Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Britain shoots itself in the foot.

The recent public revelation from Britain's Foreign Secretary, David Milliband, that the British Government has expelled a leading Israeli diplomat over the copying of British passports is worrying on a number of levels.

It has not been proven that Israel is responsible for the execution of a Hamas terrorist in Dubai. There are lawyers of uncertainty over the death of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. The most compelling fact was that the door to his hotel room was locked and bolted from the inside. Hardly a scenario of a planned hit job by any intelligence agency.
No proof, video or forensic, points to any individual or organisation responsible for removing a Hamas killer from the international covert world of terror and espionage.

There was supposed to be close coordination between Israel and Britain in security and intelligence information sharing.
Britain has been the beneficiary of vital classified information provided by Israel that has led to the prevention of a number of terror attacks in Britain.

Now, in a rare public display, Britain has expelled Israel's leading intelligence official in the U.K. from the Israeli Embassy at the Court of St.James.

This act of 'political correctness' is foolhardy and dangerous, not for Israel but for Britain.
Anyone with any knowledge of the workings at the Israeli Embassy know that it is short-staffed and under-resourced.
His removal will reduce the effectiveness of Israel's cooperation with the British authorities over terror threats that include information sharing.

Some cynics are already voicing that Israel now has a vested interest in Britain being hit again by another Islamic terror attack.
"It will teach Britain a lesson about not confronting an ally in the war on terror", someone told me in Israel today.

Only when Britain suffers directly and cruelly does it truly appreciate that it shares the ongoing war that Israel is forced to conduct against radical Islamic terror.
Without wishing for it to happen, it will take painful scenes of death and injury on the streets of London for Britain to realise this awful truth.

Britain has been protected by the intelligence provided by Israel. Now, due to political considerations and their recent decision, Britain has slapped Israel in the face.
More importantly, it has deprived itself of a significant link in the intelligence and security chain that keeps British citizens safe.
It will pay the painful consequence of this action.

This was a political decision, not an intelligence or security one.

Millibrand is a shrewd politician. Clobbering Israel will win him valuable brownie points as he makes a run for the leadership of the Labour Party after Gordon Brown's anticipated loss in the upcoming British General Election.

He knows the colour of his constituents. His announcement in the House of Commons against Israel will play to the Left wing of his party and to the Muslim population who will now see him as yet another dhimmi Jew serving their cause.

Politically, this action against Israel may make sense in Britain.
Security-wise, however, it is a disaster waiting to happen.

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