Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Joy of living in Israel

The joy of living in Israel is the stimulation of the place. It opens up your curious mind to fascinating challenges and discoveries. It makes your being an intellectual stimulation.
There are discoveries of the new Israeli inventiveness and innovation. The discovery of our past comes with constant news of archaeological finds that link Jews and Christians of today with our ancestors from the past. These discoveries cement our Jewish heritage and belonging to the land.
There are the sudden surprises of learning about the Secret Jews, people who, due to Catholic and Islamic persecution, have lived for centuries in fear, hidden from view. Many have buried their Jewishness under the guise of adopted other faiths that have become ingrained with the passage of time, while others have the echoes of their origins speaking to them from the past and now, through the wonders of internet, they can research their family roots. Some reach out to Israel with information and for information of their family saga of dispersion and suppression. Others, suddenly aware of who they are as if awakening from a troubled slumber, come to Israel to take up their identity in an open and fearless new home.
My joy of living in Israel includes encouraging people to take up Israel's just cause in a threatening world. I write, I speak, I act. I reach out to others to become active for Israel. I give them the tools, the words, the facts, that enables them to be diplomats, advocates, for Israel.
I am looking forward to my trip to South Africa, frequently a source of anti-Israeli activity, in late February and early March, to meet people in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, and in Cape Town and share with them the message and contents of my book, "Israel - Reclaiming the Narrative" which is a constant source of information to help people to make the case for Israel against our enemies.
My book will be released soon in America and in Britain when AuthorHouse make it available to 25,000 resellers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Waterstones.
I hope, like me, that Israel stimulates you to become curious and act to re-establish Israel on the high ground of moral values and public opinion where it rightly belongs.

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