Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Britain's irrevocable march to Islamization.

What is going on in Britain?

In January violent Muslims and their supporters were allowed to demonstrate with calls of 'Death to the Jews' in London.

Then Dutch politician, gert Wilders, was prevented from wentering Britain for a private showing of his movie 'Fitna' on the grounds that his visit was racially provocative.

In February Muslims were allowed to march in London under the banner 'Islam for UK! Shariah for UK!'.

This march was organised by people who had put together a rally one year earlier in London where chants of 'Bomb the UK!' were heard. One of its leaders, British jihadist Anjem Choudary, had been jailed for inciting murder at another London protest.

This latest London march is not considered provocative or racist by the British authorities who approved the rally and covered the cost of the police protection.

This happened, by the way, as a parade to celebrate St George's Day in the British Midlands was banned for being racist.

St. George is the patron saint of England. It was never considered provocative to the Welsh, Scottish, or Irish who live in Britain. It did not offend its Jewish population.

Now it seems Britain, in a further display of dhimmi subservience to Islam, is prepared to surrender its own heritage.

Will there come a point in time where the rank and file Brit will say 'enough is enough'? Or will they continue to allow their country, apathetically, to slide irrevocably to Islamization without protest?

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