Monday 2 May 2011

Master of the House.

After our Prime Minister called the Palestinian President his "partner for peace" at a White House ceremony last September, the recent Mahmoud Abbas embrace of  the Hamas terror organization put me in mind of the lyrics of "Master of the House", one of the hit songs of the stage musical "Les Miserables."  I quote;

"I used to dream that I would meet a prince, but God Almighty have you seen what's happened since!"

We have all seen what has happened since that Cinderella moment in Washington.
Abbas has resolved to reject recognition of Israel. He stubbornly refuses to have direct peace talks with us. He continues to name streets, squares, cultural and sporting events after the terrorist murderers of innocent Israelis. Palestinian state TV refers to Israeli towns as Palestine, and Israeli Arabs as "Palestinians of the Interior." 
Now, with the new unity accord, the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority has become an affiliate of Hamas, an internationally designated terror organization.

The massive funding by the UN, EU, and the United States, was predicated on the PA pursuing peace with Israel, obligating them to hold to their commitments of signed agreements, and holding to a renouncement of violence and terror. None of this has taken place. Indeed, as the Palestinians have prospered they have become more intransigent, not less. Yet, the international community seem to have turned a blind eye to this and, in their utopian haze, look on the accord as a step in the right direction.

We should all now demand that our politicians stop being the public relations officials for the Palestinian leadership and call a spade a bloody shovel. Let's name them and shame them. Let's tell the world the truth about the awful human rights records of both sides of the so-called Palestinian unity, not only against us but against their own people. Let's reveal to the world what Palestinian leaders are telling their own people about their ultimate and deadly intentions for Israel. Let's quote chapters from both the Palestinian and the Hamas Charters which are replete with the most racist and anti-Semitic references. Let's expose the racist and, yes, apartheid policies pronounced by the Palestinian Authority regarding any future territory being Judenrein, free of Jews. Let's bring the Palestinian Authority to the International Criminal Court for declaring a death sentence on any Palestinian who sells land to a Jew.

We all yearn for peace, but peace can only be made with a pragmatic neighbor that  does not hold malevolent, racist, and violent designs to eliminate us.

As the clock ticks down to a fateful September this is no time for dreaming about marrying a prince.

Barry Shaw

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