Wednesday 29 June 2011


One thing for sure is that the Gaza flotilla radicals are lying through their teeth.
Weeping crocodile tears for the weak and the oppressed they head of for Gaza to relieve the suffering of a increasingly middle class society who have just opened their second super Shopping Mall in Gaza City. Meanwhile, they have turned their backs on the Egyptians, Libyans, Syrians, Tunisians, Yemenites, who are being slaughtered by their leaders in favour of a terrorist regime that also tramples on the rights of its people in Gaza.
  Their adventure cruise in the Mediterranean may seem to them to be a goodwill mission but the effect will be to dislocate the Middle East even further and drive a dangerous wedge deep within Palestinian society. The result of their expensive, foolish, and illegal jaunt will not affect Israel one iota.
Let me explain with three sharp examples:

By heading for Hamas controlled Gaza they are outlawing the official Palestinian Authority in favour of the Islamic terror regime in the Gaza Strip. This is bound to cause irrevocable damage within Palestinian society, fracture even further Palestinian politics, and make peace even more distant. In their ignorance, they are unaware of the delicate Palestinian political balance and rivalry. Instead, they intend to go blundering into Gaza. This can only result in stirring up a hornet's nest that will weaken the more moderate arm of Palestinian politics. Or maybe it is one of their intentions to support and strengthen an Islamic terror regime that has introduced harsh Shariah law rather than a pragmatic liberal, secular, democracy? By doing so, they trample on any hope of normal human and civil rights as we know them for Hamas does not respect rights for women, gays, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press. Yet, amazingly, these are the people to whom the flotilla crazies are sailing with their letters of love and their out-of-date humanitarian aid.  Come on! Give me a break!

2. THERE IS NO HUMANITARIAN CRISIS IN GAZA. The International Red Cross has said so.
You only have to search Google Earth to view spectacular pictures of modern day life in Gaza with beautiful homes, gorgeous squares and broad avenues, luxury hotels, fine restaurants, new sporting facilities, several splendid shopping malls. So what is all this nonsense of coming to rescue and free the poor people of Gaza?
The gates are open between Israel and Gaza with aid, goods, money, and services finding their way into the Strip in an orderly and supervised fashion. There is full cooperation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. All goods and services are checked by both parties and, as long as there are no weapon grade materials, everything flows into Gaza unhindered. Since the upheaval in Egypt the border between Gaza and Ehypt is now also open. The rush of Palestinian wishing to leave has been surprising. Only an average of two hundred and fifty people care to "escape" Gaza daily.
If their motivation was to bring human rights and an expression of love and humanity to people in Gaza why did they refuse to make contact or demand that Hamas release Gilad Shalit. This Israeli boy was kidnapped in Israel, dragged across the border into Gaza, thrown into a dark room, been kept isolated from the world for five full years. Hamas has refused to offer any sign of life. They refused access from the International Red Cross. They cruelly taunt Shalit's family. Yet, the "humanitarian" cruise passengers refuse to confront Hamas and demand the immediate release of Gilad Shalit from Gaza should they get there. Alice Walker! Where is your compassion now?
Readers should research not only the level of prosperity in Palestinian society with an economy growing at a rate of 12% annually. They should also compare Palestinian lifestyle with other areas of the world. Life expectancy if longer than people in Africa and Asia. Child mortality is lower than those regions. Obesity is greater than those places. All signs of a healthy, wealthy, society.
So why aren't these flotilla radicals not taking their aid to places where it is desperately needed? Because the starving in Africa are not the poster child of the radicals, nor do they interest the Arab Muslim world. They have no interest in following the lead of stars such as Bob Geldorf  and Bono who are genuinely trying to help the genuine needy of this world. Israel helps these people, as it helps improve the lives of Palestinians. The flotilla mob, however, are using their pet project as a club to beat Israel. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the bottom line, the profound truth, about what this flotilla joke is all about.

The blockade of Gaza is legal. International law says so. After suicide bombers, tens of thousands of rockets and mortars fired from Gaza into Israeli civilian areas, the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit, Israel has the legal right to protect itself. The supervised flow of goods into Gaza is one legal way of ensuring its self defense. The flotilla mob want to destroy that defense. They embark on their flotilla campaign knowing that it is a criminal act. They try to dress it up with the liberal language of humanity but their malevolent intent is to cause harm to Israelis.

It is imperative that Israel show the funders and organisers of future flotillas that their provocations will be costly. Israel should impound all equipment used in this illegal act against the Jewish state. It should check international law and see if it is legal to impound the ships themselves. Those who provide the ships, the crew, and the equipment will think twice if they know they chance losing their assets.
It is time to close this avenue of confrontation.

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