Thursday, 4 October 2007

The Lies of Ahmadinajad (Part 4)

Ahmadinajad loves the Jews. It's only Israel he hates.

This is the impression that the Iranian leader wished to make in his Columbia University address.
As with his other remarks it is a blatant lie.

The Iranian litany of anti-Semitism is long and well recorded. It has been activated by threats, terrorism, and death.

Ahmadinajad's perverted world view is deeply based on anti-Semitism. It is his reason for being. It is what colours his past, his character, his beliefs, and his future actions.

One only needs to go back to his impressionable years when his political and theological views were founded in the passionate Iranian Revolution of his spiritual and political leader, Ayatollah Knomeini who said on 13th April, 1963, "I know that you do not want Iran to live under the boot of the Jews!" Later that year, Khomeini called the Shah of Iran "a Jew in disguise."

Ahmadinajad was a young activist for Khomeini as the Islamic revolution sought to take over Iran.
Khomeini's biographer, Amir Taheri, wrote that the Ayatollah was convinced there was a Jewish conspiracy to "control everything" and to "emasculate Islam".
He channeled his anger towards the Jewish state of Israel. Among his theological students was a young Ahmadinajad who looked up to the Ayatollah as a hero.
Khomeini's inflammatory statements included "Israel does not want the Koran to survive in Iran." "It is destroying us." "It is destroying you and the nation." "It wants to demolish our trade and agriculture." "It wants to grab the wealth of the country."

Ahmnadinajad was imbued with the accusatory link between Jews and Israel.

After the Six Day War in 1967, Khomeini, who was not yet in power, wrote that "The Jews wish to establish Jewish domination throughout the world."
In 1977 he wrote, "The Jews have grasped the world with both hands and are devouring it with an insatiable appetite."
Two years later Ayatollah Khomeini was the unchallenged leader of the Iranian Revolution.

Mohammed Hassan Rahimian, a representative of the Iranian Supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, who stands even higher in the Iranian hierarchy than Ahmadinajad, said on 16th November 2006, "The Jew is the most obstinate enemy of the devout. The main war will determine the destiny of mankind. The reappearance of the Twefth Imam will ead to a war between Israel and the Shia!"

Again one can see the twisted link between hatred of the Jew and of Israel. They are intertwined to create a political and theological hatred that is nothing less than potent anti-Semitism with Israel as the first victim.

Ahmadinajad devoutly believes that an Armagedon must occur to herald the arrival of his Messiah, the Twelfth Imam.
It would be the fulfilment of his religious obligation to assist in bringing about this glorious day. And what better place to create the mushroom cloud than over the Jewish state which, in his eyes, is an abomination and an insult to Islam.

However, this lethal anti-Semitic rage of the Iranian Republic of Iran lashed out in a rather strange direction in 1994.

The Argentine government recently released details of its investigation into the bombing of the Jewish Community Centre in Buenos Aires in Argentina on March 17, 1992, in which 85 people were killed and more than 200 were wounded. That bombing was conducted by Iranian intelligence services, with Hezbollah playing a key role in its execution.

The decision in principle to strike at the Jewish community center was made in August 1993 at a meeting chaired by Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Other participants included President Rafsanjani, Intelligence Minister Ali Fallahian, Khamenei's intelligence and security adviser, Muhamed Hijazi, and the country's foreign minister at the time, Velayati.

The meeting was convened because it was to be the second major explosion in the Argentine capital after the Israeli embassy bombing 18 months earlier. Israeli intelligence believes the reason Buenos Aires was chosen a second time was because of a deterioration in relations between the two countries at the time.

Intelligence Minister Fallahian was given responsibility for the job. To back up the mission, Khamenei issued a fatwa instructing him to undertake the mission. Fallahian ordered the mission be given to the Overseas Operations Unit of the Hezbollah, headed by Amad Amiad Maghnieh, with Iranian intelligence providing full aid and cooperation. That Hezbollah unit was also responsible for the embassy bombing. Hezbollah found the suicide bomber, Baro, a Hezbollah man, who arrived a few days before the bombing. A few hours before the bombing, Baro called his family in Lebanon, telling them he was going to be unified with his brother, who was killed in a car bombing attack on Israeli soldiers in Lebanon in 1989.

The Iranian foreign service provided much of the diplomatic cover for the operation. There was an unusual number of Iranian couriers coming in and out of the country before the bombing, with some staying longer than usual in Argentina, and there was a dramatic increase in telephone traffic between various Iranian elements in Argentina and Iran in the days leading up to the bombing.

Arrest warrants have been issued by the Argentine authorities against Rafsanjani and others to stand trial for this crime against a Jewish target.

Ahamadinajad tries to be more sophisticated than his now dead spiritual leader. He does not say that 'Jews' are conspiring to rule the world. That would expose him as a blatant anti-Semite.
Instead, he tries to be clever and say that 'Zionists' have for sixty years blackmailed Western Governments, and that 'Zionists' control the banking, financial, cultural, and media sectors of the world.

Ahmadinajad uses the word 'Zionist' with exactly the same meaning and intensity as Hitler poured into the 'Jew' as the incarnation of all the world's evil.

As with Hitler, Ahamadinajad is driven by an raging anti-Semitism of genocidal proportions.

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