Saturday 20 March 2010

The Idiot's Narrative to the ME Conflict

"Israel is guilty of war crimes. It is also guilty of crimes against humanity!"

"Why do you say that against us?"

"I saw a couple of ruined buildings and listened to a Palestinian in Gaza. It is clear to me that Israel deliberately targeted innocent civilians".

"But what about the 500 page report that shows Palestinians launching rockets from schoolyards, firing from among civilians, using mosques to store weapons, using ambulances to transport terrorists, and turning hospitals into military headquarters?"

"The Palestinians say that it's all lies".

"But the report clearly shows photographic and video evidence that this is true!"

"No. That report came from Israel so we cannot accept this evidence".

"So you are telling me that Israel cannot defend itself against attack?"

"Of course you can defend yourself. Just don't attack the other side, that's all..."

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