Friday 28 May 2010

US Taxpayers sponsor Islamic terror.

US taxpayers sponsor Islamic terror.

Dollars sent to UN in Gaza end up in Hamas' pockets.

An investigative report by Israel National News published on Thursday revealed that whenever the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Gaza requests an influx of US dollars to pay its staff, the Hamas Islamic terror regime end up making a killing.

It is curious that UNRWA requests the transfer of US dollars, as it did this week when it called for $12.5 million for staff salaries. The bulk of that money is provided by US taxpayers.

The fact is that all financial transactions in Gaza take place in Israeli shekels, the official currency of the territory.

In order for the UNRWA staff to be paid in shekels, the dollars are deposited in the Gaza Postal Bank, which is controlled by Hamas.
The bank changes the dollars to shekels, charging a hefty fee to do so. The dollars are then reportedly sold again on the Egyptian black market where they command a much higher price.

Hamas makes huge amounts of money both on the initial exchange, and by reselling the dollars.

A senior economic researcher cited in the story said further evidence of this is the fact that Hamas always complains of a lack of money. But every time UNRWA receives money, Hamas is suddenly able to pay its own salaries.

Under US law, it is illegal to put taxpayers' dollars towards any organization or movement that may result in that money reaching the hands of terrorists. These laws have been consistently ignored when it comes to the 'Palestinians'.

Hence, US taxpayers are financing the Hamas terror organisation that controls the Gaza Strip.

Thursday 27 May 2010



The parents of kidnapped Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, isolated in Gaza by Hamas for four years, offered to support the Free Gaza flotilla if its participantsa would demand that Hamas allow the various human rights organisations to visit their son and permit him to receive aid packages.

The members of this campaign refused!

And you thought they were human rights activists...

Attorney, Nick Kaufman, approached the Free Gaza movement with the request on behalf of the Shalit family. It was turned down.

"I thought this movement supports human rights. It seems that it is only interested in provocation and support for a terror group that doesn't really care about human rights".

Gilad Shalit was captured four years ago and dragged across the Israeli border into Gaza. The Hamas terror regime has refused to allow any contact with him, and have even barred the Red Cross from checking on his condition.

As I said in my earlier reports, this is not a human rights exercise. It is blatantly a HATE ISRAEL campaign, and solidarity with an Islamic terror regime.

Barry Shaw
The View from Israel


When does the media becomes a propaganda machine?  When it serves the purpose of a political bias and suspends the truth in favor of forming popular opinion. When it creates, by its false reporting, an alternative reality.

That is what has happened with most of the Western media when it comes to Gaza.

For years, the media has been sharing a bed with lying radicals. They have been the voice of an Islamic terror regime, patronising them by closing a blind eye to their crimes and supporting them by echoing their unfounded statements in their broadsheets.

In the fight for the minds of men, news and truth are not the same.

The public is lazy, apathetic, when they read their newspapers, or watch the news on their television sets.  They prefer to believe what is put in front of them than take the time, and make the effort to research the facts. It's easier to accept the narrative, especially if it colorful and emotive, as factual, even if the element of truth is tenuous.

When repeated often enough, the fraud becomes fact in the mind of the apathetic reader or viewer who find themselves quoting the reiterated mantra.

This is precisely what has happened with the Palestinian narrative of victimisation and sufferance.  The truth  got lost, years ago, in the fog of emotional perceptions.
There are victims, there are oppressors, in the Middle East conflict. Which is which in your mind? With which side do you sympathise? Who do you hate? Is your opinion formulated by what you have read, or the opinions heard on your TV?
When you know that that the living conditions in Gaza are horrendous, and Israel is to blame, are you convinced that your opinion is based on truth? 
I'm sure it is, but if I ask you to do some basic research will you accept that the contrary evidence will cause you to reassess your opinion and change your mind?  Or are you hardened into a biased frame of mind and nothing will convince you that you have been deceived.

Let me explain that I, also, thought that conditions were awful in Gaza. I, also, was a lazy news sponge. Until something hit my desk that made me question what I was being fed by the major news and media outlets.
It caused me to search the web. It was then that I began to unravel a completely different scenario, one that screamed "Lies!!" at every report and statement that eminates from the pro-Palestinian camp, their supporters, but worst of all the so-called 'neutral' media.

I had discovered facts and evidence that were in direct conflict with the reports, the claims, and the emotive language.

The use of language paints the political landscape. It forms public opinion around which politicians can craft their agenda.

Let me begin to set the record straight by highlighting the language used in a current incident in the Middle East, namely the aid convoy to Gaza.
Firstly, it was not an aid convoy. It was a massive political propaganda machine.
Second, there is no Israeli blockade on Gaza. A blockade is when you prevent everything from getting through to the enemy. This is clearly not the case in Gaza as can be seen on the weekly supply list issued by the Israeli Government and the IDF.
It is a controlled import designed to stop items that can be used for terror puposes from reaching the hands of Islamic terrorists.

The activists on board the nine ships wanted one of two things to happen:
1. To have the world see the Israeli navy prevent them reaching Gaza and, thereby, make propaganda capital out of it.
2. If not challenged by the navy, to be seen hugging the Hamas leadership in solidarity.

Either outcome would be seen by them as some sort of victory. That was why they were financed. That was their sole aim.
There is only one agenda at work here.  HATE ISRAEL!

None of the people on board the ships have any conviction to engage Israel, or to find a mutual solution, or to persuade the Palestinians to accept the generous terms offered to them by the Israelis for decades, or to act positively for the benefits of peace.

Hamas remains a designated Islamic terror organisation. Hamas remains dedicated to eliminate the States of Israel, by force if necessary.  Yet this did not stop hundreds of intenrational activists, including several European and British Members of Parliament, from boarding the ships and sailing for Gaza. They did so with one motive. HATE ISRAEL!

Those that promote the Palestinian cause over other, more deserving causes, do so out of one driving motivation. HATE ISRAEL !

They abuse the language by using baseless, emotive, phrases that exaggerate the Palestinian position in an attempt to shock the world into supporting them. They have succeeded with the cooperation and participation of the media.

They do so with images and statements that are, quite frankly, lies. They commit fraud by deliberately framing a narrative that is untrue, and they do so with the connivance of the media.

To corroberate this point, the media should be forced to print the facts, the photos, to explain the videos, that show a middle class lifestyle in Gaza that is in complete variance with the phoney image that has been spoonfed to the public for years.

The editors will tell you that they only printed what they were told, such as the lie that no building materials were being allowed into Gaza for reconstruction. Yet they fail to report the massive construction of luxury apartment blocks, superb mansions, mosques, public and governmental facilities, Olympic-size swimming pool in Gaza, extending the Gaza harbour, all and more built, miraculously, without materials or equipment.

The editors will tell you that they only repeated the claims that Israel was blocking basic needs from getting into Gaza, yet they refuse to investigate the shops bulging with clothes, food supplies, toys, cakes, candies, and imported items.

