Friday 13 March 2009

Sleepy Malmo is a cauldron of Islamic Jihad.

I once visited the sleepy, leafy, Swedish town of Malmo. I was there for a sporting event. I was representing Israel. My presence there did not create a stir. It was an international running event. I disappeared down the field and returned home anonymously but with pleasant memories of an attractive, if boring, peaceful city.

The Malmo of 2009 is not as quiet, or attractive, any more. Not if you are Israeli. Or a Jew. Or a caring natural Swede.

The shocking, and rapid, take over of this town by an influx of radical Muslims has changed the landscape - and not for the better.
Backed by anarchists and leftists, they are making their presence felt - and it is not a pretty sight.

Take a good look at the video. Look at what appeasement, dressed as multiculturalism, leads to when you lay down your own traditions and principles, and adopt neutrality in accepting people into your presence who have absolutely no desire to accept the tolerant society you offered them.

When it is too late. When you see that they have taken over the agenda in your town, your country, what do you do then?

Don't just look at Malmo and shake your head in dismay. This is happening in your town. In your country....

...And what are you doing about it?

Monday 9 March 2009

The free world rewards terror.

Why are the influential leaders in the free world so blindly stupid when it comes to tackling to rise of Islamic radicalism in their midst?

From local to national to international levels of decision making it is staggering how they constantly get it wrong.
As an example, in sport the Malmo organisers of the Davis Cup match between Sweden and Israel decided to hold the event in an empty stadium. They were under threat of violence from anti-Israel protesters led by an aggressive Muslim campaign to have the tournament banned.
The result was a surprising victory for Israel. The Swedes, who were the strong favourites to win this important match were doubtless affected by the silence of the empty seats instead of being raucously cheered on by their local fans.

This politically tinged event was not as serious as the terror attack against the Sri Lankan cricket team in Islamic Pakistan. However, as a result of this terror attack, the International Cricket Council plans to meet in Dubai to discuss the location of future international cricket matches. That's Dubai, the country that banned Israeli tennis player, Shahar Peer, from competing in a WTA tournament in their country.
Maybe the best idea is for the ICC to locate all future cricket matches to Malmo and prevent the public from watching the games.

In Britain, radical Muslims are allowed to take to the streets with chants of 'Death to Jews' yet a Dutch politician is banned from entering the country even when he was being invited to make a private presentation to the House of Lords of the growing threat of radical Islam.

One Muslim member of the distinguished house had intimidated the political decision makers with the threat of recruiting ten thousand angry Muslims if Geert Wilder was allowed into the country.

Maybe it will take the gruesome murder of a prominent personality in the streets of London, as happened in Holland with the murder of Theo van Gogh in 2004 by a radical Muslim, to wake them up. Apparently, the July 7 terror attacks in London did not do the trick.

Throughout Europe, and increasingly in the States, the wolves are in the sheep pen. The problem is that the blind shepherd is behaving as if they are sheep.
He is telling you that he can see and knows what he is doing but, clearly, he doesn't.

Even the upcoming European Song Contest is not immune from stupidity and bias. Well, we all know the political bias from the traditional scoring given to third rate songs. Greece will give twelve points to Cyprus and Cyprus will give twelve points to Greece, all the Scandinavian countries will share the points between them, etc, etc.

The Israeli song will be sung by Achinoam Nini, known as Noa, and Mira Awad, and Israeli Arab singer. The song is called 'There must be a better way', a sentiment strongly felt by the majority of Israelis, both Jewish and Arab.

One would think that this is a positive message in line with Western thinking, but you would be wrong.
Israel's appearance is yet another opportunity of attacking the country. Voices are rising that this is just a cynical ploy of Israel by attempting to portray a human face when their policies are brutal and inhumane. After all, look at what they did in Gaza.

Which brings me to the serious part of this article.

Recently leaders of the free world joined Arab leaders in Sharm-el-Sheikh and agreed to donate the enormous sum of 4.4 billion dollars to the Palestinians of Gaza.
This weepy-eyed and generous donation by many of the free world leaders answers their innocent souls. They have been duped into believing the false propaganda of a slaughter of innocents by those nasty Israelis.
This huge contribution for the reconstruction of Gaza was taken in the hope that such a gesture would lead to a future of peace and tranquility borne out of the weight of such an impressive funding for the Palestinians.

They ignored the fact that while Tony Blair was visiting a United Nations school in Beit Hanoun in the Gaza Strip, the schoolchildren of Ashkelon were prevented from going to school following yet another Hamas rocket attack that damaged one of the local schools.

The Bush Administration insisted, years ago, that they wanted the Palestinians to show that democracy works in the Arab world. So what did they do? They voted an Islamic terror organisation into power.

Of course, members of the free world immediately refused to meet or negotiate with Hamas.
After all, it is a terror organisation that has refused to back down from terror tactics and continues to declare its aim is to destroy the Jewish State.
Clearly you can't deal with such a regime. Clearly Hamas must not touch one dollar of the 4.4 billions that is coming to the Palestinians.

