Sunday, 21 October 2007

...And we will be asked to put our security in the hands of Abbas..

News has just broken that Israel's Shin Bet uncovered a plot to assassinate Ehud Olmert during an August visit to Jerico to meet Palestinian President Abbas.
Israel's elite intelligence and security unit, Shin Bet, obtained information of a planned attempt on the life of Prime Minister Olmert set for 6th August. Two of the plotters were apprehended by Shin Bet field officers.
Israel then transfered the intelligence to the Palestinian Authority whose forces promptly arrested the three remaining members.
All five confessed to their involvement in the attempted terror attack against Israel's leader.
What was surprising was that they were all members of the Palestinian Authority security forces selected to guard the Israeli Prime Ministers motorcade in Jerico.

However, the most startling news was that Israeli border police apprehended two of the potential assassins, two months later, at a checkpoint near Jerico.
When Israel complained to top Palestinian negotiator, Ahmed Qurei (also known as Abu Ala), he assured Israel that all the suspects were still in custody.
However, on Friday October 19th, it became clear that they had, indeed, been released by lower ranked Palestinian officials.

It is clear, heading to Anapolis, that Mahmoud Abbas cannot control the Hamas element of Palestinian society. It is now obvious, as we approach this vital upcoming meeting, that he does know and cannot control what is going on inside his own security force.

...And Israelis are being asked to put our destiny, and our fate, in his hands ??

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