Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Prayer for Israel written by Barry Shaw.

They're coming with their murder.
They're coming with their hate.
They're coming with their lies,
that win the great debate.

The world has lost its reason.
The world has lost its soul.
The world has caved to treason
against one that was its own.

Once courage was a virtue,
Now is lost and gone.
Now appeasement is the purview
and honesty's day is done.

They talk of human rights
when people are around.
But human wrongs are hidden
when hypocrisy abounds.

Let's shine the light on those that point
yet hide the guilt of sinners.
Let truth protect the moral ones
and expose the false deceivers.

Let the curses of the cursed ones
fall short of true believers.

For facts and rights belong in truth
with those brave souls with God.
While wicked lies and evil plots
rot in hearts that God forgot.

So worship life, be strong and brave,
for truth, in the end, will out.
And evil ones who make the noise
will, one day, have no clout.

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