world and the march of radical Islam worldwide.

It disturbs me when western leaders deliberately avoid naming, shaming and acting against terrorism.
I accuse them of playing cynical and deadly politics.
I accuse them of doing it to cover up for their failed policies
Or, even worse, adopting policies that endanger the world.

It’s contained in the words they use.

When the jihadists attacked Paris, President Obama said the Jews killed in a kosher store were ‘just a bunch of folks in a deli who were randomly shot.’

This was orchestrated further when the State Department said the victims did not share any common background or nationality.

Obama called the 21 Coptic Christians beheaded by Islamic State in Libya ‘Egyptian citizens.’

So, by taking the Jew out of the Jew and the Christian out of the Christian, he makes horrible acts of targeted terror Into some anonymous random act of violence and, by doing so, he denies the uniqueness of the horror.

In a sense, it is a modern form of pre-holocaust denial.

And while Israel sees the Islamic Republic of Iran’s determined chase for a nuclear weapon as part of their declared aim to annihilate the Jewish state in the name of an Islamic messianic cause, the Obama Administration is equally determined to give them some slack on the pretext of making this terror-state into a new strategic partner in the region.  

What madness is this?

Iran is the sponsor of Hamas, Hezbollah, Assad in Syria, and the proxy regime that has just taken over Yemen. The same Iran blew up the Israeli embassy in Argentina before killing  almost a hundred Jews for being Jews at the Buenos Aires Jewish center. It’s the same Iran that blew up 242 US marines and 58 French troops in the Beirut bombing of 1983.

What is it with this president?

If the Iranian nuclear agreement is such a great deal why isn't Obama sharing its details with Israel?  What is he hiding? After all, it’s Israel’s neck on the block.

Obama claims he has our back.  It sure as hell feels that’s where he is sticking the knife, doesn’t it?

But back to words, terrorism, and a world turned upside down. 

Palestinian terrorist Leila Khaled hijacked a TWA plane in 1969 on route from Rome to Athens. A year later, she attempted to hijack another plane. In this attempt she was knocked unconscious as she tried to rush the cockpit while holding hand grenades while the plane was in mid flight.

In February,  Khaled was invited to South Africa by the BDS Movement to help in their fund-raising activities. 
You know BDS is a bankrupt organization when they have to recruit terrorists to help them raise money.

In South Africa, they didn't call her a terrorist. They called her a freedom fighter.

Worse still, the South African government received this convicted Palestinian terrorist as an honored guest at their parliament, the same parliament that calls us an apartheid state.

Khaled is a senior leader of the PFLP. This is the terror group responsible for the cruel murders of many Israeli civilians, including the Fogel family.

In the middle of the night, PFLP terrorists entered the Fogel home, knifed the parents to death
 before stabbing the small children aged 11 and 4 and beheading the 3 month old baby in their beds.

Khaled’s PFLP was also responsible for the massacre of four rabbis and a Druze policeman at a synagogue in Jerusalem last November when they attacked Jews at prayer with hatchets, meat cleavers and a rifle.

Khaled’s group called them ‘heroes’.  Mahmoud Abbas paid his condolences to the families of the murderers.

PFLP are not freedom fighters. They are terrorists.
Hezbollah are not freedom fighters. They are terrorists.
Hamas are not freedom fighters. They are terrorists.

For a country like South Africa to call a hijacking and murdering Palestinians anything else but terrorists is dangerous.
It gives legitimacy to murderers.

In February and March, on campuses in South Africa and in the West, they organize that annual ritual of farce and fraud known as ‘Israel Apartheid Week.’

They employ an emotive misuse of words designed to demonize and delegimize israel - Israel the apartheid state, Israel the Nazi state, Israel the ethnic cleansing state, Israel the racist state, Israel the illegal occupier.

Meanwhile, Israel Apartheid Week and BDS support a Jew-free Palestine.

Isn't that a little racist, isn't that ethnic cleansing, isn't that Nazi, isn't that illegal?

They’re acting to force this Jew-free Palestine onto Israel, and they are supported in this effort by European parliaments, trades unions and certain church groups. Isn't that anti-Semitic?
It’s certainly hypocritical.

In South Africa ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ is endorsed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the South African Council of Churches.
I repeat again what I told them two years ago, and faced with what is happening across Africa and the Middle East to Christians today, my words have even more relevance today.
So this is addressed to you Archbishop and to all church leaders and campaigners that strike at Israel…

Show me a country, just one country north of Johannesburg, including the whole of Africa and the whole of the Middle East from Algeria to Afghanistan, from Iraq to Iran, from Syria to
Sudan, one country that can be called the Rainbow Nation, and that country can only be Israel.
Israel is the only country in the Middle East and much of Africa in which the Christian population is growing. 

And as for the human rights groups that target Israel, Israel is the only country in the Middle East where gays are not stigmatized or killed.

Gays for Gaza? Give me a break! If you’re a gay in Gaza you either stay in your closet, fearful for your life, or you escape to Tel Aviv.

As the Chief Rabbi of South Africa said, the world has lost its moral clarity, and it has lost the principled distinction between good and evil which are the bedrock of human civilization.
Nowhere is that highlighted more than in the distorted image being hurled against Israel.