The editors report that the children are suffering, but they don't print the news of 200,000 laptops being delivered to the kids on Gaza via Israel. 

If a free press is proud to print fair and balanced news why haven't they done so?  If major newspapers and TV channels are serious about investigative reporting why haven't they exposed the truth that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza?

If human rights activists are inded what they claim to be, why have they not insisted that Palestinians are doing fine and that it is time to divert some of the record amounts of internartional funding to more worthy and needy causes, such as thousands of children dying in Africa, not due to lack of laptops, but due to lack of attention, malnutrition, and disease.

And maybe the media should champion this cause and distance themselves from the corruption and lies that are an integral part of the Palestinian narrative.



I. Introduction:

1. Since Hamas seized power in the Gaza Strip, it has politically institutionalized radical Islam in Gaza. Hamas, supported and funded by Iran, denies Israel's right to exist and continues to build up its weapons
stockpiles so as to continue attacking the Israeli civilian population.

Since 2010, 140 rockets and mortars were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip.

2. Hamas uses all means available to smuggle weaponry into Gaza.

Whether they are using smuggling tunnels or fisherman boats, Hamas is constantly trying to smuggle in missiles, launchers, guns, explosives and materials for building weapons.

3. IDF operations in the Gaza Strip, including the maritime closure and crossing restrictions, arise from the need to maintain the safety of the citizens of Israel from the terrorist threat in the Gaza Strip and to prevent weapons smuggling.

4. The Ministry of Defense and the IDF allow the crossing of goods and equipment in a routine and frequent manner, and enables the transfer of people for medical, religious, welfare, business or diplomatic reasons.

5. This summary provides facts and figures, which contravene the claim of a "humanitarian crisis" in the Gaza Strip.

II. Food Products and Clothing:

1. Most types of food are allowed into the Strip, and are transferred by the private sector or by international organizations.

2. During 2009, 30,920 trucks containing 800,000 tons of supplies were transferred into Gaza. This included fruits and vegetables, meat products, poultry and fish, dairy products, sugar, rice and legumes, flour and yeast,

oil, and more. Furthermore, 10,871 heads of cattle were transferred for the Muslim holidays of Ramadan and Eid al-Adha.

3. In the first quarter of 2010 (January-March), 94,500 tons of supplies were transferred in 3,676 trucks to the Strip: 48,000 tons of food products; 40,000 tons of wheat; 2,760 tons of rice; 1,987 tons of clothes and footwear; 553 tons of milk powder and baby food.

6. In 2009, 572 trucks containing approximately 5,000 tons of medical supplies entered the Strip.

7. In the first quarter of 2010 (January-March) 1,068 tons of medicine and medical equipment were transferred in 152 trucks.

8. In 2009 two elevators were transferred to hospitals in Gaza, as was a CT imaging system (to the Red Cross hospital), and equipment for a mammography machine (which checks for breast cancer).

9. During the first quarter of 2010 four trucks with special supplies for a project of the "Al Quds" hospital were transferred to the Gaza Strip, and an additional 13 trucks are scheduled to cross.

10. Due to fears of a swine flu outbreak, three Israeli hospitals were assigned to treat cases in the Gaza Strip and 44,500 immunizations were transferred to the Strip.

III. Equipment for Essential Civilian Infrastructure:

1. 14) Throughout 2009 Israel transferred 41 trucks of equipment for the maintenance of the electricity grid, and the state continues to provide approximately 60% of Gaza's electricity.

2. 15) In 2009 over 105 million liters of fuel were transferred to Gaza's power plant and over 3.2 million liters of gas were transferred for UNWRA operations.

3. 16) In 2009 127 trucks containing more than 3,000 tons of hypochlorite entered the Gaza Strip for water purification purposes.

Moreover, 48 trucks of equipment for improving the sanitation infrastructure led to a substantial reduction in the Beit Lahya facility's waste levels.

4. 17) As part of the preparations made for winter, 3,607 tons of glass were transferred to the Gaza Strip. According to UN reports, windows in all education and health institutions were repaired.

5. 18) In the first quarter of 2010 Israel transferred: 

250 trucks with equipment for the UNWRA summer camp, including:

Arts and crafts equipment, swimming pools, inflatable toys, ice cream machines, musical instruments, clothing, sports equipment, etc.

· Seven trucks with equipment for upgrading the sewage pumping station, which was carried out by UNWRA.

· 74 empty containers for UNWRA for use in classrooms and bathrooms

6. 19) Certain types of materials, such as cement and iron, are more restricted. These products are openly used by Hamas for developing its arsenal, building bunkers and launching sites, and making rockets and

7. 20) Despite the risk, the transfer of these items is also permitted under supervision, once it has been cleared that these materials are for civilian purposes only. Already in the first quarter of 2010, 23 tons of
iron and 25 tons of cement were transferred to the Gaza Strip.

IV. Movement of Residents in and out of the Gaza Strip

1. Despite the inherent dangers involved, Israel permits Gazans and visitors to travel between Gaza and Israel, from Gaza to Judea and Samaria, and even abroad for medical treatment, religious pilgrimages, and business trips. Whenever possible Israel allows for diplomatic activities and trade and commerce with the Gaza Strip.

2. Here are a number of examples from 2009:

· Delegations from abroad: 21,200 activists from international organizations from over 400 diplomatic delegations were permitted entry into Gaza, and 2,200 Palestinians employed by international organizations were given exit permits from the Gaza Strip.

· Education, Vacations and Pilgrimages to Holy sites: 147 permits were given to Palestinian students for academic studies around the world.

During the Christmas holiday approximately 400 permits were given to visit Bethlehem from Gaza as well 100 permits to travel abroad.

· Business: 257 permits were given to businessmen from Gaza to facilitate business operations.

· Sports: Special permission was given to Gazan footballers to train in Judea and Samaria and compete in international matches abroad.

V. Trade and Commerce

1. Israel has taken measures to support trade and commerce, the banking system, and the existing financial market in the Gaza Strip:

· In 2009 1.1 billion NIS was transferred to the Gaza Strip for the ongoing activity of international organizations and to pay the salaries of Palestinian Authority workers.

· 40 million damaged bank notes were traded for new bills, and at the request of the Palestinian Monetary Fund, 282.5 million shekels were transferred from Gazan to Israeli Banks.

· In February 2010 an agreement was reached with the Palestinian Authority's National Insurance Department to ensure that pensions reached those formerly employed in Israel. The funds were deposited in banks in Judea and Samaria, while the Palestinian Authority was given the responsibility of distributing the funds to the pensioners in Gaza.


1. The State of Israel seeks regional stability and to protect her citizens. It is not in the interest of Israel to harm the people of Gaza and the state does its utmost to assist aid efforts, so as not to harm the quality of life for the residents of Gaza.

