Tuesday 10 February 2009

The Insidiousness of Appeasement.

There have been rampant and violent Muslim protests against Israel's recent action against the Hamas Islamic terror regime in Gaza.
It is clear that the Islamic voice has become bolder and brasher throughout Europe and also in the States.

Worryingly, a lot of the vocal and physical abuse was not aimed at Israel but against Jews everywhere.
Jews have been beaten. Jewish children suffered physical and verbal attacks. Signs stating "Hitler was right!" were displayed. Cries of "Gas the Jews!" were not challenged by the police, even when this racial incitement was heard in front of the White House.

The anti-Israel rallies were allowed to continue despite obvious evidence of racial incitement. Even when police were attacked, as in London, only a rare number of violent protesters were arrested.

Free speech is permitted if you abuse Israel and Jews but not, it seems, if you express a counter argument, or wish to stand up for your rights.

Reports are continuing of pro-Israel speakers being disallowed to give the Israeli position at many universities as provosts either refuse to allow experts from airing facts, or capitulate to the treat of violence should such speakers be allowed a platform.

Appeasement goes too far when people displaying the Israeli flag can be accused of subversive activities, as was the case in Germany.

Apparently, the appearance of an Israeli flag can enrage the Islamic mob to the extent that German authorities look on this as being an incitement to violence.

They do not see the removal of the Israeli flag from an apartment window as a significant appeasement to the Muslim rally.

The removal of the Israeli flag signified to the mob the desired removal of the Jewish state - and they succeeded in employing the German police to carry out their demand.

Such is the submissive 'dhimmi' attitude that is prevalent in Europe, and is reaching the shores of America.

It is not healthy. It is not fair. It is not honest. But it is the way of the future for a long continent, and maybe a lost world.

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Barry Shaw
The View from Here

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