Tell me. Are these leaders stupid, blind, or incompetent?

Maybe somebody should let them know that Hamas controls the Gaza Strip, heads all the local and government institutions there. They also have power in parts of the West Bank.
How can they not get their hands on the money?

Their stupidity goes deeper. In order to functionalise the release of these huge funds the international leaders insist that Hamas and Fatah must come together and form a unity government. Isn't that nice. Peace and harmony among the Palestinians. This may stop Hamas killing their Fatah opposition members as they have been doing since the Palestinian elections.
Progress is being made in Hamas's direction. The one Palestinian leader, uncorrupted by Palestinian politics, Finance Minister and acting Prime Minister, Sallam Fayad, has been forced to resign.
Fayad was the singular ray of hope for a clean and pragmatic Palestinian leadership. And now he is gone.

What do the leaders of the free world think will happen under a so-called Palestinian unity government?
The world will be told of the success of the Western and Arab leaders in forging unity among the Palestinians. The funding will then be released to the Palestinian Authority. And then Hamas will assert their Islamic control over all of the Palestinian territory.

In other words, Hamas will control, if Israel lets them, territory that is a ten minute drive to (or thirty seconds for a rocket to hit) Netanya. One minute for a rocket to hit Ben Gurion Airport. Just one kilometre from Kfar Saba.

Should Israel protest this dangerous and false step at Palestinian unity we will be seen as being against peace.

No steps will be demanded by the international quorum that Hamas should relinquish its Charter calling for the destruction of Israel. They will be powerless to stop the continuation of the Islamic terror campaign against Israel.
Just as Bush was wrong in pushing democracy on a people bent on pursuing the death of Jews and Israel in the name of justice for the Palestinians, so the current international community are dead wrong in pushing for Palestinian Authority unity today.

Leaders of the free world from Hillary Clinton to Gordon Brown and the rest of the European appeasers tell you that not one penny will fall in the hands of terrorists.

Please tell them that their money is going to do precisely the opposite.
Here are the facts.

The international committee which met on March 2nd pledged massive funding to the Palestinians. The largest share will be given to the Palestinian Authority. This official institution supports terrorism and donates huge amounts of money directly to proven terrorists and to their families.

Through the Palestinian Authority, the Ministry for Prisoner Affairs transfers an 800 shekels monthly stipend to Palestinians serving jail terms in Israeli prisons. According to the Palestinian prisoners ministry statistics in March 2008 there were 11600 prisoners in Israeli jails. This has increased following the recent Gaza conflict in which many wanted and armed terrorists were captured by IDF forces.

According to Palestinian law every Palestinian prisoner is entitled to financial assistance from the Palestinian Authority on the condition that he or she was sentenced for activities connected to 'the struggle against Israeli occupation'. This is a euphemism for terror activities.

During his stay in an Israeli prison a Palestinian terrorist is entitled to a salary ranging from one thousand shekels a month for serving a term of one to five years, 4000 shekels for serving more than 25 years. These are, of course, those caught for more serious terrorist acts against Israeli citizens.

Furthermore, married prisoners receive an additional 3000 shekels a month, plus 50 shekels for every child.
Prisoners living in the Jerusalem area get an additional 300 shekels. This is to promote terror activities in the Israeli capital by the local Arab population.
In addition, every prisoner receives an allotment of 800 shekels a year to buy clothes.

It goes on.

A bonus is given to every prisoner released from Israeli jails. The sum varies from $500 a prisoner for those who spent less than a year behind bars to $10,000 for those serving terms of twenty five years or more.

Once released, these prisoners are entitled to a job in a government office. As a way of rewarding released terrorists those who have served a term of five to seven years in an Israeli prison receive jobs and the rank of captain in their 'security forces'. If the term is longer than 25 years he is entitled to the rank of deputy minister and of brigadier general with seniority. The time spent in prison is counted into his pension.

After release, Palestinian terrorists receive a salary for six months until they begin working in their official jobs. A prisoner who served more than five years receives between 1200 and 2000 shekels every month until he begins work.

Families of suicide bombers, terrorists wounded in actions against Israelis, and Palestinians whose properties were damaged also receive large payments for their support of ' the Palestinian struggle'.

The balance sheet of this industry of terror comes to in excess of forty million dollars a year.

The Palestinian Authority has never apologised for terrorist attacks carried out against Israel. On the contrary, the financial aid given to Palestinian terrorists and their families perpetuates the terror campaign against Israel.
It also gives the official Palestinian Authority seal of approval to terror activities.

Not making international assistance to the PA conditional on its abandoning support for terrorism will allow the Palestinians the resources and the funding to strengthen its attacks against Israel.

The fact that the free world is encouraging Hamas to become part of the overall governing body of the Palestinians without surrendering its ambitions against the Jewish state, and are giving them massive amounts of money as well proves that the free world is either blind, incompetent, or stupid.

The fact that they are funding terror activities even as they deny doing so leads me to the blind shepherd metaphor. Truly, are they blind, incompetent, or stupid?

