Thursday, 22 September 2011

Let's call the Palestinian spade what it really is - a bloody shovel.

Let's make no bones about it. Let's call a spade a bloody shovel!

The evil behind the unilateral Palestinian ploy at the United Nations is bringing the infamous Khartoum Resolution of 1967 into practice and give it authoritative status in the international community.

To remind ourselves, the Arab League assault on the Jewish state degenerated into their conference of September 1, 1967 in which all the heads of the Arab regimes determined to punish Israel with the three notorious "No's".   No to peace with Israel. No to recognition of Israel. No to negotiations with Israel.

In the last few years, since Abbas rejected the most generous and far reaching Israeli concessions, he has turned his back on Israel and set about putting the Khartoum No's into top gear.

Despite the current Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, publicly declaring his acceptance of the need to create a Palestinian state, freezing settlement construction for a period in a failed attempt to invite the Palestinians into face to face talks, continuing the flow of goods, services, and money into Palestinian controlled territories, the Palestinian leadership have taken what's given to them and, at the same time, scorned, insulted, and attacked Israel.

Ignoring pleas to enter into direct talks, Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian leadership plotted their unilateral route through the United Nations corridors of power that will allow them to pursue recognition of sorts, and improve their status to a level where they can reactivate their delegimitisation campaign against Israel through UN bodies such as the International Criminal Court in the Hague, and biased organisations top heavy with sinister regimes that are brothers in arms with the Palestinians.

They have refused to negotiate in good faith with Israel. Instead, they formed a new alliance between Fatah that control much of the West Bank and Hamas, the terror rulers of the Gaza Strip. They have barely managed to control the hate spewed rhetoric of Hamas who divulged their United Nations bid as  "a political scam."

All the statements emanating from the "moderate" Palestinian Authority confirm their total lack of recognition of Israel, neither as a Jewish state and neither as a permanent entity.

Their schoolbooks, their TV programs, their mosques, their state-run print media, their slogans, all cry out for the elimination of Israel to be replaced by a Greater Palestine with Jerusalem as their capital.
In their glorification of their mass murdering terrorist heroes they perpetuate their cult of blood - Jewish blood.
They retain the right to "armed struggle" and "resistance". These are slogans for war.

In total - no peace, no recognition, no negotiations.

This is the aim and intention of the Palestinians. Let's put an end to the pretense that they are nice people simply seeking self determination in their own land so that they can get on with their own peaceful lives. If only it were so. They would have had a state decades ago. Instead, let's get real. Let's call a spade what it really is.
In the case of the Palestinians, it is a bloody shovel designed to bury Israel.

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