2. Hamas, in its continued efforts to smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip, harms the people of Gaza and prevents them from further development.

3. Despite these security threats, the IDF continues to allow the transfer of commercial goods, building materials, and medical equipment into Gaza.


Trade and Commerce

1. Israel has taken measures to support trade and commerce, the banking system, and the existing financial market in the Gaza Strip:

· In 2009 1.1 billion NIS was transferred to the Gaza Strip for the ongoing activity of international organizations and to pay the salaries of Palestinian Authority workers.

· 40 million damaged bank notes were traded for new bills, and at the request of the Palestinian Monetary Fund, 282.5 million shekels were transferred from Gazan to Israeli Banks.

· In February 2010 an agreement was reached with the Palestinian Authority's National Insurance Department to ensure that pensions reached those formerly employed in Israel. The funds were deposited in banks in Judea and Samaria, while the Palestinian Authority was given the responsibility of distributing the funds to the pensioners in Gaza.


1. The State of Israel seeks regional stability and to protect her citizens. It is not in the interest of Israel to harm the people of Gaza and the state does its utmost to assist aid efforts, so as not to harm the quality of life for the residents of Gaza.

2. Hamas, in its continued efforts to smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip, harms the people of Gaza and prevents them from further development.

3. Despite these security threats, the IDF continues to allow the transfer of commercial goods, building materials, and medical equipment into Gaza.

Tuesday 25 May 2010

Obama and Daniel Pearl.

President Obama signed the Daniel Pearl Press Freedom Act at the White House.
Surrounded by Daniel's parents, his widow, and his child, the President spoke this sentence.

"Obviously, the loss of Daniel Pearl was one of those moments that captured the world's imagination because it reminded us of how valuable a free press is".

God damn you, Obama!

Is that all you can say? Is that what comes to mind, for you, about the death of Daniel Pearl?

No, Barack Hussein Obama, Daniel Pearl was not 'lost'.
Daniel Pearl was beheaded by jihadist Muslims in Karachi, Pakistan, on 1st February, 2002.
He was viciously, agonisingly, butchered like an animal by Muslims.

He was not killed because he was a journalist, as Obama would have us believe. He was murdered because he was a Jew. For radical Muslims this is enough for him to have his head cut off.
He died because he was an American, because America represents the best of Judeo-Christian ethics that values freedom of thought and religion. Radical Muslims hate that to the point of violence and murder.

Hear Daniel Pearl's final words:

"My name is Daniel Pearl. I am a Jewish American from Encino, California, U.S.A."

And then they sliced his head off and displayed it so the world to see what Islam thinks of Jews and Americans.

That should have been Obama's message.
Instead he smudged the truth because, for Obama personally and politically, it is too uncomfortable and does not fit in to his political agenda.
That is why he was unable to speak the painful truth. He would rather deflect the truth and , instead, order his administration to avoid using unpleasant factual statements like 'Islamic terrorism'.
That is why his attorney-general is unable to accept that terrorist acts on American soil, such as at Fort Hood and in Times Square, can be executed by a radical Islam that is taking root not in Pakistan but within America.

To paraphrase Obama,

"The loss of respect for the American President is one of those moments that has captured the imagination of the world because it reminds us how valuable a strong and just America used to be."

Sunday 23 May 2010

House demolitions - things are never as you expect them to be.

Look hard at the picture. Isn't this the image you are familiar with?

Twenty Palestinian homes destroyed. The reason given by the Government is that they were built illegally.
Another one hundred and twenty are due to be demolished for the same reason. The twenty destroyed houses were home to one hundred and fifty people.  Most of the inhabitants were poor.
The residents had been asked to ,eave and, when they refused to do so, the Government evicted the people and bulldozed the homes to the ground.

Where are the protests? Where are the human rights groups?

Don't expect to see them any time soon.  Why?
Because the homes were destroyed by Hamas in Rafah in the Gaza Strip. 
The homes were destroyed to make way for a mosque and yet another Islamic education centre.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Palestinians are homeless and Hamas and the Palestinian Authority get a free pass by the 'Get Israel' mob.

Palestinian funding. Obscene. Insane, Immoral.

Gaza City opened an  Olympic-sized swimming pool.
They celebrated the international cuisine to be enjoyed at the Roots Club and at Greens.
Recently they announced the opening of a new shopping mall in Gaza City.

Netanya does not have a municipal Olympic pool. Neither does Ashkelon, or Sderot.
Gaza City is part of the Palestinian territory operated by the Islamic terror regime, Hamas.
Netanya has been hit by repeated Palestinian suicide attacks, car bombings, and terrorist gunmen that have left over fifty of its citizens dead and more than three hundred injured.
The people of Sderot, Ashkelon, Ashdod, and other southern towns and villages in Israel, have been under rocket bombardment from the Gaza Strip.

Palestinians receive record amounts of international funding. The victims of Palestinian terror get nothing.
This is obscene!

Over recent years, the Palestinian have received not millions, but billions, of dollars of funding from the international community.
It was rumoured that Yasser Arafat died with a personal fortune of more than one hundred and twenty million dollars. It is undoubtedly true that many of the current Palestinian leadership, and those close to them, have millions stashed in overseas accounts from kickbacks and contracts. Other Palestinians live a wealthy lifestyle.

The Western media clearly services the Palestinian propaganda machine with their one-sided reporting. They would have us believe that the Palestinians are suffering under one of the worst humanitarian crisis, desperate for basic needs, and even deprived of building materials by a cruel Israeli blockage. 
As such, they formulate public opinion with their biased and emotional reporting and journalism.

One example of the effect on public opinion was the ruling in a British court in which the judge instructed the jury to take into consideration that Gaza is 'a hell on earth' and that people there are starving.

It is easy to google and visit YouTube to see that Gazans enjoy a middle class lifestyle. Nobody is starving in Gaza. Most enjoy good staple food and even cordon bleu dining.
In other words the judge was either lying, or has been misinformed by the media.

Statistics show that Gazans have a longer lifespan (73.68 years) than their supporters in Turkey (72.23 years). Even Iranians only get an average of 71.43 years.
In comparison, Sudanese only live to an average of 52 years while the poor Somalians only survive for an average of fifty years.
Infant mortality in Gaza is superior to most Arab and South American countries and considerably better than Africa.

Editors and journalists can easily sweep aside this veil of deceit with a couple of clicks of their computer mouse, if they chose to do so.
Had they the courage to resist Hamas threats and done what they are supposed to do, namely investigative, accurate, professional, fair and balanced reporting instead of falsely throwing guilt at Israelis, they could expose the truth that is Gaza.

It is quite sinister that they choose not to.

Their reporting would reveal a middle class lifestyle that puts a lie to the news that they have been propagating.

They can easily do this, but prefer not to. Is this due to laziness, or political bias? 
Does the emotive message of  Palestinian victim hood sell more newspapers than the truth?

