Saturday, 10 January 2009




I have been reporting to you that Hamas has killed at least seventy five Palestinians in the last eight days.
The dead were members of the rival Fatah faction of the Palestinian Authority living in the Gaza Strip.
The reason for the slaughter was Hamas fear that the Fatah members would inform the advancing Israeli forces of the whereabouts of Hamas leaders, terrorists, and weapons stores.

This is a continuation of the civil war when Hamas violently took over Gaza, killing many Fatah men.
I happen to have been in an Israeli hospital at that time with the lucky ones. They were the ones who escaped with serious injuries and were treated by Israeli doctors and nurses.

Now I have been given footage of the Hamas brutal rein of terror within Palestinian society after they took control of Gaza.

Israel is fully aware of the true face of Hamas. Israel has been distressed by the neutral attitude taken by a lot of the Western media who have been trying to put a human face on Hamas through the Palestinian kids who have been victims of the current violence due to Hamas using them as human shields and cannon fodder.

By focusing on the civilian casualties the liberal media has been exploited and distracted by Hamas from the root cause of the conflict.

Please be warned. This footage is truly shocking. It was filmed by Palestinians and the commentary is by a Palestinian.
You will see a Palestinian wedding party being shot at by Hamas gunmen. You will see Palestinians rounded up by Hamas and marched off for execution.

This film is dynamite. It must be shown. Please distribute, especially to those who do not believe Israel's case against Hamas.

This video must be sent to your local and national media. It must be shown by your local TV station. Please pass this on.

It is time the true nature of Hamas is properly addressed.


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