Monday 15 March 2010

Disproving Goldstone.

My first meeting with Colonel Reuven Ehrlich and the INTELLIGENCE & TERRORISM INFORMATION CENTER was shortly after the Passover Massacre at the Park Hotel where, as the founder of the Netanya Terror Victims Organization, I went in search of evidence linking Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Authority to the ongoing terror campaign in my home town of Netanya.
I wanted this evidence in order to launch an international legal suit against not only the terror group responsible for all the killings and Maimings in Netanya, but also the head of the Palestinian regime.
But that is another story ..

During the subsequent Operation Defensive Shield, the IDF and Shin Bet discovered documents that exposed the operational details, funding, personnel, and linkage between the heads of the Palestinian Authority and the terror operatives at grass roots.

Boxes of documents, educational books that preach incitement to kids, operational manuals, were brought out of the Palestinian-controlled territories and into Colonel Ehrlich's cramped center where a small but dedicated team sorted, translated, and filed the documents.

Much of the material was passed over to security sources for action as it contained invaluable intelligence as to the Palestinian terrorist infrastructure.
Some was put on display to illustrate the impregnation of Palestinian society against Israel, the indoctrination of the minds of its Palestinian children, youth, and civilian population that is far removed from the preparation of a nation for peace.

Statistics and reports are regularly presented and distributed by the Center on all aspects of the Palestinian assault on Israel.

I strongly recommend that you be added to their mailing list. The information you will receive is factual and startling.

Now the INTELLIGENCE & TERRORISM INFORMATION CENTER has performed a major service.

It has produced an almost 500 page report that rebuts the GOLDSTONE REPORT in detail.

Its main emphasis is the in-depth activities of Hamas and its close ties to the other terrorist organizations operating in and from the Gaza Strip.

The report makes for exciting reading as it directly confronts Goldstone's findings on many of the issues raised by the Goldstone Report.

Goldstone Rejects the fact that Hamas is a terrorist organization. It also rejects the fact that Hamas is not the legitimate administrative authority in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Authority headed by Mahmoud Abbas is the legitimate authority there.
Because Goldstone makes these two errors, it describes Hamas as the de facto administrative authority in Gaza and all the infrastructure as "civilian objects" which were 'deliberately targeted' by Israel.

The report of the ITIC exposes in great detail the use made by Hamas and all their supporting militant terrorist organisations of hospitals, schools, mosques, and other 'civilian objects, before and during Operation Cast Lead.

It names the mosques, hospitals, schools, and other facilities and details the use and terrorist activities undertaken there.
Their document is backed up by photographic and video evidence, as well as documents secured during the IDF raid into the Gaza Strip.
It makes for enthralling reading and convincing.

Goldstone accepted the lie that "Hamas has nothing to do, directly or indirectly, with the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigade terrorist organization, nor any idea of the tactics used by 'armed groups' operating in the Gaza Strip.
Thus, while it says that the 'Gaza authorities' should respect international law it relieves Hamas of all responsibility for doing so.
So, while Goldstone condemns 'armed groups' for indiscriminate rocket fire at the residents of Southern Israel calling it a 'war crime' it does not directly charge Hamas or any specific terror group in Gaza for responsibility.

The ITIC report exposes this lie in illustrated detail.
It includes photographic and video footage of the senior Hamas political leadership receiving weapons training at an Izz al-Din al-Qassam training base in the Gaza Strip.
It goes into exhaustive detail of the links, connections, and actions of Hamas that firmly ties it to all terrorist activities eminating from the Gaza Strip.

The Goldstone Report states that 'the internal security apparatus of the Hamas administration is completely civilian in nature and not military-operative.
It goes on to state that 'there is no evidence to contradict the civilian nature of the Gaza Strip police.

The ITIC report outlines some of the Hamas personnel that were both members of the Hamas police and security force and also active members of other terror organisations.
It backs up its claim with photographic and factual evidence that exposes Goldstone's lies.

Goldstone rejects or minimizes the extent and significance of Hamas take over of hospitals and medical cent for its ongoing operations during Operation Cast Lead. Neither does it assign responsibility to Hamas for the military misuse made of hospitals and ambulances.
The ITIC report highlights non-medical activities perpetrated by Hamas in Gazan hospitals during the conflict.

The evidence that conflicts with the findings of the Goldstone Report are undeniable. They are a valuable initial tool in countering the misleading statements listed in Goldstone.

The ITIC report deals with Hamas as it applies to Goldstone. They are now preparing a further report that will deal with the IDF military operation in the Gaza Strip during Operation Cast Lead.

I urge you to subscribe to the incredible work being performed by Colonel Reuven Ehrlich and his team at the INTELLIGENCE & TERRORISM INFORMATION CENTER.

If you know if any future visit to Israel from your political representative or journalist could benefit from a visit to the Center and I will be happy to coordinate it with them.

I am trying to persuade Colonel Ehrlich to go on a lecture tour in Europe and the States and bring with him some of the overwhelming evidence from his Center. So far, he is being reluctant to do so, claiming the pressure of work does not allow him time to undertake such a venture.
He is trying to build the resources at the Center as there is an awful lot more documentation and evidence waiting to see the light of day.

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