Thursday 1 July 2010

Summertime and the living is easy!

"Summertime and the living is easy".

That's what it seems like in balmy Israel compared with the economic battering experienced in Britain and America.

Correct fiscal policy has meant that Israel is one of the few countries that has avoided the financial downturn that has plagued more 'advanced' economies.

As an added bonus, Israel is now considered a developed economy. We have joined the league of top nations. Israel was officially admitted into the OECD this week.

Despite all the external pressures and boycott threats that would have other countries reeling, Israel leads the world in R&D and hi-tech that powers communications, medical research, agriculture, security systems, etc.

In the coming years you will more more about Israeli involvement in the electric car industry. It has been Israeli brain power that has contributed so much to the under-developed and the developed world. Now, Israel has discovered vast reserves of natural gas that will not only make our country independent but will enrich the nation through a new export resource.

We have long said that Israel is the place for all Jews to invest. This applies in the real estate field. None of our clients who bought property in Israel has lost money. Many have been delightfully surprised by the rapid increase in property values. Despite a recent softening in property prices this trend will continue. Insufficient land is available in Central Israel for residential development. This can only lead to an increase in property values in the areas popular with our overseas clients. These include Netanya, Raanana, Herzlia Pituach, and Tel Aviv.

Although we offered exceptional investment opportunities in land development in areas close to the sea in Netanya very few people took advantage of this offer. Those that did will see tremendous profits in a very short time frame.

We invite you to seriously consider taking some of your money out of a sick home economy and invest it in sunny Israel where the future is bright.

Whether you are buying for vacation, residential, or investment use, we can help you to obtain up to 60% financing from Israeli banks.

So, if you will be in Israel this year, contact us and allow us to show you around some of our prime properties both in new projects and quality resales.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Carol Shaw
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