Monday, 20 September 2010


I am absolutely hopping mad at the Israel Foreign Ministry for, once again, missing a valuable opportunity of getting in the first blow in hasbara against a gathering flotilla to Gaza.

Almost one month ago I sent them information that I had a large group of demonstrators keen to support Israel by challenging the convoy before they left London. They/I needed basic intelligence information on the assembly point of the convoy prior to departure.

I asked the Foreign Ministry, way in advance of their departure, for cooperation on this. None was forthcoming.

A valuable early hasbara victory was denied us.

Then I received word that the convoy would include agricultural equipment and agricultural fertiliser. This is cause for grave security concerns. Fertiliser is an ingredient in bomb making.

I passed this information over to them with the request that it be acted upon via security channels before the convoy left London.

Many of us expected to see some police action in London but, again, nothing happened.

More than a hasbara disaster, this could have major security concerns for many in Israel, yet no action was, apparently, taken.

This convoy is now progressing through Europe gathering much anti-Israel propaganda as it goes.

When will any official hasbara be forthcoming? Perhaps a day after a major incident?

Why is it that the IFO Hasbara Department cannot take action, and nor can it support external activists?

It seems too pre-occupied in informing the world that Israelis do not ride on camels.

Barry Shaw.

The View from Israel.

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