Thursday 5 July 2012


  1. A World Turned Upside Down by Barry Shaw.

    The British Government has always had a problematic relationship with the Jewish State of Israel.
    Dating from the British Mandate period, when the onus of the British Government was to help establish a National Home for the Jewish People as set down in the Balfour Declaration, the San Remo Declaration, and the League of Nations Resolution, they thwarted Jewish immigration, armed, trained, and led some of the aggressive Arab armies that attacked the nascent State of Israel in 1948.
    In more recent years, Britain has become a leading hub in radicalization against Israel. It is increasingly being led by the nose by a volatile Muslim minority with a growing influence in Parliament. The failure of the British Government, who are hosting the 2012 Olympic Games, to insist that the International Olympic Committee honor the Israeli athletes murdered at the Munich Olympic Games forty years ago can be put down to it cynical sucking up to its internal and external Arab and Muslim interests. This has led Jeremy Hunt, the British Minister for Sport, who as a cornerstone of his brief is overseeing the success of the London Olympics, recently said that introducing a Minute of Silence for the slain Israeli athletes into the Olympic programme was “none of his business.” How much of his business would it have been had the athletes killed forty years ago been British?

    Now comes a leaked British report that turns the world on its head. According to a document released by ‘The Commentator’ website, the British Foreign Office is calling Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, the major obstacle to the peace process for using Palestinian incitement against Israel “as a delaying tactic.” The document denies that Palestinian textbooks incite hatred, despite the clear quotations that prove the opposite. 

    The document, which was marked ‘restricted’ but was released into the public domain is entitled ‘Research Paper FINAL.’ The document was disclosed by the UK Taxpayers Alliance campaign group led by Matthew Elliott which has looked at Palestinian incitement which, it says, “has been part of the Palestinian discourse since Oslo.”
    The document states that “Netanyahu has a history of using the incitement issue as a delaying tactic in peace talks. The history of this issue suggests that Netanya administration have a tendency to charge the Palestinian Authority and Palestine Liberation Organisation with incitement as a delaying tactic in peace talks.” 

    So there you have it. The fact that the PA consistently incites its population to hatred and violence, including rabid anti-Semitic statements and resolutions, has little to do with the cessation of peace talks. Nor has the stubborn refusal of Palestinian leaders to hold direct negotiation with Israel received any pride of place in this official document designed to reflect British policy on this Middle East issue. Instead, the guilt of Palestinian incitement has been thrown on to the shoulders of Israel’s Prime Minister by the British Government, and is now being called the main obstacle to peace. As usual for Britain and Europe, the guilty Palestinians come out of this squeaky clean. For them, it is Israel that is responsible for the deniable Palestinian hatred and their incitement to end the Jewish state that has led to a total end to the peace process. 

    This, surely, is a world turned upside down.

    Barry Shaw is the author ‘ISRAEL RECLAIMING THE NARRATIVE’ which examines recent British statements and policy and includes a chapter entitled ‘Turning Truth on its Head.’ Get your copy today at
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