Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Goldstone Report. Where is it heading?

Where were the protests in the last few years about the war crimes perpetrated against Israel by both Hizbollah from Lebanon and then by Hamas in Gaza? Where were the Human Rights groups? Where was the UN Human Rights Council?
They stayed stoically silent as first thousand of Hizbollah Katusha rockets rained down on Israeli towns and villages. They did not issue a word when, later, eight thousands Kassam rockets slammed into towns, schools, kindergartens. Their silence was palpable as rockets slammed into civilian centers in Israel killing, maiming, and destroying.
Thousands of rockets deliberately targeted the Israeli civilian population was clearly a war crime. Yet no Human Rights Watch and no UN Committee considered this worthy of investigation. Only total silence.

Israel responds to the continuous and growing threat of larger and more sophisticated rockets and, suddenly, these austere organisations find their voice and begin to take action - against Israel.

It was as if they had been waiting to the inevitable response. It was if it was all planned in advance. Attack, attack, and keep attacking the Jewish State and when they act to put an end to it we will be waiting for them..

A committee was formed to reach a premeditated conclusion. They searched and found the perfect head of their committee of investigation. A renowned Jew whose deliberations would be interpreted as 'Look! Even a learned Jew condemns Israel's actions!'

And so the UN report on the Gaza conflict had its token Jew. It's aims, from the start, was to conclude that Israel's actions in Gaza were unlawful, unjustifiable, and they amounted to war crimes.

Headed by Judge Goldstone they listed the lies and portrayed them as facts and evidence. They spent time exploring sites and reporting that they were civilian, educational, religious buildings when they had been targeted by the IDF when sheltering terrorists or being used as weapon storage facilities.

The Goldstone Report references Islamic terrorists as being 'policemen'. Nowhere in his Gaza report does he include any mention to booby trapped schools. Nor does he investigate the cold-blooded slaughter of Palestinians by fellow Palestinians in Gaza during the conflict as worthy of mention or consideration as a crime.

Let me make it clear. The Goldstone Report is not an end in itself.
The perpetrators of this committee have another agenda. It is an agenda they have been working towards for some time.
From its inception the aim has been to drag Israel into the International Court of Criminal Justice in The Hague.
Mark my words. Israeli leaders and IDF officers will be named, accused, and charged to appear in the dock.

And here is the danger not only for Israel but for all those who attempt to fight tyranny.
Jews/Israelis are always the first on the chopping block. They are never the last.
What is bad for Israel today will be far worse for American leaders and officers tomorrow. Already the Obama Administration is forcing an issue of CIA abuses against terrorists that can result in the naming of CIA agents and military officers.
British and American actions in Iraq and in Afghanistan have so far avoided the spotlight. This has been partly due to the reluctance of much of the Western media to examine the result of their brave soldiers actions in these war zones. It is partly due to military and Government censorship. It is also partly due to the powerful political clout that America and Britain have in the UN. A political clout that an isolated Israel does not have.

However, it is clear to any semi-knowledgeable person that the same rules apply whether fighting Hamas and Islamic terror in the confines of Gaza or taking on the Taliban in the villages and alleyways of Afghanistan.
Targets are carefully chosen, armaments are selected, yet innocent people get killed in such urban warfare.
It is unjust to claim that Coalition forces go about their actions to intentionally harm the civilian population in Iraq or Afghanistan.
It is equally unjust to accuse the IDF of deliberately targeting civilians.

However, justice is not the name of the game. The radical and premeditated aim of the Goldstone report was to create the indictment that will cause the UN to bring Israel to the International Court of Justice in The Hague.
And Richard Goldstone became the patsy when he accepted the brief to head the committee.
yes, he gave lip-service to suspected Palestinian war crimes but these will be drowned out by the baying for Jewish blood by the anti-Israel lobby groups worldwide.

This leaves Israel exposed to the abuses of 'political correctness'. Israel waits, like the sacrificial lamb, to be called to its slaughter on the altar of the Human Rights court.

Should Israel become the initial scapegoat for the free world's war on Islamic terror then, with clear certainty, America and Britain will surely follow Israel into the dock and be condemned for the actions they take in fighting the scourge that is, today, throttling the attempt at brave action taken in defence of freedom and liberty.

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