Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A crack in the wall of Palestinian lies about Gaza.

We are having an effect. A crack has appeared in the stonewall of Palestinian lies. Our evidence is starting to get through. The photos, videos, statistics are beginning to be seen by those who have been in a state of denial.

Slowly, the actual living conditions in Gaza is being seen by a wider public. They are hearing about the new Gaza Shopping Mall (we have the actual promotion material), the fine dining at Roots Club and Greens, they can see the luxurious mansions and new apartment blocks, fully stocked stores, swimming in the Olympic pool, horse riding at the Gaza academy, and much much more.

The lies that Gaza is hell is being exposed. We need you to help us tear down this wall of lies and deceit.

The lies, paid for with your tax dollars, is keeping the Islamic terror regime of Hamas in power.

It was given without any pre-condition on Hamas to join the peace process. On the contrary, a stronger Hamas still calls for the elimination of Israel - paid for by you.

Your money is helping them gain influence in the rest of the Palestinian territories.

If you care for peace, if you care for those in genuine distress, learn the facts, spread the message, and demand that your tax money is diverted to those in desperate need.



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