To really tell the truth about Gaza they would inform their viewers or readers of the international standard sports facilities, the dredging and enlarging the Gaza harbour to receive international shipping, the construction and equipping of new Governmental and municipal buildings, the construction of luxury apartment blocks, houses, and grand mansions.   And now a brand new shopping mall.

How has all  this been achieved without building materials? Or without construction equipment? Office equipment? Furniture? Appliances? Computers and software? Foodstuff? Medical aid and equipment?

I thought that nothing is getting through due to the Israeli blockade, that life is hell on earth, and people are starving?

The truth is that shops are stocked with clothing, food, provisions, toys, cakes,  candies, trimmings. Everything you need for an enjoyable life.

Go to the beach at Gaza and see the wind-surfers. Enjoy a day at the water park. Dine out at luxury restaurants and clubs serving the best cuisine in sophisticated surroundings.

This is the miracle of life in the Palestinian territories. Achieved with no access to building materials or basic humanitarian supplies, according to your national media.
This is insane!  This is false. You have been lied to!

But the worst of it is that, while middle class Palestinians plead poverty and receive excessive amounts of funding, there are other parts of our world where many thousands of people, including children, are dying of malnutrition and disease.

Their cries go unheard by the Governments, aid agencies, and so-called human rights organisations and activists who are too busy screaming at Israel.

They die ignored by the politicians, the NGOs, the individuals that have an anti-Israel agenda that keeps Hamas in power.
They profess to be humanitarians. They are hypocrites.

The African child, dying today, could be saved if they received just a small portion of the obscene funds that flow into Palestinian territory and Gaza that strengthens Hamas.
 This is immoral! 

It is time to divert the bulk of this Palestinian funding to those who are dying and truly living in misery, truly desperate for our help.

People have been deceived by the money and media machine that promulgates a totally false political image of Palestinian sufferance. This is not to say that there are no problems that must be solved. It is, however, radically removed from the truth.

The donors to the Palestinian cause would better serve the interests of the Palestinians, and the international community,  if they would condition their funding on forcing the Palestinian leadership to conclude a binding solution to the Middle East conflict.
Instead, they have allowed their money to be pumped into the Palestinian society with no political accountability or responsibility in accepting the two-state solution that has been on the table for decades.

The Palestinian leadership should have their feet held to the fire and made to conclude a permanent agreement with the Israelis. They should be threatened with the cessation of funding if they do not accept a pragmatic solution to end the conflict.

They do not do so because their propaganda is accepted so readily. They are under little pressure for accountability, both financially and politically.
This is why they constantly reject any solution. This is why they have the chutzpah to refuse even to talk directly to the Israelis.
They prefer to go through the motions of empty negotiations while holding out their hand for the increasing amounts of money they know they will receive for their phoney sob stories.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of diplomats from the United Nations and the European Union, as well as NGOs, human rights groups, receive massive funding and enjoy permanent careers promoting the Palestinian narrative.
They choose not to bite the hand that feeds them. They would rather not end the problem by forcing the Palestinian leadership to resolve the conflict.
Instead, they sponsor and support a Palestinian society that holds on to their hopeless ambition to eliminate Israel.
Why do they do this? Because they have their own careers to consider. And so the spiral continues.

Palestinians are enjoying a comfortable lifestyle with no pressure on them to advance the peace process. Why should they when they have hit the jackpot with their stories of victim hood and sufferance. The Palestinians have become the world's wealthiest beggars.

Palestinian funding has become obscene, insane, and immoral.

Friday 21 May 2010

Mistaken Assumptions about Islam.

I warn you that this is not an article of tolerance and light. It is an article written with harsh truths based on what I see throughout the world. I would welcome clear evidence that my conclusions are incorrect. When I receive certain proof that the heart of this article is wrong I will gladly apologise and write a new piece.
Until then, the message remains.

There is a mistaken assumption in the West that immigrants who come to their land do so to make a better life. They assume that this involved proper and full absorption and integration into their welcoming society.
This may be true in, for instance, the case of Jamaican, Indian, and later Eastern European immigration into Britain and the States. It is not so with the masses of Muslim immigrants that hold to the belief of Sayyid Qutb whose message was "A Muslim has no nationality except his belief". 
When you understand the depth of that sentence you understand everything.
The cornerstone of this sentence is what is tearing Europe apart. The message has landed in America.

The spiritual founder of Islamists was executed in Egypt in 1966 by order of the secular dictator, Gamel Abdul Nasser, but the message and legacy has spread globally.

Those who carry the message bring chaos and ruin with them into orderly Western civilisations. National ideas are there to be exploited with no thought of loyalty. Belief overrides national loyalty, except under Muslim rule. Treachery is justified by the cause, the cause is an inseparable part of the belief.
Belief is the heart. The cause is the brain that intellectualises action, domination, violent protest, and terror.

Thus, British Muslims can blow up central London, a Dutch Muslim can slit the throat of producer Van Gogh, an American officer can massacre fellow comrades at Fort Hood, and a young employee of Elizabeth Arden can attempt mass murder in Times Square.

America is slowly waking up to discover that the enemy does not need to invade their country or fly planes into buildings. As with Europe, they now find that the Islamist is a faceless, nondescript, native American living in their home. Not honoring their national identity, but loyal only to their belief.

It is the Islamist that demands submission to their belief in a dominating manner. Why else would a Muslim want a thirteen storey mosque by the site of the worst Islamic slaughter in the free world?

Open borders, and open societies, have allowed the message, and the advocates and activists of this message, to enter, settle, and indoctrinate.
They have been assisted by civil rights advocates, far left crusaders, supported by soft-hearted liberals passionate about the utopia of multi-culturalism.
The last thing that those who spread the message want is multi-culturalism. They desire only a total submission to their belief as they progress, irrevocably, toward this aim.

Sometimes their frustration at lack of progress, or anger when their progress is halted, burst out into deadly violence. The belief, however, cannot be quelled by the carnage because their cause is just in their eyes.

Their justification is frequently rewarded when communal and national leaders choose to appease them and empower them with changes in laws and regulations that leave them immune to penalty, yet leave the indigenous population increasingly powerless, speechless, and not represented.

Their cause is protected by laws that do not allow murderous acts of violence to be called what it is - Islamic terror.
Any reference to those who perpetrate their deadly acts cannot be referred to by their religion, even though these acts are performed in the name of , and in the cause of, Islam.
This lack of rationality and honesty perverts free speech and prevents open deabte.

