Friday, 9 January 2009

Hamas hides behind kids in school.

The media has, in its knee-jerk fashion, roundly condemned Israel for the attack on a UNWRA school yard in Gaza.
They did so automatically without checking, or accepting, the facts.
The IDF were under a mortar bombardment that was launched from the schoolyard. The Israeli artillery that fired at the Hamas terrorist were responding to this mortar attack on the Israeli soldiers and were therefore, acting to defend the soldiers under attack.
Hamas was firing mortars knowing there were children present in the area. To do so knowingly is a war crime.
The IDF also questions to the total number of casualties and the statements that no Hamas terrorists were in the area.
The western media put out the Palestinian statement that there were no Hamas operatives in the area as if it were a fact.
This is a lie. See the article below.
This same school was the site of a similar mortar attack on Israeli towns and villages in October 2007. The IDF took footage from a drone of this incident. See the youtube video below.
The evidence is irrefutable that Hamas uses the protection of schools, mosques, and hospitals to launch attacks against Israeli civilian targets. This is a war crime.
Barry Shaw. The View from Here. Israel.
IDF Spokesperson January 6th, 2009Hamas Operatives Killed in UNRWA School
After an investigation that took place over the past hour it has been foundthat amongst the dead at the Jabalya school were Hamas terror operatives anda mortar battery cell who were firing on IDF forces in the area. Hamasoperatives Imad Abu Askhar and Hassan Abu Askhar were amongst terroriststhat were identified to be killed.
"We face a very delicate situation where the Hamas is using the citizens ofGaza as a protective vest," IDF Spokesperson Brig. General Avi Benayahu saidfollowing the incident.
Link to Video of Mortars Fired from UN School (archive)
In this October 2007 footage from an unmanned plane, terrorists are seenfiring mortars from the yard of an UNRWA school.

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