Friday 25 September 2015

Rekjavik - the cold capital of hypocrisy.

The Rekjavik mayor, when faced with global criticism and protests, backed down on his council's blanket boycott resolution against Israel and watered it down to a mealy-mouthed boycott on Jewish products from Judea & Samaria.
I wonder why this city exclusively targets the Jewish state above all others.
He replaced a city vote of anti-Semitism (that’s how it looks from Israel when your capital applies double standards) to a more localized version of Rekjavikian anti-Semitism.
Yes, anti-Semitism. That's what it is when you target the Jewish state exclusively, and against the logic that it refuses to apply to worse offenders, and without applying reason to Israel's claims for understanding or justice. 
Let me put it bluntly. Rekjavik’s decision was a hostile one. It was also hypocritical.
As an Israeli, I may surprise many readers by demanding that this town carry out its boycott resolution in full.
I do so in the certain knowledge that Rekjavik needs us far far more than we need them.
It must begin by throwing out all of the city's computer network that operates by virtue of its Israeli technology. All council members must be deprived of their smart phones. They should also check which other Israeli technology is keeping their city in the modern age. The hypocrites!
Rekjavik must be punished for its hypocrisy. Any city with a mayor that visited China yet boycotts Israel is truly the capital city of hypocrisy.
Rekjavik has no problem with China occupying Tibet, or its appalling human rights record. No reason for Rekjavik to boycott China, or Turkey for occupying northern Cyprus and for bombing Kurds, imprisoning journalists and opponents of the Erdogan government, or Morocco for occupying Western Sahara, or Egypt for blockading Gaza.
This hypocrisy came full circle when it was revealed that the left-wing councilwoman who proposed the boycott motion was leaving Iceland to serve Hamas in Gaza! Not Abbas in Ramallah. No. Its Hamas controlled Gaza that she supports. This is the Gaza that fired thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians last year, and not for the first time.
This leads to my final question.
Does Iceland and Rekjavik designate Hamas as an Islamic terror organization?
If so, they should boycott this council member when he returns to cold and hypocritical Rekjavik.

Barry Shaw is the author of ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism.’  

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