Friday, 19 February 2010

My British Passport and my theory.


You may wish to use the text of my letter to leading newspapers as a unique and personal perspective of the Incident that is currently making the international news, namely the removal of a dangerous terrorist in Dubai.

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was the founder of the Palestinian Islamic terror group, Izz-a-din al-Kassam.

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was in Dubai to buy highly developed Iranian missiles and other weapons for Hamas.
If used against Israel these rockets could reach Central Israel putting the lives of three million citizens in mortal danger
These weapons could also be used by Hamas, or other terror groups, throughout Europe.
He had to be stopped.

A decision had to be made by whichever counter-terror command to stage a major attack using possibly fifteen top pperatives against a single target in an enemy country.
The operation succeeded due to excellent intelligence and operational work by this anti-terror organisation.

A question must be asked why Dubai allows its soil to be used by Iranians and terrorist groups as a trading post for the international terror weapons trade.

Their public investigation following the attack is less about a crime having been committed on their soil. Rather it is an open and loud display of their identification with the victim and what he represents - namely Islamic terror.

If Dubai intelligence was so quick to identify foreigners participating in the assassination, why were they not used to prevent terorrists internationally known, such as al-Mabhouh. conducting arms deals for Hamas and other terrorists with Iranian agents?
And now to my theory.......
Last year a disc was lost or stolen from a Bitish Government official. People in Britain will remember this major scandal. It was all over the newspapers and media there.
This disc contained details of all British passport holders and their private details. It was never found.
This disc was stolen or sold to Arab sources.
One of the cources, mabe even Dubai, used the passports as part of their plot to assassinate al-Mabhouh.
At the same time they succeeded in implicating Israel in their scheme to remove a nuisance who was using their territory for Hamas terror business with Iran - who Dubai hate worse than Hamas.
It also explains how Dubai trotted out pictures and details of the culprits in record time.
If British citizens are at risk the fault originated with a sloppy British Government official.
It makes as much sense as fifteen disguised Israelis running round a hotel corridor in Dubai.
Pass the above information and the sample letter below to your local and national media and distribute to your hasbara sources......


As a holder of a British passport would have my breast swollen with pride a forged version had been used during the recent eradication of a Hamas terror mastermind. I would have felt that I had played a small but significant role in the Covert war on terror. I would not be running in tears to the British Foreign Office. So stop whimpering and join the fight against Islamic terror that threatens us all!

We should have enormous admiration for the courage and tTenacity of the undercover agents who put themselves at great personal risk in their battle for our safety and security.
It is immaterial whether those operators belong to the Mossad, CIA, or MI6.

Had my passport, however, been used in an Islamic terror attack in Tel Aviv or London I would have been screaming blue murder.

It comes down, I suppose, to what side of the fence you are in the ongoing struggle against those who want to kill us.

You have to decide, and support, the good guys against the bad guys in a war that can not be fought by Queensbury rules.
Of course, another explanation was that the identity of the british passport holders was btained from the disc that was lost or stolen from a British Government official last year.
You may remeber this incident. It made all the headlines and was a major security breach.
My theory is that this disc was sold to an Arab Government, maybe even Dubai, who used forged British passports as part of their plot to eliminate a Hamas nuisance who was using their territory to do terror business with Iran.
Dubai also succeeded in implicating Israel for a double-whammy of slick intelligence work.
It also explains how they managed to trot out identities in record time.
This theory is as plausible as fifteen diguised Israeli agents running round a Dubai hotel corridor.

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