Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Obama- the Cover-Up President.

Did anyone catch President Obama’s speech on counter terrorism and national security at Fort McNair? Did anyone care what he said?
Well, one person did. Leftist crazy, Media Benjamin, repeatedly and confusingly interrupted him to protestingly support the very things that he was advocating. She sounded as if she was arguing with him while shouting for the things that he was promoting, namely closing Guantanamo and to stop killing dangerous terrorists with drone strikes. That’s why Obama, even though he was ruffled by her rude interruptions, told his audience that she was “worth paying attention to.”

Apparently, in America, nobody much cared about what he said. For many it was simply a smokescreen to cover up the dire consequences of the revelations that are haunting the Obama Administration. Bengazi refuses to go away. The appalling definition of the Islamic terror attack on the US Consulate that killed Ambassador Stephens and three other Americans, as being a response to an amateur video, was shocking in its misinterpretation of what actually took place, and why. Why would Obama choose to turn a deaf ear to the desperate appeals of his men under siege and, after their deaths, alongside the four coffins at Andrews Air Force base, and in front of the families of the murdered men, reconfirm their murder as the fault of a video when they knew what had really transpired? I found the sight of President Obama and Hillary Clinton affirming this lie at such a time highly shameful. This was a cover up, and they were in denial.
Obama has more recently been in denial over a number of scandals ranging from the IRS investigation into media outlets such as Fox News and political groups unsavory to his regime, to the seizure of phone records belonging to Associated Press journalists, and to Eric Holder, the US Attorney General appointed by Obama, caught lying about not knowing about these unconstitutional measure, and then having his signature on the authorizing document exposed to the public by the media. He did this under oath and, if proven, he could face serious criminal charges for perjury.  

In all cases, the wagons circled to protect the president. He knew nothing of any of these critical incidents, we are led to believe. And now his conference on counter-terrorism, in which he droned about drones and muffled on for an hour in a contradictory message that had many scratching their heads. Why did he face the cameras, at this time, to talk not about the crisis facing his Administration but to give an ill-prepared speech on counter-terrorism? To many, Obama is the cover-up president and this address was a cover-up tactic to create smoke and mirrors in a vain effort to distract the press and the public away from the scandals that are rocking his White House. He hoped the resurrection of his oath to close Gitmo, the Guantanamo detention center, would hit the papers and TV channels and take the heat out of the unlawful and covert investigations of his rivals. It clearly did not work.
He tried to claim that he intended to move many of the remaining Gitmo prisoners to foreign lands. What he failed to tell the American public that over 30% of Gitmo prisoners who had been transferred overseas have returned to terrorism –and these were the soft cases. The hardened terrorists are the ones that have been kept in Gitmo lock-down.

Obama claimed the cost-efficiency of moving high profile terrorists into top security facilities in mainland America but these are civilian jails and Gitmo is a military prison. Where should terrorists be incarcerated, in a civilian, or a military, holding facility? He claimed that no one  ever escaped from a top security jail, but no one has ever escaped from Gitmo either. And here’s another reason to maintain Guantanamo. America is bound to need Gitmo in the future as more Islamic terrorists are caught killing Americans within America and worldwide. Believe me when I say that I regret this truth, but it is a truth that cannot be denied. And here we come to the crux of the Obama speech.
Here are some of his confusing soundbites. He praised the effective use of drones but then gave his presidential seal on the reduced use of drones in the future. His refusal to allow the current pattern of drone strikes was couched in human rights language but he acknowledged that drones had decimated the enemy and taken out the top leadership of major terror groups. It is clear that the surgical ability of drones reduces collateral damage to a minimum and their use is made where boots on the ground is not feasible and their use saves American soldiers lives. Yet he intends to limit their use. Mark that one up for the terrorists, who can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Obama said that the war on terror is nearing its end. That’s because he wants it to end, not because the terror threat to America and the West has been curtailed. It hasn’t. Osama Bin Laden has been removed but the top leadership of Al Qaida is still in place. Bin Laden’s capable right-hand man, and now Al-Qaida Number One, Ayman al-Zawahiri, is alive and well and still coordinating and inspiring a new breed of Islamic terrorists. New recruits are still making their way to Pakistan and Afghanistan for training before heading home, or to other battlefields, to practice their new-found skills. They have spread their terror across the Middle East and into the heart of Africa, and they are popping up with increasing regularity in America, Britain, and mainland Europe. Yet, Obama says the war on terror is reaching its end. Mark that one up to the terrorists who seem to have fooled the American President.
Ears pricked up when Obama made glancing references to “violent jihad” but he went into appeasement mode by denying that “violent jihad” had anything to do with Islam.  Yet another victory lap for Islamic terrorists. The West, led by America’s president, has their collective liberal heads buried in the sand.  

Obama was in denial when his ambassador and other Americans were gunned down in Bengazi, the term “Islamic terrorism” has been expunged from official language, “violent jihad” has nothing to do with campaign for Islamic global supremacy. Closing Guantanamo is actually closing our eyes to the truth. Send the terrorists away somewhere where we can’t see them or deal with them. Drones are an effective weapon against those who want to kill us, but we must stop their use. Pretend people hate us because one stupid guy made a video. It sounds better than scaring the public that people actually do hate us for what we are, and what we represent, and they are prepared to kill us for it.
Obama has a theory that I cannot get my head around. It goes like this. Fighting extremist radical Islamic terror encourages even more Islamic terror against us. Therefore, encourage non-Islamic leaders to take up the fight against Islamic extremism. If this was true, why did Obama throw Mubarak of Egypt under the bus? America, under Obama, may not think of itself at war with Islam, but radical Islam is definitely at war with America.

I also cannot get my head around the glorification and placation of Islam as Islamic terrorists continue to strike against American, Israeli, and European targets. It equates, as Barry Rubin reminded us in his article, “Obama’s Seven Premises about Islamist Terrorism and Revolution”, that when the Allies waged war against Germany we did not go into battle singing the praises of Mozart, hamburgers, and other achievements of German culture. So, why do we harp on about what a wonderful peaceful religion the Muslims have, even as they chop us down in Boston, Tel Aviv, Woolwich, Nairobi, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Bengazi, Bulgaria, etc., etc… you get the picture. First win the battle, then tell them how much you love them. We can now tell Germans what great football teams they have. We didn’t do that between 1938-45, and rightly so.
Obama is the cover-up president. He covers his eyes and ears to the true face of terror. He covers up the effective use of precise weaponry targeting terrorists. He covers up the trail when the results of his dysfunctional policies based on wishful thinking comes tumbling down around him. Up to now he has been aided and abetted by an adoring media, but that seems to coming to an end as much of the leftist media are belatedly beginning to speak out against the mismanagement and potential crimes of the Obama Administration.

Barry Shaw is the author of ‘Israel Reclaiming the Narrative.’  www.israelnarrative.com



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