Friday 13 March 2009

Sleepy Malmo is a cauldron of Islamic Jihad.

I once visited the sleepy, leafy, Swedish town of Malmo. I was there for a sporting event. I was representing Israel. My presence there did not create a stir. It was an international running event. I disappeared down the field and returned home anonymously but with pleasant memories of an attractive, if boring, peaceful city.

The Malmo of 2009 is not as quiet, or attractive, any more. Not if you are Israeli. Or a Jew. Or a caring natural Swede.

The shocking, and rapid, take over of this town by an influx of radical Muslims has changed the landscape - and not for the better.
Backed by anarchists and leftists, they are making their presence felt - and it is not a pretty sight.

Take a good look at the video. Look at what appeasement, dressed as multiculturalism, leads to when you lay down your own traditions and principles, and adopt neutrality in accepting people into your presence who have absolutely no desire to accept the tolerant society you offered them.

When it is too late. When you see that they have taken over the agenda in your town, your country, what do you do then?

Don't just look at Malmo and shake your head in dismay. This is happening in your town. In your country....

...And what are you doing about it?

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