The fault lies in the inability to differentiate between what the West defines as 'moderate' and 'extreme' Islam.
This is another mistaken assumption.
I am firmly of the opinion that moderate Islam is really extreme Islam waiting silently for the spark to be lit.
This conclusion comes out the deafening silence in Europe by the so-called moderate Muslims when horrendous terror attacks take place.
I have yet to see street demonstrations in Europe and in The States organised and attended by 'moderate' Muslims openly and publicly condemning the murderous actions and agenda of their fellow-religionists.
Only when I see such a demonstration will I be convinced that the majority of Muslims are not waiting for the inevitable time when the extremists have reached positions of power and control as is almost happening in many parts of the world.
Instead, we are witnessing, in Europe a reaction by the rank and file demanding an end to the surrender of their society to Islamic demands. Changes are taking place in certain European countries as they attempt to rectify the changes in their communities against which they will not accept.
This clearly will lead to a polarisation and further friction as the battlelines are being drawn between the two sides.
America beware! This is coming your way.

This leads me to my final mistaken assumption which is that Islam is a religion of peace. You only have to look around the world to see that Islam is a religion of domination and suppression. Show me a Muslim country that welcomes Christians and Jews to practise their religion freely. Show me an Islamic nation that has an admirable human rights record when it comes to women, gays, and even children.
The argument is made that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful people. So why is it that Shiites and killing Sunnis, and vice versa.
The truth is that most are Muslims in the wider Muslim world are suppressed and nationally intolerant of unbelievers.
Those unbelievers are you and me.

Wednesday 19 May 2010

They tell you it's hell in Gaza. Now see the video.


See what life is like in the hellhole that is Gaza.

Experience life under a massive humanitarian crisis caused by the cruel Israeli blockade of Gaza that deprives its citizens of their most basic needs.

Watch this video and prepared to be shocked by life in Gaza today.

See what they have been telling you and understand the truth.

Show this video to your friends and protest next time you hear about the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza..

Barry Shaw

The View from Israel

Tuesday 18 May 2010

Enough of Palestinian lies. It's time to start fighting back with the truth.

Enough of Palestinian lies. It's time to start fighting back with the truth.

A fiction has been allowed to take hold. This fiction is known as the Palestinian narrative. It is the creation of a myth that has been told repeatedly so many times that it has been accepted as fact. The falsehoods have been regurgitated endlessly in the media as to become the standard mantra. The message has become the rallying cry around which support groups are formed. Immense budgets are given to forward part of the agenda that is contained in the narrative. Activists take to the podium, the media, the unviersities, and to the streets. Any voice that challenges the veracity of the campaign is muted, ignored, suppressed, and even impeded with violence.
The accepted narrative is used to criticise, condemn, delegitimise, and even question the validity of the other side.
I represent the other side. I now say enough! Enough of the lies! It is time to fight back! It is time to expose the lies. It is time to expose the truth. Let's rip the narrative to pieces, bit by bit.
This is a master class to be used against those to profess to be pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel. It exposes some of the slogans and arguments used by them to delegitimise Israel.


Israel withdrew every living person, and even the dead, from the Gaza Strip. Yet Palestinians and their supporters still call the Gaza Strip 'occupied'. How nonsensical is this?
The only Jew occupying Gaza doesn't want to be there. His name is GILAD SHALIT, soon to celebrate four horrible years of total isolation in inhuman conditions.
If they really hate the occupation why doesn't Hamas evict him? Instead, they enjoy playing him as a propaganda tool and a bargaining chip.

I have heard the argument that all they want is the creation of Palestine with Jerusalem as their capital?
I guess that sounds reasonable. You assume that they only want what belongs to them, namely the West Bank, the Gaza  Strip, and East Jerusalem, alongside Israel.  Right? Wrong!
Why don't you listen to what they are telling their own people? Why don't you check the Charters of both the Islamic terror regime of Hamas and the more 'moderate' Fatah? There you will find the truth.
From their perspective,  all of Israel belongs to them.
Occupation does not apply only to Gaza and the West Bank. It applies to Tel Aviv, Haifa, Afula, Beer Sheva.
The truth is that, for them, occupation will remain a rallying cry until all of Israel falls under Islamic Palestinian control, with Jerusalem as its capital.
Ask any Palestinian about the 'Nakba'. This new expression has become part of the glue to the Palestinian narrative. The Nakba, or disaster, is how the Arab world refers to the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel on 15th May, 1948. It only found expression in recent years as a rewriting of a false Palestinian history.  It is a historic mistake that must be rectified. It is as if they controlled the land before 1948 and
deserve to have it back. Untrue!
At a recent Nakba rally within Israel, the Islamic Movement leader (yes, there is such an organisation in democratic Israel), Raed Salah, called Israel 'a cancer that will be removed'. (that's how we allow free speech in our country).
He called on Fatah and Hamas to unite not to reach a peace agreement with Israel but to 'unite against the occupation until the state of Palestine is established with Jerusalem as its capital'. Sound familiar.


You have failed to check whose land it is anyway. You have accepted without question their narrative that the land is theirs to control and administer. In your ignorance you may even believe that they once had their state of Palestine that was taken from them by force. They only want it back. Again, wrong!
What if I told you that the only authority holding legal rights to Palestine, recognised under international law, is Israel.  This is true. Look it up.
This powerful and irrevocable argument. is enshrined in international declarations and law.
I do not even need to quote the famous Balfour Declaration. Sufficient for me to start with the San Remo Declaration of 1920 that mandated the whole of Palestine as the national home of the Jewish people. This was cemented into international law, agreed to by the Arabs, at the League of Nations in 1922.  It was reconfirmed later when the United Nations replaced the League of Nations.
It is important to stress that at all these conventions full agreement was given by the Arab representatives.
It is indisputable that the land was mandated to Israel as guardians of the nation home of the Jewish people.
Palestinians have no rights to sovereignty over any of the land, None.
There was never any history of Palestinian rule over any of the land but, even more potently, they have no claim that can possibly stand up as a legal right recognised under any international law.
This claim exclusively belongs to Israel.
Acceptance of this fact by the Palestinians would go a long way to creating the necessary and basic foundations of trust so lacking today and portrayed in decades of rejectionism and refusal on their part.
In short, it is up to Israel to transfer legal rights to the land to the Palestinians, or not.
It is amazing to me that this argument has not been pounded repeatedly by the Israeli Government for years
in diplomatic circles as well as in the court of public opinion. It is irrefutable.


President Bill Clinton was shocked at Camp David in 2000 when Yasser Arafat told him that the Temple did not exist in Jerusalem and it was all a Jewish fiction. He could not believe his ears.
This ignorance is, however, widespread among those who support the Palestinian narrative.
Did you know that Jesus was a Palestinian? No, don't laugh. This is part of the Palestinian rewriting of their history. They have to obliterate any Jewish history. Call it replacement theology, if you like, but it is taking places in word and deed.
I was outraged when the Israeli Government turned a blind eye to massive excavations under the Temple Mount. What were once King Solomon's Stables were totally destroyed and the rubble removed by Palestinians without a murmur of protest or preventions by the Israeli authorities. There is no longer any physical evidence that it ever existed.
The Palestinian denial of Jewish sovereignty in Jerusalem and all of the Holy Land not only insults Judaism, it also insults Christianity. If there were no Jewish Temple then the story of Jesus must be a fiction. Christianity was born out of Judaism, not Islam. Yet, soon, the Palestinians will tell you that Jesus was a Muslim.

