Tuesday 10 May 2011


The world applauds the Arab Spring. They project the Arab uprising as a new dawn led by attractive, non violent, young modern people linked to the wonders of Twitter and Facebook.
Even while Egypt's National Museum was being burnt and looted of the countries national treasures and heritage, even as American journalist, Lara Logan, was being gang raped in Tahrir Square, even as people cowered in fear of the Cairo mob, the media insisted on portraying the mob rule that overthrew a benign leadership (as compared to Libya Syria, and Iran) as non violent and secular.
The world refused to listen to Israel when it protested that the upheaval was less spontaneous than it appeared, that the social networking was efficiently being used by the organisers to rally the crowd, and that the Islamists were discreetly pulling the strings together with the Arab Marxists and International Socialists.
This is the unholy alliance that will dominate Egypt and the Arab world as we head into a pretend democracy.
Israel will be a prime target for the next generation of Arab governments. The Middle East neighbourhood will remain uncertain and a very tough place to live.
The Jewish population of Egypt, Libya, Tunis, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and all the hotbeds of revolt were forcefully removed, if not murdered, by the Muslim majority decades ago. Most found refuge in the Jewish State of Israel. Having threatened, killed, deported, and stole their possessions the Arabs now turn their envious and greedy gaze to the success story of a modern Israel. They see yet another pot of gold if only they can remove the Jews from their midst in the region. They will use holy Islamic slogans to justify their avid lust for Jewish lives and possessions. Hence the fiction of an Islamic Palestine as a sacred conviction. But Israel is strong. The Jew no longer quakes in fear and surrenders to the executioners meekly. Not so the Christians in the Muslim world. They are defenseless. They are the easy victims to racial Islamic passions and greed. Their co-religionists in other countries, though they have elected their own governments, do not have the voice, the will, or the power, to raise an army to save their fellow Christians. They can only look on in silent horror.
The unraveling Egyptian tale leaves a trail of Christian blood. Twenty one Christians were murdered in January in the port city of Alexandria, A Coptic priest was killed in southern Egypt. A Christian familly were slaughtered by Msulims near Maghagha in February. In May, a church was burnt to the ground and twenty two people were killed in Cairo.
Clearly the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood are growing in violent confidence as Egypt heads for the reforming elections later this year and the first victims of this new found Arab-style democracy will be the Christian population.
The world, led by American President George Bush, demanded democratic elections from the Palestinians. They got them. It resulted in Palestinians voting for the Islamic terror group, Hamas. The same will happen in the so-called Arab Spring. Just keep your eyes on Egypt and watch the radical Islamists sweep into power.
Don't believe me? Then believe the words of Amr Moussa, the head of the Arab League, and the leading ctontender to become the next President of Egypt. He is a savy politician who knows which side his bread is buttered. In reality, he is an anti-Islamist. He is running as an independent candidate but is a shoo in to take over his country and lead whatever government is elected. In an interview to the Wall Street Journal he said that it is inevitable that the Egyptian parliamentary elections in September will usher in a bloc of Islamists with the Muslim Brotherhood at the forefront. He is ready to work with them.
The subsequent rewriting of the Egyptian constitution will convert the country to Shariah law, will reduce non-Muslims to the status of dhimmi citizens, which means being penalised for simply living there as non-Muslims. If places such as Bethlehem are an example, the Christians will face relentless oppression, persecution, violence, destruction, and death as the Islamic majority force them out.
Bethlehem had a wealthy majority of Christians when Israel controlled that town. After Israel ceded control to the Arafat-led Palestinians, the eighty percent Christian majority was reduced to a fearful minority of less than twenty percent.
The writing is on the wall for the Christians of Egypt and other Arab nations. Heed the warning signs. Things are about to get worse, a lot worse.
Get out now, while you still can! There's no one around to help you. You are as defenseless as were the Jews in Europe seventy years ago.

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