Friday, 5 October 2007

The poignant and perfect answer to the lies of Ahmadinajad... SHIRI NEGARI.

I am sure that future articles will return to the petty Iranian tyrant who returned home to Tehran fresh from his successful tour of New York and South America.

For now, I wish to close my current concentration on his lies and deceit on a sad and poignant note.

I came across the picture in this article. It made me pause. I looked at the lovely face of SHIRI NEGARI and shed a tear of sadness and frustration.

SHIRI was killed on 18th June, 2002. She, along with another eighteen people, were blown up by a Hamas terrorist (funded by Iran) on a Jerusalem bus.
She was aged 21.

I am sad and frustrated.
Sad at the hateful policies of Ahmadinajad and his Islamic fanatics that killed this delightful girl through their Hamas proxy.
Sad in the knowledge that they see no crime in seeking her out for death. On the contrary, it was a holy and glorious mission.
Sad that nothing Ahmadinajad said at Columbia University, or in the United Nations, pointed to a desire to reach a peaceful solution to the Middle East crisis, save that Israel must cease to exist.
On the contrary, all his comments expressed a desire to terminate the Jewish state of Israel and to kill other innocent Shiris, if that is what it takes.

Ahmadinajad would have you believe that he is a friend of the Jewish people but an enemy of Zionism. That enmity killed SHIRI.
What Ahmadinajad is saying is that many more Shiris will been blown up, and massacred, in the name of this mans' Jihad, if Israel does not voluntarily liquidate itself.

I weep for Shiri. I am sad for her family. I am also frustrated.
Frustrated against an impotent world that refuses to face up to his threats. Frustrated at a cynical world that submits to this evil mans' will. Frustrated at a university that allows him a stage to espouse his views. Frustrated at an international community that pays lip service at imposing sanctions, yet does nothing. Frustrated at an appeasing world that refuses to bring this man, and his evil regime, to justice.

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
Sadly, at Columbia University, good men did something. They gave this killer a platform.

I am frustrated that Columbia University gave its stage to Ahmadinajad in the name of free speech, but will not give those who represent his victims the same stage.

As the message says under SHIRI's photograph, SHIRI would like to speak at Columbia University, but Ahmadinajad made sure that SHIRI would never speak again...


Denis said...

I don't know the facts behind Shiri's killing, but I'm pretty sure she was of Iranian descent. Negari would be a typical Iranian name, and I think Shiri must be a diminutive of the popular girl's name Shirin. That adds to the irony and the poignancy. Does anyone know if she and her parents had fled Iran for Israel?

Unknown said...

Shiri's father fled from Iran to Israel making her murder by an Iranian terrorist proxy all the more poignant..

Barry Shaw