Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Sir Jeremy Greenstock whitewashes Hamas in Turkey.

This explosive document, that came into my possession, shows British support for Turkey's anti-Israel policies.
It gives academic support to Turkish NGOs, and attempt to spread a British message of a "peaceful" Hamas who they charge as being "mischaracterised."

This document is highly charged as it reflects the words and opinions of Sir Jeremy Greenstock who was Britain's Ambassador to the United Nations.
It is unlikely that he would journey to Turkey and make such pronouncements without the knowledge of people in high places in Whitehall.

He admits to the Turks that he has "private" working contacts with Hamas.

By claiming that "not a single Israeli was killed by Hamas", Sir Jeremy Greenstock removes the stigma of Hamas being a terrorist organisation bent on killing Jews and destroying the State of Israel.

He finds a narrow window of time when Hamas was unable and were prevented from killing Israelis to transform their image into one of a peace-seeking organisation advocating a Two State Solution.

Sir Jeremy Greenstock
USAK –Off the Record Round Table Meeting
November 12, 2010
Middle East Politics, Dynamics of Peace and a Future Vision for the Middle East
- A contact has been made with HAMAS through a small NGO.
- Israeli and Palestinian governments are aware of this situation
- We are applying the flowed strategy on the negotiations
- Security in Gaza should be controlled by the Palestinian government (HAMAS does not agree with that)
- Definition of HAMAS: An organization, sometimes uses violence yet it is ready to offer a long time truce and ready to accept two state solution
- HAMAS has to keep its militance speeches in order to maintain its support in Palestine
- In order to reach a solution we have to recognize Palestine as a regional player

2- IRAN:
- Iran is the most important issue right now, because of its nuclear situation
- Iran is trying to be a key player in the region that it why it carries a great importance

3- IRAQ:
- It has incredible amount of economic potential, but it can never reach its full potential
- It has so many security problems
- If Iraq gets out of control, than there is a possibility that the whole Arab world can get violent on streets

- Ad-Hoc position works best for Turkey
- I wish Turkey to enter the EU
- I disagree that EU countries should have a referendum for Turkey’s acceptance .

Q. Do you think that there is a prejudgment issue regarding Turkey’s relations with HAMAS ? Because if a Turkish authority has made a similar definition on HAMAS, there would be lot of criticisims
A. First of all I work privately with HAMAS, and we are using different models on this issue such as IRA project. There are different ideologies inside HAMAS and I think HAMAS has been mischaracterized. It is ready for the peace process. I think negotiations could succed. There is not one single Israeli killed by HAMAS from January 2009, last week was a mistake.
Q. Can Turkish-Israeli relations damage the peaceful negotions process ?
A. Turkish-Israeli relations can be repaired by a dialogue, yet Turkish should be careful while dealing with those internal issues.
Q. Do you get support from Washington for your negotiations ?
A. I am in contact with some of the Institute members in DC, and I think if President Obama does not plan on being elected for the second time, we will see developments on this situation in a 3 months period. But if he avoids the situation, that means he expects to get elected for the second time.

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