Either way Israel will be the loser. That is why we need a tough, strong, leadership at this time of great peril.

Tuesday 3 March 2009

Britain's irrevocable march to Islamization.

What is going on in Britain?

In January violent Muslims and their supporters were allowed to demonstrate with calls of 'Death to the Jews' in London.

Then Dutch politician, gert Wilders, was prevented from wentering Britain for a private showing of his movie 'Fitna' on the grounds that his visit was racially provocative.

In February Muslims were allowed to march in London under the banner 'Islam for UK! Shariah for UK!'.

This march was organised by people who had put together a rally one year earlier in London where chants of 'Bomb the UK!' were heard. One of its leaders, British jihadist Anjem Choudary, had been jailed for inciting murder at another London protest.

This latest London march is not considered provocative or racist by the British authorities who approved the rally and covered the cost of the police protection.

This happened, by the way, as a parade to celebrate St George's Day in the British Midlands was banned for being racist.

St. George is the patron saint of England. It was never considered provocative to the Welsh, Scottish, or Irish who live in Britain. It did not offend its Jewish population.

Now it seems Britain, in a further display of dhimmi subservience to Islam, is prepared to surrender its own heritage.

Will there come a point in time where the rank and file Brit will say 'enough is enough'? Or will they continue to allow their country, apathetically, to slide irrevocably to Islamization without protest?

Monday 2 March 2009

Western suckers.

Well, here we go again! Yet again, American and European leaders are meeting in some Arab country to pledge obscene amounts of money to the world's biggest cry babies. Sorry, that should read the world's richest refugees. Who do I mean? What, you can't guess? Why, the Palestinians, of course.

Despite having Swiss bank accounts bulging with cash, they plead victimhood and poverty - and the world lap it up.

Despite receiving huge amounts of foodstuffs, materials, fuel, equipment, and other aid, the West accept the lie that the Palestinians are under siege due to an Israeli blockade on Gaza.

In fact, the Palestinians in Gaza have received in excess of 1200 trucks carrying 124,000 tons of aid, and twelve million liters of fuel that entered the Gaza Strip from Israel at the Kerem Shalom, Erez, and Nahal Oz crossing points since the recent conflict ended.
Hundreds of Palestinians have entered Israel for medical treatment at Israeli hospitals.
Some blockade!

Truth be told, the crossing points that are closed to the Palestinians are those controlled by the Egyptians - not Israel.

Hey! Why should that simple fact get in the way of portraying Israel as the bad guy and the poor Palestinians as victims of the Jewish Zionists?

So, leaders of eighty countries have met in Egypt and pledged to shovel a further 3 billion dollars to Hamas controlled Gaza.
Hillary Clinton pledged one billion dollars on behalf of the suffering American tax payer.
That's on top of everything else they have received up to now, and will receive in the future, including from Israel.

The various United Nations organisations, that are self-perpetuating on the false premise that people living in the Gaza Strip are refugees, can now budget their salaries and expense accounts for the next decade.

UNWRA is a huge organisation. A huge proportion of its efforts goes into the Gaza Strip which is headed by Hamas, soon to take control over the Palestinian Authority.

And don't tell me that the billions will not find its way to Hamas and Islamic Jihad. If this funding does not end up in the pockets of Hamas then I'm a ballerina!

The corruption of the Palestinian Authority, and the authoritarian method of Gaza control by Hamas, make the fact that Hamas will be the recipient of this funding blindingly obvious.

Who works for UNWRA and receive wages during the day and play terrorist at night? Why Hamas and Islamic Jihad members, of course.

Want to know who finances the activities of UNWRA in Gaza?

50% is financed by tax payers in the European Union countries.
31% is financed by American tax payers.
Only 7% is financed by Muslim countries.

And you thought that the Arabs would be first in line to help their fellow Muslims? Wrong again!

In the current world economic crisis, why do Western governments continue to pour tax payers money into an area that is ruled by a tyranical Islamic terror regime that is dogmatic in its ambition to eradicate Israel?

Don't they get it?

Why is a ruthless, lawless, corrupt Gaza deserving of massive Western aid when other better deserving sources of poverty, famine, and disease, go ignored?

And they are getting it while they continue to fire rockets indiscriminately into Israel. Over one hundred rockets have so far landed in Israel since the so-called ceasefire.

You would have thought that the donors would have made their contributions conditional on Hamas stopping their terror activities not only against Israel but also against their fellow Palestinians who may prefer secular Fatah to the radical Islamic organisation.

By the way, Hamas kills Palestinians. Look it up. During the recent conflict Hamas killed more Palestinians than Israelis. That's a fact.

It was not for want of trying. It just happened that the pro-Fatah Palestinians were easier prey than the well-trained Israeli soldiers and well-protected Israeli civilians under rocket bombardment.

And you wonder why Israelis voted for a tougher, no nonsense, Government.

We are living in a tough, ruthless, and corrupt neighbourhood where our enemies have just been revitalised by well-meaning (read 'stupid') Western leaders who give away your money freely with no strings attached.