Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A Prediction for Britain.

As is my nature I want to send you a provocative prediction for a nation that was once was proudly called Great Britain.
It is now named after a TV comedy series - Little Britain.

My prediction is that the UKIP will receive a huge rise in support in future General Elections.

They will do so as the only political voice that will speak up for the disenfranchised rank and file Brits who are gravely concerned about the unrivalled and violent rise of the Islamic voice in Britain.

I further predict that many Jews will vote on behalf of this party.

People associate UKIP with the BNP, once known as the National Front. British Nazi Oswald Mosley, was pounced on when marching to make a political address in Belle Vue, Manchester, in 1933. A prelude for the anti-fascist riots of Cable Street, London, in 1936.
This was a time when British Jewry said enough to free speech when Anti-Semitic remarks and actions were being expressed in official form against the Jews of Britain.

This notion is incorrect. UKIP attempts to be a mainstream party representing the basic patriotism of the indigenous population. One of their platforms is to represent an authentic British voice in challenging the muzzling of British objections to the Islamic influence that is growing throughout Britain.

They now recognise that both Jews and Christians in Britain face a common enemy and that the political establishment has allowed this enemy to take root in their country and to spread their message. They object that anyone, including political figures from Europe such as Gert Wilders, are prevented from expressing a note of concern while chants of 'Death to Jews' is allowed on the streets of London as free speech..

No one spoke up, or attempted to stifle anti-Semitic remarks such as this, or 'Gas the Jews' ,or 'Oxford University will be a Jew-free zone in five years'.

It seems that threatening Jews in Britain is considered free speech while attempting to highlight to true agenda of radical Islam is to be prevented.

Some will say that UKIP adopting this issue cynical but UKIP is adopting the Arabic political philosophy that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

You may find my comments controversial, but they are based in fact. None of the leading political parties in Britain are prepared to get their fingers burnt by raising an issue that is festering below the surface in many communities in Britain. Only UKIP is ready to speak out, and the outcome remains to be seen.

Watch this space..

Barry Shaw
The View from Here

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