Thursday 4 December 2014

Voting for a symbolic state.

I recently spoke to a British lawmaker about the recent vote in the British parliament in favor of a non-existent Palestinian state. I admit that I ranted about the not so hidden dangers to Israel in the significance of this vote.

He told me that the vote was nonbinding and was only symbolic. I hate that word – symbolic. I hear it used when the parliaments of Ireland, Spain, and France voted symbolically for a state named Palestine in unknown borders with an unknown capital and an unknown constitution and unknown leadership.

Symbolic of what, I asked. Symbolically forcing a situation on Israel against a threatening entity refusing to accept its existence as a Jewish state? Were cynical lawmakers appeasing their growing constituents with this vote symbolic? Or, perhaps, it was symbolical of misguided altruists who cannot think further than imposing a mantra in support of a Two-State dogma that many of them have been financing for decades?

Symbolically, they take no responsibility for the fall out that their idiotic vote has caused.  Take Sweden for example. They had one of the shortest governments in their history. If you overslept you probably missed it. In a barely three months life their only “achievement” was damage caused to Israel. They leave behind a symbolic vote that leaves them with absolutely no responsibility for the fallout. The damage is done and they have left the stage.

Who gains from these symbolic parliamentary votes? Is it Israel? No. Is it the peace talks? No. Is it the Palestinians? Yes. Is it the cynical self-interests of the parliamentarians? Yes. So there you have it.

France was the last parliament to vote on this Palestine issue, although there are more lining up to vote symbolically.

What was symbolic about the French vote was that, for me, it echoed what transpired during the violent anti-Semitic riots of the summer. When mobs of angry Muslims attacked Jews and tried to get at them as they sheltered inside a synagogue they were taken on by members of the Jewish Defense League who fought them to protect the frightened Jews. The French state moved to disarm and outlaw them.

It seems this is what is happening in European parliaments in which they symbolically vote to reward those guilty of the summer violence while disarming and punishing the Jewish state.

Barry Shaw is the author of ‘Israel Reclaiming the

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