I do not need to detail the Jewish roots to the land that go back thousands of years. The Bible cannot be turned into Palestinian rubble. The Koran (in which Jerusalem is not mentioned once) cannot replace the Bible. The Bible, and the glorious and anquished history that followed, contain the ancient deeds to Jewish sovereignty. There was never a people known as the Palestinians prior to 1967 and then it only came out of the barrel of a gun held by Yasser Arafat, the original Islamic terrorist.

To those researching the subject will find interesting historical footnotes. I was surprised to learn that Napoleon Bonaparte, confident of a military victory at Acre in 1799, saw himself as the liberator of the Israelites. He wrote that of "history's most oppressed people, the Israelites, who constitute a unique nation which, during thousands of years, lust of conquest and tyranny,  have deprived them of their ancestral lands, but not its name and national existence!"
There is another famous story about Bonaparte. He was passing a French synagogue on Tisha B'Av when he heard crying and wailing coming from within. He stopped and asked why the Jews were crying. He was told that they were mourning the destruction of the Temple. "When did this happen?" he demanded to know. "Almost two thousand years ago in Jerusalem", he was told.
"Any people who bewail the fate of their Temple for thousands of years are truly deserving of a nation of their own" he declared.
Napoleon addressed the Jews as 'the rightful heirs of Palestine'. He claimed that he was fighting to avenge the 'almost two thousand years of ignominy imposed upon the Jews. France offers you, the Jews, at this time, and contrary to all expectations, Israel's patrimony!"
Oh, if only Napoleon would have won!


This was the name of an article I wrote a short while ago. I am dumbfounded by the chutzpah of the Palestinians that they should lay any claim to Jerusalem. Putting aside the fact that Arabs live in and around certain parts of the city the Palestinians have no legal or historical claims to Jerusalem. The Jordanians grabbed Jerusalem from Jewish control in 1948 immediately after the creation of the Jewish State. They destroyed much of the Jewish religious sites and Jews were denied entry to pray at the holy places during their intolerant rule. They certainly had no Palestinian claimants to the city. So how come the Palestinian Authority are demanding Jerusalem as their capital?
If a Palestinian state is established there is, in my opinion, only one place they should call their capital. That is Ramallah. It is where their current leadership command and control has been developed. It is where their parliament sits. It is the headquarters of their leadership. It is where they buried their revered Arafat. Let them have Ramallah as their capital, and hands off Jerusalem. It's ours.


Yes, it's sad but true. Palestine will be an apartheid state. You can already see the beginnings of a brutal and racist regime. If you truly want to fight against apartheid regimes look no further than the regime you profess to support. Palestine. Make a careful examination of what is transpiring there. The Gaza Strip is already Judenrein. They can't tolerate the thought of Jewish growth in Judea and Samaria, known to them as the West Bank. A prerequisite of a Palestinian state would involve the dismantling of what they call setttlements and the removal and transfers of tens of thousands of Jews. How much more racist and apartheid can you get?
Those of you who defame Israel in support of the Palestinian cause seem in capable of addressing the appalling human rights abuses within Palestinian society. The degradation of women, including the horrendous practises of enforced female circumsicion and honour killings, seems not to be on your radar screen. What about the abusive punishments of gays in Palestinian society? How about the radical restructions imposed on  Christians? Or the children who are exposed to hate education, indoctrination to racial hatred, incitement and violence in the name of the Palestinian cause? Why are you not encouraging the leadership to educate the children to a brighter and better future and force them to make peace? Which brings me to the next topic.


The truth is they want peace without Israel.
This is the root cause which is the cancer eating at the heart of the peace process.
It is not occupation. It is not settlements. It is not Jewish building in Jerusalem.  Or, it is precisely about all of these and more.
The core issue is that no Palestinian leadership, from Arafat to Hamas to Fatah to Abbas can bring themselves to tell their own people that the solution is to live in peace and security alongside the Jewish State of Israel. Period.
In 'Camp David:The Tragedy of Errors', written by Robert Malley and Hussein Agha who both participated in the Camp David negotiations between Ehud Barak, Yasser Arafat, and Bill Clinton, a tired and angry  President shouted at Arafat "This is a fraud! If the Israelis can make concessions why can't you? You have been here for fourteen days and said no to everything. These things have consequences. Let hell break loose and live with the consequences""
The consequence was the Second Intifada when many people lost their lives.
This is a salient and sobering lesson for George Mitchell and President Obama today. Palestinians do not make concessions. They demand it all and will resort to violence, like petulant and dangerous people, if they don't get what they want, which is everything, without conceeding anything.

Just look at the concessions, the unilateral gestures, made by Israel. From inviting Arafat and his henchmen from Tunis to Ramallah as part of the Oslo Accords we got terror and intifadas. From Arafat, after Camp David, we got more terror and death. After withdrawing from Lebanon we got rockets from Hizbollah. After giving the whole of the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians we got six years of eight thousand rockets and mortars lauched from the once peaceful and productive productive settlements which became terror bases and training camps.
Listen to what the leadership is telling their own people. They want it all and they will get it all. It's all a matter of time.
Today, the bluff is exposed. They don't even want to talk to Israel. Why should they? They now have an American Administration doing their bidding. They will only talk to America if America extracts further concessions from Israel. How ridiculous is that?  And when these 'proximity talks' fail it will be the fault of Israel, the Americans, never the Palestinians. They are always the poor suffering victims in this saga.
They will give nothing because they want everything.


I don't know if you are aware of this but recent figures prove that two thousand Palestinians have been killed by rival factions within Palestinian society. That's more than those killed by Israelis in counter terror actions.
This little known fact gets no air time in any of the media. You don't hear pro-Palestinian activists demonstrating to prevent this violent abuse. Why should they? It's easier to claim that Israel commits war crimes. Israelis don't throw Palestinians off rooftops. Palestinians do. Israelis don't line up Palestinians against a wall and mow them down for belonging to a rival faction. Palestinians do. Israelis don't kill local Arabs for collaborating with the enemy. Palestinians do.

If you have any other claims to make against Israel just let me know and I will give you the other side of the coin. The truth of ther matter is that peace would have broken out years ago had anyone of character among the Palestinians truly wanted one without holding to decades, and possibly centuries, of continuing violence.


We in Israel are ready to make sacrifices. Heaven knows, we have sacrificed plenty up to now. Our leaders will make painful concessions only when we see a pragmatic Palestinian leadership ready and strong enough to deliver a final solution that does not involve the elimination of the Jewish people.
We had that once. It will not happen again.

Monday 17 May 2010

Lebanon - a crisis about to explode.

