Thursday 17 February 2011

Brand name "Palestine" simply won't wash!

Being "For Palestine" is really being "Against Israel."

Being for Palestine is a trendy way of proving yourself whiter than white. Something like a modern day PC Palestine Persil.

Immerse yourself in "Palestine Persil", call your Israeli competitor a "Nazi", and you emerge smelling like roses.

Just like the old tired advert promoted by the Mad Men, it's full of imagery and very little substance. For when they emerge from their dowsing in brand name "Palestine" they need to be reminded that the stains of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, human rights abuses, corruption, violence, lack of democratic process are still there for all to see, unlike the Israeli brand which is shiny white by comparison.

The "Palestine" branders are uncomfortable with their reject product. Issues like gay rights, women's equality, children’s hate education, minority discrimination, leave the image they are trying to project in tatters.

Try as they may to blame these defects on the "Israel" brand simply won't wash.

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