Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Organised by the ICT at the IDC Herzlia, Israel. September 2010.

'The difference in US policy between Bush and Obama in fighting terror is motivation. Bush did not address the terrorists motivation. He went out to get them. Obama addresses motivation but denies the source and real motivation. He throws out the baby with the bath water. While appeasing the moderates he encourages the extremist'.  BOAZ GANOR.

Radical Islam is problem. Modern Israel is the solution.  DANIEL PIPES.

'If the West is defeated, or does not win, in Afghanistan, this will encourage terrorism'. COLONEL RICHARD KEMP.

'President Obama took as long to decide on the surge campaign in Afghanistan as it did for the Allies to invade Normandy and reach Germany in the Second World War.  We need a much stronger leadership from Obama'. COLONEL RICHARD KEMP.

'Having a different narrative between immigrants and indigenous populations leads to a rise in nationalism'.  JONATHAN PARIS.

'We are always fighting to last war. Five years after Richard Reid, the shoe bomber, we are still taking off our shoes at airports'. MICHAEL BALBONI.

'We threw ten billion dollars from the Homeland Security budget to local authorities without a strategic plan. In the States, we have failed to improve security despite the huge budget'. MICHAEL BALBONI.

'Despite Obama's stated intentions when entering office he has not followed up on his commitments. He has not closed Guantanamo. He has not stopped extraordinary rendition. Targeted assassinations have increased in Afghanistan and other places'.  PROFESSOR BILL BANKS.

'American lawyers have not kept pace with the dynamics of the war on terror. The judicial system is still fraught with dispute and contentious issues'. PROFESSOR BILL BANKS.

'Terrorism is based on four pillars. The West, Jews, economy, and intra-Muslim disputes'.  HAGAI SEGAL.

'Ayman al-Zawahiri (Al Qaida) said 'Victory in Iraq will allow us to infiltrate into Jordan and then on to Palestine''.  COLONEL YONI FIGHAL.

'Anthrax should be put into America's drinking water'. Hamas Weekly, 11 July 2010.

'Europe has a law against incitement to terror. The US does not in the name of free speech, but words lead to violent action'. DR.DAVID SHARAH.

'Laws are being employed against those who speak out about radical Islam. This punishes free speech. It impedes the free flow of public information. This prevents democracies from protecting and defending themselves'.  BROOKE GOLDSTEIN.

'In Europe, new hate speech laws have been used to punish anyone who speaks against radical Islam. It is also forbidden to include quotes from the Koran (Geert Wilder) and mention the references of radical imams'. BROOKE GOLDSTEIN.

'Yale University refused to publish a book 'The Cartoons That Shook the World' because it featured a cartoon that shook the world (referring to the Danish cartoon of Mohammed with a bomb in his turban).'

Referring to petitions to the court just hours into Operation Defensive Shield and Operation Cast Lead by human rights organisations, lawyer DVORA CHEN

'How do you deal with a petition in the Supreme Court while the war is raging. In Israel we have had incidents when the commander is still on the battlefield, leading his men in battle, while the court is considering a petition into his actions. We have spoken to commanders from the court by phone while he is running from house to house fighting terrorists'.

'The Palestinians are not prepared to accept our independent existence. They talk of occupation as if we took something away from someone. We built Ariel because it's ours. Arafat's policy was taking what he could get, and then starting the next war. It's one concession after another. And what do we get? More terrorism. Terrorism goes up. Our legitimacy goes down'. UZI LANDAU.

'We have been making concessions for decades, and getting terror in return.
If you get the same sickness after twenty years of taking the same medicine, you had better check your medicine'. UZI LANDAU.

'Winston Churchill was a backbencher in Britain's Parliament in May, 1940. when he was asked what was his plan against Nazi Germany. He said, Victory!'
Without victory there is no existence. This applies to the war on terror'. UZI LANDAU.

'I visited the Nahal Prison and met a leading Hamas terrorist. This guest from Gaza was serving seven life sentences for murdering innocent Israelis in terror attacks. I asked him how he saw the area twenty five years from now. He said there would be one state, Palestine, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean. I told him there is the State of Israel, what would be do with all its citizens. He answered that he would send them back to where they came from. I told him that my family had immigrated many years ago from Yemen, and there is no diplomatic relations between Yemen and Israel. He told me that I had a problem. The message is, they are patient. Very patient. And they will not give up on their ambition to remove Israel'. AVIGDOR KAHALANI.

'A man went to his doctor and the doctor prescribed a pill for his illness. The patient asked if the pill will cure the illness. The doctor replied that it wouldn't, but it would suppress it.  Our pill is fighting terror. Just like crime, you can only suppress it. It is not going away'.   AVIGDOR KAHALANI.

'We Jews do not have another country. They have to recognise us and our Jewish state. We built our own America here. We live in an outstanding country. We want peace, but they want our land. We will continue to defend our country. We are ready to fight and die to defend it. We are here. We are not going away. We fought for our country and when it's our sons turn they will continue to defend us against terror'.  AVIGDOR KAHALANI.

'A CIA head told me 'Terror? That's your local issue. Don't drag us into it!' That was a few years before 9/11..'   DANNY YATOM.

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