Understand some of the dangers facing Israel today on our northern border in this military report video.
Israel possesses a more detailed intelligence assessment on this developing crisis.

Monday 10 May 2010

Goldstone - the hanging judge.

Legitimating bigotry: The legacy of Richard Goldstone

Alan M. Dershowitz Sunday May 9th 2010

Richard Goldstone, author of the notorious Goldstone report, did not become a South African judge in the post-Apartheid Mandela Era, as The New York Times and other media have erroneously reported. He accepted a judgeship during the worst days of Apartheid and helped legitimate one of the most racist regimes in the world by granting the imprimatur of the rule of law to some of the most undemocratic and discriminatory decrees.

Goldstone was - quite literally - a hanging judge. He imposed and affirmed death sentences for more than two dozen blacks under circumstances where whites would almost certainly have escaped the noose. And he affirmed sentences of physical torture - euphemistically called "flogging" - for other blacks. He also enforced miscegenation and other racist laws with nary a word of criticism or dissent. He was an important part of the machinery of death, torture and racial subjugation that characterized Apartheid South Africa. His robe and gavel lent an air of legitimacy to an entirely illegitimate and barbaric regime.

It is no surprise that Goldstone kept this part of his life secret from academic colleagues, friends and the general public. I recall him at the lunch and dinner tables in Cambridge describing himself as a heroic part of the struggle against Apartheid. Now it turns out he was the ugly face of Apartheid, covering its sins and crimes with a judicial robe. How differently we would have looked at him if we knew that he had climbed the judicial ladder on whipped backs and hanged bodies.

Now that his dirty secret has been exposed to the world, he has invoked the defense raised by German judges at Nuremberg: "I was just following the law." This cowardly defense was rejected at Nuremberg and by the international law that Goldstone claimed to be applying against Israel in the Goldstone report. It should be resoundingly rejected by the court of public opinion. Goldstone's friend and former judicial colleague, Arthur Chaskalson, has rushed to the defense of his fellow South African judge, saying that it was "better to have an honest judge on the bench than another kind." Putting aside the issue of whether Goldstone was an honest judge - the Goldstone report strongly suggests he is "another kind" - the German judges offered precisely that argument at Nuremberg. "I did it to help the Jews."

In the film Judgment at Nuremberg, based on a real case, the judge argued that by unjustly sentencing one Jew to death, others might be helped. He also said he had no choice but to apply unjust laws. He was convicted. Goldstone may have persuaded himself and other judges who served the Apartheid regime that by hanging and torturing some blacks, they would be helping other blacks, but the only ones that were helped were the racists who ran the Apartheid regime and Goldstone himself, who used his Apartheid judgeship as a stepping stone and career booster.

It is interesting that Goldstone made a similar argument to friends as to why he accepted the chairmanship of the investigative commission offered to him by the United Nations Human Rights Council. He acknowledged that the Council was biased against Israel. Indeed, it treats Israel much the way Apartheid courts used to treat Black Africans: Just as there was special justice (really injustice) for blacks, so too there is special justice (really injustice) for Israel. Goldstone claims he took the job "to help Israel," just as he took his previous job to help blacks. In both cases he cynically hurt those he said he wanted to help, while helping only himself. In both cases he was selected to legitimate bigotry. In both cases, better people than him refused to lend their credibility to an illegitimate enterprise. But Goldstone accepted, because it was good for his career.

Goldstone is an ambitious opportunist who lacks the courage of his convictions - if he ever had any. He has always put personal advancement over principle. He is a master of rationalization and self justification. This time he has run out of excuses. He's been exposed as a poseur who will sell his integrity for a careerist opportunity. Fortunately he now has little integrity left to sell.

Please forward this article on to other people in the aim of creating more informed opinion.

Saturday 8 May 2010

The next British Government, with the Liberal-Democrats, will be anti-Israel.

Matthew Harris, a failed Liberal-Democrat candidate for Hendon, published a denial of my earlier article in which I exposed the anti-Israel connections and policies of the Lib-Dem leadership, including Nick Clegg (see 'Another nail in the coffin for British Jews').

Allow me to answer Mr. Harris point by point, giving him the facts and the details.

Mr. Harris failed to mention the disgraceful remarks made, for years, by Baroness Tonge. She has said that she would have ben a suicide bomber had she been a Palestinian. She refuses to condemn Hamas as a terror organisation. More lately she alleged that the IDF medical and rescue team in Haiti had been harvesting body organs. She was criticised by Clegg for this blood libel, but not dismissed from the party.

Even more recently, a Liberal-Democrat foreign affairs spokesman, William Wallace, admitted to the British Board of Deputies that he had met with Hamas leaders. He was not criticised for this by Nick Clegg. Why? Could it be that this 'balloon' statement echoes Clegg's own potential future foreign policy? It certainly echoes his staunch supporter Auchi and his Anglo-Arab Organisation which Harris feels should play a full role in British politics.

Harris would have us believe that Clegg's close friend, billionaire and conviced fraudster, Nahmi Auchi, does not contribute directly or indirectly to his political party. Harris knows that Auchi, through his companies and organisations is a major supporter of the Liberal-Democrats. A supporter, may I add, with an anti-Israel agenda.

Nahmi Auchi, as I exposed in my last article, supports Hamas. He provides aid and comfort to this terror group. His is the funding behind the upcoming blockage-running political convoy that will hit the headlines in the coming weeks.

Auchi funds one of the most anti-Israel, and anti-Semitic, websites in Britain.

The connection between Auchi and the Lib-Dems is close and undeniable. On 11th November 2009 he, through his Anglo-Arab Organisation, funded and hosted a banquet in honour of Nick Clegg at the five star Millennium Hotel in Mayfair.
He also organised a fund-raising dinner for Lib-Dem Richmond Park losing candidate, Susan Kramer, at the swanky Pembroke Lodge on the Thames.
So yes, Mr. Harris, Auchi does contribute to the Liberal-Democrats.

This, in itself, would be innocuous. As Harris states in his letter, British Muslims and British Arabs should get involved in British politics.
They are, indeed, getting involved. I question whether their involvement, and Arab Muslim political connections, are creating a more pragmatic Palestinian leadership which will lead to a solution to the Middle East crisis, or is their agenda to weaken and delegitimise Israel, thereby perpetuating the conflict?

As for Nick Clegg, let me include just a few of Nick Clegg's own policy statements.

Only two weeks ago Clegg told the Foreign Press Association "I remember when I first said that Israel acted disproportionately in Gaza. Now everyone accepts that this was a disproportionate use of military force".

Everyone, Mr.Clegg? Wouldn't it be more honest to say the far Left, the UK Arab and Muslim community and, of course, the Lib-Dems? That would still not make your statement, Mr. Clegg, correct. Force was not used disproportionately against a terror regime that had launched over eight thousand rockets, mortars, and sent suicide bombers into Israel over a six year period.

