Saturday, 24 December 2011


Here in Israel and around the world, we have been working steadily to build a global network of support for the world Christian center on the Sea of Galilee, The Galilean. This is the for-profit Resort and Spa,, and the separate entity of the not-for-profit 501c3 organization of The Galilean Campus,
Our mission is to celebrate faith, honor God and bless Israel, and we encourage all supporters of Zion to visit our web sites, and see what God has planned.
We have completed the video on the Land Sponsorship program for The Campus, which is dedicating 1 sq ft of land in a person's name for $100. We want to give all Christians an opportunity to have a bond with Israel -- a footprint in the land, and to participate in fulfilling Biblical prophecy. We believe this will be a wonderful Christmas present for children and grandchildren, and loved ones. Celebrating our faith and blessing Israel fits in well with the advent of Christmas. 
I hope you will enjoy it and understand our desire to honor God in all we are doing. I would appreciate it if you could put this video on your web site, facebook, or send it out to all your contacts as a way to promote the Galilean, and bless Israel. 

We are also reaching out to major investors who will help us purchase and develop the land on which we have an option to build this wonderful and unique project.
Please let us know if this interests you and how we can work together to make this project a reality. 

Let's not miss this opportunity to make a special contribution to fulfilling a biblical prophecy in the Holy Land,
Meanwhile, many blessings for you in this joyous season,

Barry Shaw
The View from Israel

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