Words matter.   Words define between good and evil. And Israel is being demonized and delegitimized by the misuse of words – deliberately or inadvertently, it doesn't matter.

The misinterpretation of words drove Jews from society in Nazi Europe and to their deaths.
It began with insults, it led to commercial and academic boycotts, it led to Jews trying to flee Europe, it led to personal violence and occasional murders - and then it led to something much worse.

Does any of this sound terribly familiar to you?

It begins with words.  People ignored the words of Hitler’s speeches and his ‘Mein Kampf,’ words that led to the death of Anne Frank.

People are ignoring the words of Palestinian Hamas in their media and in their infamous charter.  Words like, ‘Oh Muslim! There’s a Jew hiding behind me. Come out and kill him!’

No. I’m not an islamophobe. Neither is this Jewish paranoia. After thousands of years of Jewish persecution, we dare not wait until they spill Jewish blood before we are allowed to point at the perpetrators and call them anti-Semites.

Our instincts are sharper now. We know now, as Jews, that if someone tells us they intend to kill us we’d better believe him – and that, President Obama, applies to the messianic terrorist Mullahs of Tehran.

I recently visited Berlin. I went to Bebelplatz. This was the place where, under the orders and presence of Josef Goebels, the Germans ransacked the national library and burnt 20,000 books, books written by Jews, books about Jews, burnt in Bebelplatz square. It was the start of Kristalnacht.

In that square today there is a bronze plaque on the ground. It has a quotation by German philosopher Heinrich Heine written in 1823, 110 years before Kristalnacht, 190 years before today. It says,

“Where they burn books they eventually burn people.”

It is happening again.  And the only reason they are not burning Jews is because the Jews befell an earlier misfortune of being beaten, killed and driven out of these Muslim lands. They found refuge here in Israel, the Jewish state.

So they are burning and beheading Christians instead – and also Muslims in their battle for Islamic domination.

If the world fails to find its moral compass, as it failed to do so in Munich with Chamberlain and Hitler, we Jews will once again face an evil determined to kill us, to burn us, to destroy us.

We Jews face a world that’s eager to demonize and delegitimize us just as they did in Nazi Europe, just as they did in the Spanish Inquisition, just as they did at the dawn of Islam.

Even the most altruistic souls are turning on Israel today.
They include the thousands of human rights and social justice NGOs.
A recent trial in New York convicted the Palestinian authority on multiple terrorism charges brought by American victims of Palestinian terror. It raises a couple of pertinent points.
One is that Israeli terror victims have yet to have their day in court. The fact that they have yet to face their Palestinian and Hezbollah killers is a blot on our society, and I speak as one of the co-founders of the Netanya Terror Victims Organization.

Decades have passed and Israeli terror victims’ rights to justice has been ignored. This is wrong.

Related to this, where are all those human rights activists, and those ‘Justice in the Middle East’ advocates to whom the Israel-Palestinian conflict is their sole pre-occupation?

For years, they have been supporting the Palestinian side in attempting to bring human rights charges against Israel.

Now that the Palestinian Authority has been found guilty of terrorism in a public court why are they suddenly so silent?

Why are they not supporting justice and human rights for the injured Israeli victims of Palestinian terror?

If this is their cause, the cause to which they receive massive funding from European governments and other sources, why aren't they living up to their principles and acting to obtain justice for our victims of Palestinian terror?

Where is Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International? Or B’tselem, Gisha or Breaking the Silence here in Israel?

It seems when it comes to Israeli human rights & justice they’re not so willing to break the silence.

They don’t even mention the trial, or the verdict. Why? Does Palestinian guilt embarrass these Israeli human rights NGOs?

Truth be told, they've been on a mission of falsehood against Israel ever since 2001 and the infamous UN Durban Conference on Human Rights at which they declared ‘Zionism is racism.’

They have been aiding and abetting forces determined to eliminate Israel by terror, violence, boycotts and other means and, when they pick on Israel, and only Israel, for their hate and venom, that is anti-Semitism, and I don’t care if your name is Hamas, Mahmoud Abbas, the BDS movement, the French ambassador who called Israel ‘that shitty little country,’ Archbishop Tutu and his replacement theology, or even the Israeli NGOs that act against Israel.

Who said you can’t be Jewish and also be anti-Semitic?  With our Jewish genius, we even do that infinitely better than the goyim.

In the end, it’s not about Israel or Jews at all. It is the way they practice thought in today’s twisted and dangerous world.

So stop for a second and imagine a world without Israel and the enormous contribution that this tiny Jewish state has given to an unappreciative, hostile, and cynical world, and then go further and look at the Middle East and Africa. Look at their deplorable living standards, their ideologies and attitudes, their intolerance to those who dare disagree with them. Imagine what our world would look like if our enemies succeed.

Who would rather live in Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, or a Palestinian Hamastan?

Who needs Israel?

Let’s be honest – the world does.

Barry Shaw is the author of ‘Israel Reclaiming the Narrative.’  He is also the author of ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism.’ Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.