Monday 2 March 2009

Western suckers.

Well, here we go again! Yet again, American and European leaders are meeting in some Arab country to pledge obscene amounts of money to the world's biggest cry babies. Sorry, that should read the world's richest refugees. Who do I mean? What, you can't guess? Why, the Palestinians, of course.

Despite having Swiss bank accounts bulging with cash, they plead victimhood and poverty - and the world lap it up.

Despite receiving huge amounts of foodstuffs, materials, fuel, equipment, and other aid, the West accept the lie that the Palestinians are under siege due to an Israeli blockade on Gaza.

In fact, the Palestinians in Gaza have received in excess of 1200 trucks carrying 124,000 tons of aid, and twelve million liters of fuel that entered the Gaza Strip from Israel at the Kerem Shalom, Erez, and Nahal Oz crossing points since the recent conflict ended.
Hundreds of Palestinians have entered Israel for medical treatment at Israeli hospitals.
Some blockade!

Truth be told, the crossing points that are closed to the Palestinians are those controlled by the Egyptians - not Israel.

Hey! Why should that simple fact get in the way of portraying Israel as the bad guy and the poor Palestinians as victims of the Jewish Zionists?

So, leaders of eighty countries have met in Egypt and pledged to shovel a further 3 billion dollars to Hamas controlled Gaza.
Hillary Clinton pledged one billion dollars on behalf of the suffering American tax payer.
That's on top of everything else they have received up to now, and will receive in the future, including from Israel.

The various United Nations organisations, that are self-perpetuating on the false premise that people living in the Gaza Strip are refugees, can now budget their salaries and expense accounts for the next decade.

UNWRA is a huge organisation. A huge proportion of its efforts goes into the Gaza Strip which is headed by Hamas, soon to take control over the Palestinian Authority.

And don't tell me that the billions will not find its way to Hamas and Islamic Jihad. If this funding does not end up in the pockets of Hamas then I'm a ballerina!

The corruption of the Palestinian Authority, and the authoritarian method of Gaza control by Hamas, make the fact that Hamas will be the recipient of this funding blindingly obvious.

Who works for UNWRA and receive wages during the day and play terrorist at night? Why Hamas and Islamic Jihad members, of course.

Want to know who finances the activities of UNWRA in Gaza?

50% is financed by tax payers in the European Union countries.
31% is financed by American tax payers.
Only 7% is financed by Muslim countries.

And you thought that the Arabs would be first in line to help their fellow Muslims? Wrong again!

In the current world economic crisis, why do Western governments continue to pour tax payers money into an area that is ruled by a tyranical Islamic terror regime that is dogmatic in its ambition to eradicate Israel?

Don't they get it?

Why is a ruthless, lawless, corrupt Gaza deserving of massive Western aid when other better deserving sources of poverty, famine, and disease, go ignored?

And they are getting it while they continue to fire rockets indiscriminately into Israel. Over one hundred rockets have so far landed in Israel since the so-called ceasefire.

You would have thought that the donors would have made their contributions conditional on Hamas stopping their terror activities not only against Israel but also against their fellow Palestinians who may prefer secular Fatah to the radical Islamic organisation.

By the way, Hamas kills Palestinians. Look it up. During the recent conflict Hamas killed more Palestinians than Israelis. That's a fact.

It was not for want of trying. It just happened that the pro-Fatah Palestinians were easier prey than the well-trained Israeli soldiers and well-protected Israeli civilians under rocket bombardment.

And you wonder why Israelis voted for a tougher, no nonsense, Government.

We are living in a tough, ruthless, and corrupt neighbourhood where our enemies have just been revitalised by well-meaning (read 'stupid') Western leaders who give away your money freely with no strings attached.

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