Nick Clegg has urged Gordon Brown to "condemn, unambiguously, Israel's tactics".  Israel's tactics, Mr. Clegg, was an inevitable self defense operation launched after years of intolerable restraint during which politicians like Clegg did absolutely nothing to stop the terror attacks against us.

He urges the European Union to "immediately suspend the proposed new EU cooperation agreement with Israel". In other words, The leader of the Liberal-Democrats supports a boycott of Israel rather than engage with Israel to achieve a peaceful solution to the conflict.

Furthermore, Nick Clegg has demanded that the EU and the UK "halt all arms exports to Israel" stressing that "Britain should act unilaterally".

If (when) Clegg achieves a position of power and influence what will be Israel's fate based on the Lib-Dems leader's stated anti-Israel policy?

As one Israeli told me "What does Clegg want? That we defend ourselves with our bare hands?"

Someone once said that if the Palestinians laid down their arms there would be peace tomorrow. If Israel laid down their arms there would be no Israel tomorrow.
In that atmosphere, why is the Liberal-Democrat leader trying to disarm Israel?

Nick Clegg was the first signatory to 'An appeal for the Gaza victims' that appeared in the Observer newspaper. This letter urged "The British Government and the international community to apply meaningful pressure on Israel in order to halt its flagrant abuse of interational law".
It further quotes that 'the Israeli Government continues to imprison 1.5 million Palestinians'.
Another signatory was Christine Chinkin who condemned Israel as being guilty of war crimes prior to examining the evidence as a member of the infamously biased UN panel headed by Richard Goldstone

Nick Clegg, by this statement, chooses to side with the false accusations hurled against Israel rather than temper his judgment with the facts.
Israel sends hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip It allows the sick into Israel for medical treatment. Palestinians in the West Bank have enjoyed a 10% improvement in their living standards. This figure was not achieved in Britain last year.
On the other hand, the Palestinians have rejected generous terms and solutions to end the conflict offered by Israel. They have refused to hold direct peace talks for more than a year with Israel. The Palestinians refuse to accept the concept of Israel as a Jewish state. They continue their incitement and hatred campaign against Israel, as well as glorifying mass murderers by naming their public squares, main streets, cultural and sports events after them. 
Clegg has not admitted that Israel fully supports the concept of a two state solution, and has made generous concessions that have been met with a refusal to negotiate.
According to Clegg, the empasse is all the fault of a brutal Israel.

Nick Clegg leads a political campaign designed to paint Israel in a bad light and punish us while giving Hamas a free pass.
The restrictions on Gaza still allow humanitarian aid to reach the people, while choking the Islamist terrorist infrastructure that thrives in the Strip. This restriction is shared by Egypt, who are also greatly concerned by the threatening nature of the Hamas regime in Gaza.
Hamas cleverly combines terror and propaganda. It cynically inflicts suffering on its own people as a tactic in its unrelenting war on the people of Israel.
Gilad Shalit personifies the suffering of both peoples at the hands of Hamas. Held captive against his will in inhumane circumstances, not by Israel but by Hamas.
The Palestinians, and their supporters, cry about 'occupation' but the only Jew that occupies Gaza does not want to be there.
Nick Clegg should insist that Hamas release Gilad Shalit.

Clegg would prove himself to a better politician for justice and human rights if he were to pressure both Hamas and Fatah to renounce the use and glorification of terror, stop the incitement and hatred to kill Israelis and destroy the Jewish state, and force them to accept and and finalise a two-state solution that has been offered to them by Israel for decades.
Instead, he sanctions dangerous political gimmicks that give succour and emboldens both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority and endangers Israel.

Clegg know that the Palestinians could have had a state decades ago had they been willing to live alongside the Jewish nation state of Israel, but Arafat refused to bite the bullet. He not only denied that there was ever a Jewish temple in Jerusalem, he went on to claim that Jesus was a Palestinian. Many Palestinians today accept this nonsense as part of their 'Palestinian history'.
More recently, Mahmoud Abbas rejected the far reaching concessions offered to him by Israel's Olmert. Today, he refuses to even talk with Israel.

The more people like Clegg batter Israel, the more intransigent the Palestinians become. They wear the victimhood badge with pride as they watch people like Obama and Clegg clobber Israel. They use the naive illusionists like the Liberal-Democrats to further their extreme aims.

Clegg's public statements echo those of his major supporter, Nahmi Auchi, his Anglo-Arab Organisation, and his anti-Zionist website.

Yet Mattew Harris is blind to all of this.

Is it any wonder, based on these political biases, that Clegg and the Liberal-Democrats oppose reforms to Britain's troublesome universal jurisdiction laws that, as they stand, leave Israeli politicians and military leaders vulnerable to arrest in the UK for alleged war crime allegations brought against them by organisations such as those of Auchi and slanderously quoted by the likes of Clegg, Tonge, Williams, and other prominent Liberal-Democrats?

Surely Matthew Harris is aware that this is the agenda of his political leader?

The close proximity of the political thoughts of Auchi and the policies of Clegg is deeply disturbing to Israelis.

Mattew Harris may talk of  'scaremongering lies'. They are, indeed, scary. They are not, however, lies.

They are scary for Israel. They should be scary for Jews in Britain unless, like Harris, they prefer to live in a Britain, and are satisfied, when the Arab and Muslim political agenda directly affects the policies of a future British Government.

Had I the confidence that British Muslims and their contacts would influence the Palestinians to reach a pragmatic and peaceful solution to the Middle East conflict my fears would be abated. This is not the case, and there is no evidence that this will happen any time soon.
All the evidence that I can see points to a biased, one-sided, slander campaign against Israel.

Matthew Harris would be better advised to face the truth and, under his Lib-Dem Friends of Israel, put pressure on his leader, Nick Clegg, to defend Israel and examine the Palestinian side of the argument,
rather than condemning and weakening us while supporting and aiding Hamas and a Palestinian Authority that has no intention of accepting a two-state solution, or recognising the Jewish State of Israel.

Monday 3 May 2010

Obama -v- Israel. Next round at the UN.

They are trying to tell you that relationships between the US and Israel has been rectified. Don't believe it!

Obama has now promised Mahmoud Abbas that the US will not automatically veto any future UN resolution condemning Israel.

This was done as a sweetener to persuade the Palestinian leader to agree to talks - with America.

Obama has given the wink to the US United Nations Ambassador not to use an American veto next time the Islamic regimes, backed by the European appeasers, gang up on Israel.

America has always been Israel's staunchest supporter at the biased UN Assembly. Not any more.
Obama has ordered the cutting of American bonds with Israel at the United Nations where all the Islamic regimes traditionally vote against all the Jewish nations.

This will really isolate and weaken the only Jewish state in the world.

Obama and his Administration, with the support of the Liberal Jews of America, are forcing the elimination and delegitimisation of Israel for which they should be ashamed.

It is 1936 know the rest,,,,