Sunday 15 February 2009

America is out of control.

The View from Here.

Watch out world! America is out of control.

Poor Obama's honeymoon period is well and truly over. True, most Americans haven't woken up to the cold dawn of a dour future. They still think the music of the Inaugural Ball is still playing. After all, their new Government is doling out piles of cash. That can't be bad, can it? Well, yes it can.

Why am I upset? Because the US Congress have proven to me that they are totally insane.
They have approved what they call a Stimulus Package of eight hundred Billion dollars within twenty four hours. Great, right? Wonderful, right? NO. IT'S NOT.

The way they did it was incredibly stupid and shocking.

This bill is the biggest financial bill in world history.
The bill was contained in one thousand one hundred pages (That's 1100 pages!) and the Congressmen were forced to pass this bill within an emergency twenty four hours.
This means that it is impossible for any lawmaker to even read this bill in the required time. It is impossible to read or understand the implications of the bill within the alloted time. Yet the US leadership insisted that the bill must go through in record time. Why? Why weren't they allowed time to seriously consider and debate this huge financial hand out? Why? You won't believe why this was rammed through Congress....

The reason given was that Nancy Pelosi had to leave for an eight day trip to Europe to meet the Pope.

Don't laugh (or cry). That is the truth.

This bill was too important to wait until Pelosi returns from Europe. And Pelosi's meeting with the Pope was too important to be delayed. So the bill had to be forced through NOW. Forget about reading the details, or the fine print.

Don't ask where the money is coming from. Just pass the bill.
They hope that the Chinese will cough up the money in the form of a loan. But one of China's leading financial experts said he thought that American was mad for what they are doing.
Maybe Obama can suck up to the Arabs. They will provide the money if America agrees to butter up to the Muslim world.

$800,000,000,000 slipped through Congress with no reasoned debate on the consequences in a record 24 hours.

And the world will suffer from the result of throwing a vast amount of unaccountable money into a black hole.

America is out of control, will be deeper in debt and, someday, someone will have to pay the bill.

Barry Shaw
The View from Here

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