Tuesday 6 September 2011

I used to be left. Now I am right.

This article is a reworking of a chapter in my new book “ISRAEL – RECLAIMING THE NARRATIVE” available on Amazon Kindle or in paperback from www.israelnarrative.com)

I have no problem with the liberal left. Actually, I do, but I have a bigger problem with the far left that have seduced the liberal left with the lies that cloak a dark secret they are scared to expose.
Hasn’t it always been thus? Consider the history of Communism and Marxism. Isn’t it riddled with persuading the masses into purgatory?  So it is today. 
Today, they disguise themselves as human rights activists, progressives, fighters for a better world, for social justice. They are deceivers. They are plotters. They are for upheaval. They are against peace and pragmatism.
As an example, close to my home and close to my heart, they mean to destroy Israel.  They saw that decades of war and terror failed to dislodge or frighten a tiny but courageous Israeli population. They imposed boycotts, yet saw Israel become the Start Up Nation, a powerhouse of initiative and inventiveness. They try to disqualify Israel with trumped up charges that will not stand in any reputable international court, so they fill the court with representatives from nations of despots and human rights abusers to file prosecutions against the one free, democratic shining star, in a sea of mud.
Their actions repel and appall me.
The tainted chamber of the United Nations, replete with those who tried for decades to kill the Jews, or at least drive them into the sea, rob the Jews of their national home, and replace it with a holy Islamic Palestine from the river to the sea, will approve the imposition of yet another corrupt and riven Arab regime into the region. They will impose this divisive regime on land once guaranteed in law to the Jewish people as their national home. Their decision will be endorsed by nations so morally lacking that they usurp Israel’s legal rights for their own financial interests that are vested in the immoral and abusive Arab world. And they have the gall to accuse the Jews of usury and greed!
All pretence to what is right and proper is swept aside. Once the Europeans insisted that the authoritarian regimes, exhausted from the gross failure of the Communist system,  that splintered away from the Soviet bloc must reform themselves first into democratic entities with the rule of law, respecting minority rights, democratic principles, and committed to good and peaceful neighborly relations. That was before they crumbled into multicultural Socialism.  Today, they betray all of these values by encouraging a new regime whose very Charters scream the message of anti-Semitism, racism, genocide, death, and violence.  In their appeasing cowardice, the diplomats and bureaucrats welcome a regime with decades of blood on their hands who have vowed to continue their arms struggle until their neighbor is no more. Most of these voters represent a socialism that has failed completely, and nations in internal turmoil.
Despite this legislative attack, Israel will stand. Yet Israel is not divorced from its own seditious Marxists. It has its share of plotters. Plotters, who call their comrades in Ramallah and ask them to look carefully at the upheavals in the Arab world.  These Jewish and Arab plotters tell them to do the same against the Zionist state.  Israel braces itself against the potential tsunami of marching masses of crazed Arabs, whipped up by the incitement and exhortation to go out and claim their holy land from the Jews, a mob that will not stop at the checkpoints and the settlements but will keep on marching in an effort to swamp the Jewish nation with their numbers. The plotters plot a scenario in which the Israelis have to defend themselves forcefully. The plotters plot a scenario in which the demonstrators become cannon fodder for the cameras. For the plotters, bodies become propaganda gains. For the plotters, bodies become evidence to bring before the corrupt international courts of opinion and law. The plotters intend to dominate the agenda by friction, not by peace, by confrontation, not by negotiation.
The organizers, the instigators, are the usual suspects. They are the combined malevolent allies that are international socialists and Islamists. They are infiltrated the media who have adopted their agenda. When was the last time, if at all, you heard a studio debate, or read informed articles, that proposed the notion that it would be national suicide for Israel to make further radical gestures and concessions to the Jekyll and Hyde that is the current Palestinian leadership? When do you hear, if ever, that the Palestinians must commit to recognizing the legitimacy of Israel and respect the historic and legitimate rights of Israel as the national home of the Jewish people?  When do you hear that the Palestinians must condition their people to a peaceful future alongside the Jewish state, and renounce violence? Instead, their post United Nations exercise include their planned “civil disobedience”, which is a codename for the Third Intifada. Why don’t you hear the pro-Palestinian left putting as much effort into turning the Palestinian leadership and population into pragmatic peace partners as they are into making them into martyrs and rejectionists?
I admit that I used to be in their camp. Not any more. I saw, what I perceived to be moral values turn into seditious plotting that endangers my country. These people have never been for a Two State Solution. They stand for the Final Solution of the Jewish people that will eradicate Israel and turn it into a One State Solution in favour of the Arabs.
I was a liberal. I became a realist. Better to listen to the threats of your enemy than to believe in the promise of your friend. So I listened to what Arafat, and later Abbas, told their people in their own language. There you will find the truth. There, not in the utopian dream of the political naïve. I see how they honour and glorify their terrorists. I listen and read what they plan for Israel. They dispossess me of my rights, legitimacy, history and heritage. I know they intend to march on to claim possession of what I have left. So who should I believe when the liberal left tell me to give the Palestinians what they want to achieve peace, and the far left and the Palestinian leadership plot a Trojan horse strategy in advance of achieving their final goal of leaving me stateless? The answer, to me, is clear. It is time to draw a line in the sand.
The far left have a plan for Israel. It is one founded on its destruction. The liberal left and the progressives are delusional. They hold on to their dream of a new Middle East in which the surrounding states, including Palestine, will live in peace with Israel, despite the compelling evidence to the contrary. Little or no effort is expended into transforming a dogmatic and rejectionist Palestinian leadership into a pragmatic and flexible peace partner. Instead, blame and criticism is hurled solely upon Israel. As Ramallah heads for confrontation with Jerusalem following their September United Nations campaign it is time to draw a line in the sand.
We see the colour of that line as blue and white. They see it as red, or the colour of the Palestinian flag. We want peace, but not on these terms, and not with this duplicitous enemy. We know what they plot. Therefore, we draw a line in the sand.
The world may try to push us back to indefensible borders, but we draw a line in the sand and say, they shall not pass. They may try to claim we have no rights. We say that right is on our side. And so we draw a line in the sand.
I used to be in their camp. Not any more. My country is under attack. The enemies are outside our gates, but also within. This position does not make me right wing. It just makes me right.  I am mainstream Israel, defending my country.
I used to be left. Now I am right. 

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