Saturday, 18 June 2011


Interesting developments followed the recent unsuccessful attempt at a mass insurgency from Syria into Israel in early June.
  The numbers showed a reluctance from the Syrian Palestinians to involve themselves in an Assad sham. Those that were paid and did participate received a bloody reminder of the cynical use that regimes make of civilians.
On Naksa Day on June 3rd border protesters were easily repelled by the IDF with the use of tear gas and sniper fire to the legs of a few. Much more serious was the deaths that took place close to Kunetra when protesters stumbled across an old Syrian minefield. Up to nine people were killed by the exploding mines.
  Little media attention was given to events in the Yarmuk refugee camp near Damascus. The inmates understood that they had been duped into acting for the Assad regime to detract attention away from their blatant murder of civilians. It took time for the bodies to be returned to their families by which time tempers were boiling. An estimates 100,000 took part in the mass funerals. They chanted slogans against Assad.
Syria is the base for some of the extreme elements of the Palestinians, including Hamas and the PFLP led by Ahmed Jibril. Jibril came to the funerals with some of his close henchmen and leaders of other radical Palestinian organisations. When he started making a speech blaming Israel for the deaths and praising Assad the crowd drowned him out with their protests. He was asked to leave and allow the people to bury their dead, but he chose to remain. At this, the crowd began pelting the visiting leadership with stones. Then the protest grew more violent. Protesters vented their anger by bursting into the PFLP offices. They broke furniture before setting the offices on fire. Two PFLP guards were killed in this assault and Jibril's security forces opened fire on the protesters killing 14 and wounding many more.
Hamas leader in Syria, Khaled Maashal, visited the camp in an attempt to appease the protesters but he was met with jeers and was driven out of the camp.
  Ahmed Jibril is not only the head of PFLP. He is also a senior intelligence official of the Assad regime.
  The only official communique from the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah was a tepid response saying that " a group of armed men was responsible for the crimes and promised an investigation.
  In short, the deaths of the Palestinian can, in no way, be blamed on Israel.

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