Sunday 24 January 2010

HAITI - Those that do and those that didn't.

We were all stunned, Silenced, shocked by the sights and sounds of the disaster that struck Haiti and by the Underserving tragedy that hit the poor suffering people of that island.

We have been moved to reach out to the Haitians, who we do not know, and offer them our charity.
It is, for us, a matter of indifference that they are a different race, a different color, a different religion. Their genuine needs cry out to us and we give them whatever we can.

Some, insufficiently few, left jobs, homes, and families to travel to this Stricken land to put their professional skills at the service of the people in the immediate Aftershock of the earthquake.

It is, after all, a basic Tenant of the Judeo-Christian ethic to feel the pain of sufferers, to reach out to them, and give them a helping hand.
A Practised Jewish philosophy says that Whoever save a single life it is as if he has saved the entire world.

Israel has been wrongly accused in its recent past of acting Disproportionately.
In Responding to the earthquake in far-off Haiti, Israel acted in a Hugely Disproportionate manner.

It was out of proportion to any other country in the speed of the Israeli response. Within two hours of news of the disaster Israel was recruiting Manpower and gathering much needed equipment.

The quality and quantity of the search and rescue team and the hand-picked medical staff was way out of proportion compared to the size of other, better developed, countries.

It was out of proportion to other countries that tiny Israel had contacts and influence on the ground in Haiti that were able to identify, select, and gain access to the locations for its field hospital and command and control center while other countries were still Assembling their aid.

The speed of this human resource intelligence meant that Israel was able to be on the ground and operating by the day after the earthquake struck.

The result was out of proportion the effect of Israel flying two hundred highly trained personnel and sixty tons of equipment half way around the world before other countries woke up to the size of the disaster.

The number of people rescued from the ruins by Israeli search and rescue teams was Disproportionate to other countries, most of which did not even participate in the disaster efforts.

The number of people treated in the most advanced field hospital in Haiti was Disproportionate to any other country. Again, let's mention those to did nothing because they are some of the leading actors who Condemn Israel for acts of Inhumanity.

As in the past, in places such as India, Turkey, Kenya, Greece, Kosovo, and now in Haiti, Israel acted rapidly and Disproportionately. It will do so again in the future reaching out to anyone in dire need. If disaster falls on your country you can be sure that Israeli angels will come to your aid in ways way out of proportion to others.

Way out of proportion, for example, to the reaction and support of Islamic countries. Their silence, their lack of response, their failure to hurry to help those dying, bleeding, crying, homeless was as shocking as our emotional response to the Haitian disaster.

Their absence from the scene leads one to ask why. Why did not they reach out to Haiti? Where is their humanity? Do they not share the same Judeo-Christian values Charitable?
Sorry to be politically incorrect but where were they?

In searching the Koran, in trying to understand the Islamic mind and Motive, evidence leads us to the fact that they can not be Relied upon to save human lives and help the needy if those who are suffering are non Muslims.

Islamic teachers such as Sheikh Atiyyah Saqr, former head of Al-Azhar Fatwa Committee, said "The Majority of scholars are of the view that non-Muslims should not be given of the money of Zakah (charity) except those whose hearts are inclined to Islam ".

Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, former President of the Islamic Society of North America said, "Zakah is a special charity and it should be given only to the poor and needy among Muslims".

Interpretations of the Koran bring 'Educated' Muslims to the Conclusion that charity stays at home.
Charity has to be taken 'from the rich among you and given to the poor among you'.
Unbelievers can not receive their help. In some Islamic circles non Muslims are considered the enemy and certainly do not deserve charity.
In short, do not expect any help from the wealthy Arab states even if your life depends on it.

Clearly the Deliberate failure of the major of the Islamic countries to assist the Plight of the suffering in Haiti and other trouble spots is out of proportion to the humanitarian assistance offered by the Judeo-Christian world.
Others would say that to ignore the Plight of the Haitians is a crime against humanity.

Gratitude is due to everyone, every nation, that gave to Haiti no matter what size or proportion.
What is Unforgiveable, some would say a crime against humanity, are the Governments and organizations who saw the disaster, who heard the cries for help, and Deliberately did nothing for religious or political reasons.

Remember, next time they Condemn Israel for acting out of proportion tell them "Thank God Israel knows how to save lives Disproportionately.

And ask them what they did when the Haitian cry for help rang around the world.

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