Thursday, 15 January 2009

Some truths about Hamas.

The Hamas Charter does, in fact, call for the destruction of Israel. Occupation for Hamas means Jews having a state of our own in Israel, not occupation in Gaza. We left Gaza. This was interpreted as weakness in the face of Islamic 'resistance' (i.e. terror).

Some would protest that their charter does not call for the destruction of 'Israeli people' but listen to their rhetoric. Listen to what their imams preach from their pulpits. Listen what radical Muslims are taught about Jews. That we are pigs and monkeys and that they are religiously obligated to slaughter a Jew in the name of Allah.

Hamas were democratically elected in Gaza on a platform of war – not peace. The destruction of the Jewish state – not the adoption of a two state solution. Everything they have done since that election, every speech, every action, every deed, has been in honour of their pledge to their electorate – to eradicate the Jewish state and 'end the occupation (of Israel by Israelis).

The Palestinian Prime Minister Haniya did say that he was prepared to accept a state along the 1967 borders – but only as the first stage in the final elimination of the Zionist entity (i.e.Israel).

This was not an opportunity for a peaceful solution but an interlude whereby Hamas can strength their forces before the next stage of their struggle to destroy Israel.
This is exactly the same tactics used in his past and present calls for a ceasefire during which period Hamas quickly builds up its forces and its armory for the next round of terror against the Jewish state.

Hundreds of rockets were fired into Israel from Hamas controlled Gaza from June 2008. I do not accept that the rockets did not have the Hamas stamp on them. Hamas works closely, pays for and supervises the activities of Islamic Jihad and Izz a-Din al-Qassam – all are Islamic terror organizations united under the same banner.

The ceasefire was not broken by an Israeli assault. It had been repeatedly broken throughout its period. Then Hamas officially declared the ceasefire had ended and continued its rocket attack.

Lies have emanated from Gaza on the death toll. Exaggerated figures have been given about civilian deaths. The IDF are reporting as of 14 January that they have killed 850 armed Palestinians. Because most of these terrorists wore civilian clothes when attempting to kill Israel soldiers with guns, RPGs, anti-tank missiles, grenades, booby-traps, roadside bombs, and suicide attacks does not make them civilians.

Hamas and Fatah have never been 'partners for peace'. In fact Hamas killed Fatah personnel in their bloody coup in the Gaza Strip. During the current fighting they have 'executed' at least seventy five fellow Palestinians out of fear that, as Fatah members, they would report Hamas hideouts and weapon stores to the advancing Israeli forces.

Fatah members, in fact most of the Arab world, hate Hamas for what they stand for. That is why the Arab world did nothing to help Hamas during the conflict.

They recognize the true face of Hamas. It is time the rest of the world did the same.

Barry Shaw
The View from Here

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