Tuesday 31 December 2013

The lies they tell....anti-Israel Christians that champion the Palestinian narrative.

This is an excerpt from the new book I am writing.
The title will be "The Lies They Tell." The sub-title will be "Exposing the lies They tell about Israel and why?"
I am publishing a snippet on my chapter on Christian anti-Israel activism to assist those who are challenging the horrifically false accusations being perpetrated in this Christmas/New Year period outside the St.James's Church in Piccadilly, London which brutalises Israel. 
There is dire need for the shining light of truth. I hope my future book will project that light. I promise it will fall harshly on those that demonise and delegitimise my country.

Christian support for the Palestinian cause this Christmas reminds us that Yasser Arafat defied the Christian tradition in Bethlehem, which had been respected and upheld under Israeli authority, by appointing a Muslim governor and engineered a Muslim takeover of the city council. 
He then put his stamp on this town by converting the Greek Orthodox monastery, next to the Church of the Nativity, into his official Bethlehem residence.

At great risk to his life, Pastor Naim Khoury, of the Bethlehem Baptists Church, exposed the developing threats to Christians within the territories controlled by the Palestinian Authority. 
People are always telling Christians to convert to Islam.”
His ministry is based on love and non-violence. He is also a strong advocate for Zionism based on God’s land covenant with Israel through Abraham.
Because of his views, his church has been bombed fourteen times, and he has been shot three times. He has been threatened by the Palestinian Authority to close the doors of his church which they consider as “illegitimate.”
This brave Christian priest needs and deserves the active support of church leaders worldwide. Instead, they boycott him and pick on Israel for their wrath, ignoring the human rights crimes of the Palestinian leadership whom they openly support. How twisted is that?

Elias Freij, the Christian mayor of Bethlehem at the time of the Oslo Accords in 1993, warned Israeli Prime Minister, Yizhak Rabin, to maintain control over his town. “Bethlehem will become a town of churches devoid of Christians if you transfer control to the Palestinian Authority.” 
Israel caved in to international pressure, and the mayor’s warning became the current Christian nightmare.

Since the Hamas takeover in Gaza, Christians have fled in droves from the Strip. Incited by Islamic calls for action, Muslim Palestinians murdered their Christian neighbors. 
One victim was Rami Ayad, the owner of Gaza’s only Christian bookshop. The mob returned to burn down his business.

The Palestinian Authority and Hamas have grafted Shariah Law into their Charters and constitution. In such an unwelcoming environment is it any wonder that Christians feel threatened and flee?

But once a year, at Christmas, the Palestinian leadership cynically trot out a deformed tale of Jesus for political and propaganda purposes. Their tale is not one of peace and goodwill to all men. Rather it is one of Jew-hatred achieved by hijacking the Christmas message and converting Christ into a Palestinian.

It is simply baffling how and why Christian leaders ignore the fate of their co-religionists living under such harsh Palestinian control that is guilty of the worst human rights crimes and voluntarily champion the Palestinian cause, wrapped in Sharia, to assault the Jewish state.

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