Monday 24 March 2014

Israel and the Trojan Horse. An allegorical tale.

Israel and the Trojan Horse.
An allegorical tale.

A small and ancient people rebuild their land, beautify it, modernize it, makes it plentiful and prosperous.
Then arises an enemy, envious of its shining success, determined to conquer this land, destroy its people and its heritage, and fly the banner of their victory.
They fail, and fail again. So they plot to eradicate this wondrous land with false pleas to outsiders to turn this land and people into a pariah, to weaken it until it is persuaded to open its gates.
When the hammering on its doors becomes deafening, and the nation unbolts the padlocks, the enemy leaders harden their hearts and tell their masses that victory is in sight.
The outsiders demand the fortified nation to fling open their gates, remove their barricades, or face the dangerous consequences of their refusal.
But the people remain resolute. They know what will be the end should they allow the Trojan Horse to enter their land and into their cities.
Should that fate be sealed, the enemy will dance and kill in victory, and the outsiders will silently steal away into the night, as they always have.
Yet another shame to be etched in their thousand year old history of hateful wrongs.

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